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  1. In this exemple the member Batata have change its username to Batata... and there is an error 404:
  2. IPB is generating several broken links on my website when members were mentioned in posts by their old nicknames. So if a member is mentioned several times and then change its nickname, the posts were the outdated nickname was mentioned were full of broken links. As long as the ID of the user is present in the permalink, I suppose that should be a redirection to the new user name profile page. For deleted members accounts, the mentions of the no longer existent member should be also replaced by the name ou by guest, accordantly to the way chosen in the AdminCP.
  3. WhatsApp should be a built in sharing option.
  4. You can preload it. That's a problem I am trying to figure out for framework.css.
  5. Same problem here! Hope IPS takes care of non English customers!
  6. Take a look at this latest post: https://blog.cloudflare.com/fast-wordpress-sites-with-bluehost-cloudflare-workers/
  7. Yes, I think it can be amazing for not logged users navigation experience. The website will load ultra fast for visitors and for bots like google. 5 or 15 minutes to prune the cache would be fine. Good work! I will be glad to purchase the plugin. Thanks a lot.
  8. @The Old Man, what do you think about the caching of the whole html page and resources on Cloudflare edge servers? The website would load superfast for visitors, with no database queries and no requests to the origin server. If you like the idea, what do you think about developing a plugin for Cloudflare workers? Thanks!
  9. If I want to customize it at my own risk, where should I change the aspect ratio code? Thanks
  10. Hello, is there a way to change the image aspect ratio just like in SuperGrid? thanks
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