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  1. Gallery is one app that I would like to be more used on my community. I think that the issue that makes Gallery so underused is that it is not really connected to other IPS apps. Gallery and albums could be an option to hold images from Forum's posts, from Page's posts, from Products in Commerce, from users Profile, and so on. Simple features could be added to link Gallery with the community, for example: add a button in forum's new topic or new reply to give the user the opportunity to create an album or to add images or videos to an existent album and embed it to the new
  2. Will it be update to 4.5? This plugin functionality is so amazing that should be built in. Gallery is not used as much in IPS because it’s isolated. It should be used to held albums from Pages posts or in users profiles. Hope this plugin gets the attention that deserves.
  3. Is there a documentation explaining how to use ipsFlex in themes?
  4. One less asset to slow the website loading on mobile!! πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. Testing and customizing the theme already!
  6. I am completely lost. Where can I see this suppression list? I have checked SES page and my complain rate is 0,51% and my SES account is under review and can be suspended (AWS demands complain rate under 0,50%). My reputation on sendgrid was almost 100% (it was 99%). Is there a chance that something is wrong with my Mail Bouncer configuration? I guess I will need to support. Thanks!
  7. I am experiencing the same issue. Google reduced my website traffic about 70% considering slow speed as an issue. I have taken several actions and now the test shows a moderate speed. The bottleneck for the website to be considered fast is critical CSS (on google pagespeed insights).
  8. Mail Bouncer is constantly blocking my own admin email. How could I access the log files to know why my own email is being blocked? I am using amazon SES.
  9. Are we going to see this amazing plugin on 4.5?
  10. Hello Rikki, how to make lazy load for YouTube videos work on Pages when we do not use the CkEditor, but the YouTube type field?
  11. Do you have a PageSpeed Insight test to show is CSS is render blocking or not? πŸ˜€
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