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  1. Cache not working yet. I have set for 5 minutes, but featured contend is replaced in every reload.
  2. Hello, I have updated to latest version, but caching is not working! Check fisiculturismo.com.br by the second line of featured content in random mode. Reload the page and you will see new content at each reload.
  3. Hello, any news about desktop hide? Thanks!
  4. Any news on the next release with the new features? Thanks!
  5. What is the bouncer prefix key in languages for translation purposes? Thanks
  6. Is it possible to cache the featured content to avoid database queries at every reload or every different visitors the access the website? Thanks
    Very nice! Thanks for the must have WhatsApp share button! But the share button should be hidden on desktops.
  7. IPS should help! I need to use line-height to make titles better readable, but it makes the sliders to behave badly. Is there a solution: With line-height 1.1: Without line-height custom CSS:
  8. Are the sliders using the lazy load feature?
  9. Awesome! Something like this: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8975-pages-superblocks/
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