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  1. Yes, it was the auto setting. I chose to show "all". I was confused because auto settings of Pages is different. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.
  2. I am missing the point I guess. All the three topics have image attachments, but only the first topic in the SuperBlocks shows the image.
  3. There is a bug indeed in the forum topics feed. Only the first topic has the image:
  4. How can I add lazy load to the template? Thanks
  5. I will check again. I was pretty sure that the topics have attachments! thanks
  6. The attachments should be related to the first post?
  7. Should be nice to have a phone view. In my community, more than 80% of the visitors access by phone. Thanks!!!
  8. Another very nice designed plugin. Does it work fine on cellphones?
  9. Thanks a lot. Maybe a simple custom CSS?
  10. You are right. The problem is within the text when the hero image is off. Hero image looks good on desktops, but not as good on phones. And when it is off, the article text does not look good. Could you please take a time on phone's template to make it even better? Thanks!
  11. I will post a print as soon as I can! Thanks!
  12. When I chose not to use the hero image, the article image on iPhone 7 makes the article title squeeze in a very small space, very bad looking and bad to read. Could you please address this issue in the next release or show a simple way to solve this? Thanks!!
  13. Broken links are very bad for user experience. A tool to remove broken links in posts would be nice.
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