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  1. Thanks, found it: the permission matrixes for the awards were blank. Once I manually reconfigured the permissions, the awards became visible. Can you pls point me where those permissions are stored? I'd rather save myself the effort of manually checking those boxes for all my 40 awards. Thank you again!
  2. The inspector does not have broken images.. On a user's profile (who has 6 awards in the mysql table), the award page says "There's nothing here yet."
  3. No, the upgrade found the award images and they are displayed properly.
  4. 1. It is on an internal system, without internet access. but if you could let me know where else the given awards are stored outside the table PREFIX_awards_awarded, I'd be happy to take a look. I was and will be adding awards with direct SQL queries anyway, so it will be important to me to know where they are stored/cached. It is possible that the table has records that refers to users who may have been deleted from the system... Can you pls check on your end if this can be an issue? Thank you! 2, Thanks, the upgrade did not insert the lang strings from the old awards system: "lang_n
  5. 1. Installed the 2.0.1 and upgraded the awards from my IPB3.4 hq awards app. The awards are in new sql table as expected, but they don't show up anywhere. If I give an award to a user, it is written to that new sql table (appended to the old awards) and that new award is visible in posts/profile properly. What am I missing? 2. When I try to go to the Awards app in the menu, I get this error: [[Template awards/front/index/index is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I am using fac
  6. Trying to purchase iAwards... Cannot buy it on Marketplace, there is no payment processor configured on the official support site. Please let me know in PM if there is a way to buy this product and/or I can have access to the beta for 4.5. Thanks in advance!
  7. May I please get an answer?
    It works, but need to change the $_GET[referer] to $_POST[referer] and use NOT base64 encoded url values <? $ref=(string) \IPS\Request::i()->url(); ?> and print ' <form accept-charset="utf-8" method="post" action=*****/forum/login/" data-controller="core.global.core.login"> <input type="hidden" name="referer" value="'.$ref.'">';
  8. It looks like it was fixed on Marketplace... Can the plugin automatically recognize awards given via ipb3's "[hq] awards" or will it upgrade the old awards give? (Have 20k user, 10k awards already given - many of them were added manually) also, is it compatible with 4.5?
  9. Just a quick question.. have been using iAwards for a long while... but that is not available now.. How hard is it to migrate from that to this app? Thanks!
  10. I can see that iAwards is currently not available for purchase. When will it be available? /Also, can it automatically recognize awards from ipb3 "[hq] awards"?/ Thanks!
  11. Now this request is doubled (You're the second one to request this option). I'll think about it and check what can be done. Thank you very much, it would be awesome to enrich the imported contents.
  12. Hi Zayed, First of all, kudos on the plugin 🙂 It creates a much nicer experience for my client's users. Secondly, I have been trying to use your plugin along with the built-in RSS/Atom Feed import, but that does not display/post the raw URL, but instead it adds a link to a custom string (something like `Click here for the full story` or similar). Can you please think or suggest any way or workaround how I could enrich the opening posts generated by the RSS/Atom Feed import? Maybe if I could define a custom string in your plugin where it reverses the link Click here for the f
  13. Colorado R: what if you delete/rebuild the full cache via the admin interface?
  14. users are sometimes complaining about a message they get after login on the WP frontpage (I cannot replicate it however): "{"connect_status":"SUCCESS","connect_id":"167","connect_username":"XYZUser","connect_displayname":"XYZUser","connect_email":"xzy@gmail.com","connect_unlock":0,"connect_revalidate_url":"","connect_unlock_period":"30"}" after a refresh everything is ok, but I'd like to get rid of this message for them. Where is it in the code? Thanks!
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