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  1. I must resist posting a Bill and Teds gif here.
  2. Yes, l created a post a week ago about this, and nada, and their TOS doesn't seem to say anything, so if you did this a month ago, then l am going to have to assume l can do it also. Thanks .
  3. No, l was referring to your signature graphic going to your forum. Or l want to make sure l can do likewise?
  4. No, how do you think l recited War and Peace?
  5. Yeah, l am fine with being strangled to the ground by cops, because l made the mistake of sculling a Zero coke on a rooftop, or l need to pledge allegiance to out dictator, while reciting war and peace and handing over my resume to grab a coffee, but tolerating my neighbors barking dog, no!
  6. Hi, umm, Forbidden, nice site, and just wondering about your sig, graphic? Did you ask for permission to post that graphic or can any of us do likewise?
  7. Yeah, l moderated a forum for two years, and know all about Male suppliments, as well as Money laundering, ($50 notes are going cheap) and fake, Degrees and Diplomas, Female escorts and newbies showing how dedicated they are by putting up their crappy Blog link on their first post. Ah, those where the days.
  8. I tried some Fiverr traffic, and got several signups, but each one didn't double optin, or it was like the person l baught it off, just spin IP addresses with made up emails? None posted, and even after sending the double optin request again did nothing. I approved them, but now think that something is fishy.
  9. So was it like pulling turnips when you started or did you have a list to start?
  10. No, but l hope to make something to offset the costs one day. I really created my forum so members could discuss things without being silenced by others and to keep my sanity in the most restricted state on earth, (Covid). But these days l seem to be talking to myself, and l have appointed a few mods that have disappeared. A few have posted then disappeared, member/mod, A bit of a catch 22, you need members to post so other will also, but if no one posts to me, then others won't. I will be concentrating more on the traffic, since the site is pretty much set up, but so far
  11. I live in VIC/AU, or the worst country in the world, for masks and other restrictions, which explains why l am investing most of my time in my forum, (cannot drive more then 5km, can only go out for food, medical reasons, 2 hours of exercise, wearing a mask, unless jogging or with an exemption). It is like the French revolution here, or the people are getting restless, not really me, l have my forum and my online trading career that is doing well.
  12. Agreed, for me l just want a forum where l can post what l want and call the shots, and where the Off Topic section is fun. I make most of my profits through online trading, so am not building a forum for the money, more to keep my sanity, (Covid restrictions are pretty nasty here) although l am hoping to offset my costs to a reasonable degree. So for me it is building a forum that is fun, safe and appealing, (that is worth a lot in todays world). Interesting l am looking into Amazon ad's myself. Trying to engage users?
  13. All of this talk about colored hair and marches has me a bit out of sorts, since l live in AU/VIC, and don't wear a mask for medical reasons, and one day l had someone hound me because of it, and today got a hi five from someone else ditching masks. But yeah, if you are stuck at home, then get Zelda for the Wii U or the recent game console, that game is massive and will take mouths to get through. Then you will keep playing after finishing it, since it has so much terrain, and new things to try. But setting up a new forum, where l call the shots instead of someone else, is what is oc
  14. Yes, l felt that way, after being a moderator with a forum for 2 years, (a troll on there sent in a ticket) that blackballed me for closing down posts if they became too controversial, eventhough recently since they sold out to a company that is using it as a tax rite off, (using s...t traffic) they are currently tying to save it, (more like destroying it with bad decisions). So l have created a new forum, where l don't have to deal with moderators closing down my long standing threads, for silly reasons, or mods on the forum l mentioned, strangling what life the forum had left. So l created a
  15. Yeah, fair enough, but if some threads go for years, then the left hand sidebar icon will get smaller and smaller, or stay at a certain size and become more and more sensitive. So this idea works quite well for small and medium sized threads, but very big ones, not so much.
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