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  1. Great news! The most important difference between an app and IPS on web browser is notification in my opinion. Now it will be similar. Perfect!
  2. It would be amazing to use IPS with Next.js. I did all that I could to meet google core web vitals standards, but my community is still ranked as poor. With the current IPS software design I suppose that is impossible to be ranked as fast by google. And for those that need Adsense, absolutely impossible.
  3. We need faster communities to better ranking in google. Do we still need to load JQuery? Or the community could be updated to use only vanilla JavaScript and drop one more file that slow down the loading? 😁 https://tobiasahlin.com/blog/move-from-jquery-to-vanilla-javascript/
  4. Modern websites use node.js to load fast “dynamic static” websites from CDNs. It would be nice if we could run IPS with the most modern approach, like headless Wordpress. IPS should provide a different “theme system” for node.js, right? When loading speed is more and more important, node.js should be considered, as long as most new projects are using it. The API is already available.
  5. And have you seen speed improvements? 😃
  6. Clubhouse 101 is the new “forum” sensation based on audio. For some time I have been asking for a better gallery APP to better support for video and to allow stories. Maybe we should also consider audio posts, that could be translated to text by cloud services from google or amazon and vice-versa. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/02/10/what-is-clubhouse-faq/
  7. Same thing here. Google demands speed but is the main responsible for low core vitals. This is ironic.
  8. I hope that IPS becomes faster this year as long as speed is more relevant each day as a ranking factor. Maybe parts of IPS could be loaded by the API and JavaScript, following the model used by Instagram and Twitter. The basic HTML structure loads fast and the contents are lazy loaded on demand (on view port) by the API. New websites are adopting Next.js for fast loading. I think it’s time for a huge IPS modernization on terms of speed. The basic tools are already here.
  9. Any news on the updated version? 😁😁
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