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  1. Awesome! How can I retrieve latitude and longitude? {{$geoData = \IPS\GeoLocation::getByIp( 'my IP' );}} {$geoData['lat']} {$geoData['long']} Tried $geoData['lat'] and $geoData['long'] but there was no data.
  2. But how could the user access the profile if both profile and explore content links does not link to profile?
  3. Users are posting more and more media everyday on my community. I face a problem related to iPhone mov video file, that does not play on Google Chrome. Please add SDK integration to Amazon Elastic Transcoder to save the mov file under mp4 format, saving space and making the video compatible to all devices.
  4. Does it work with MOV files on Google Chrome?
  5. About 90% of my community access come from mobile. Would be nice to have at least voice DM.
  6. Any news on leaderboard as a member widget? It would be awesome to have the leaders promoted on several places.
  7. IPS already has this feature built in on Calendar App. I supposed it would not be difficult to extend it to Pages. Is it easy to implement by a simple template coding @bfarber?
  8. I have a great Wiki idea to my community. Anxious for the moderation on Wiki style record changes.
  9. Waiting Mail Bouncer to upgrade to 4.5.2!! 😎
  10. Yes, Gallery has an extraordinary potential that is not explored. I had some thoughts here: It would also be nice to have stories on gallery:
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