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  1. Is anyone using Cloudflares’ AMP feature?
  2. sobrenome

    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    There was nothing to revert.
  3. sobrenome

    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Bug on slider CSS after the upgrade to the last version: https://fisiculturismo.com.br The CSS have a 937px as padding-bottom that makes the image to ugly stretch.
  4. sobrenome

    PHP 7.2 Support

    I could not find php 7.2 memcached on Cpanel.
  5. sobrenome

    Pages SuperGrid support

    Is it working on 4.3.1?
  6. sobrenome

    PHP 7.2 Support

    So IPS 4.3 officially supports PHP 7.2?
  7. sobrenome

    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Hello, I have upgraded to the latest version (4.3.0) on a 4.2.8 IPS and the slides are not working anymore.
  8. sobrenome

    4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    How to use google places to name the place where the photos where taken and how to list all the photos taken at the same location name?
  9. Why the TAG search result page does not show the TAG in the TITLE? https://fisiculturismo.com.br/tags/maca peruana/ This would be a BIG boost in SEO.
  10. sobrenome

    4.3 Removing SparkPost

    Will bouncer work with Sparkpost on smtp?
  11. Will it support SparkPost on 4.3?
  12. sobrenome

    How to show gallery tab on profile?

    How do I set this? How can I not allow users to post under the category directly and demand posting under albums? I could not find this settings. Thanks
  13. sobrenome

    How to show gallery tab on profile?

    I will have to set this. Thanks!
  14. sobrenome

    How to show gallery tab on profile?

    Ohh, that’s the reason why it’s not showing. This behavior will be kept on 4.3? thanks
  15. How to eneable gallery tab on members profile page?