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  1. So is it safe to upgrade to 10.11?
  2. Hello, I am facing the exact same issue here. How could you manage at the end @1stRaiders?
  3. I am struggling with CKEditor on AWS environment. CKEditor does not load properly sometimes. When I click on the editor to add text, it does not open the editor. I have tried many different cache settings with no success, even no caching for CKeditor folder. Anyone using AWS Cloudfront + EC2 could tell the optimal cache settings? Thanks!
  4. I was setting the caching directives for Apache, so I found this topic. My community is not using Cloudflare, but Cloudfront. I still could not realize how to set the caching on the CDN and on the browser to make config.js loads every time.
  5. Caching JS is causing issues with CKeditor not loading properly, it needs a reload on browser. Anyone experiencing this? I noticed on this community that "/applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/config.js" must load every time and should not be cached. Am I correct?
  6. Did anyone have to face AJAX issues with AWS Cloudfront? My community has an issue with post quote. The AJAX quotation only works after a browser reload. Glad to hear from anyone that had to deal with it.
  7. Perfect! Beautiful! Thanks a lot @DawPi!
  8. I have not nested the CSS inside the <style> tag! I will try again! Thanks! 😁
  9. On Google CSE Control Panel the customization is very limited, not by CSS, only by some options the Google offers. The CSS field (Custom CSS) on Main Settings of DP42 CSE Google does not reflect on pages results. The data inserted on this field is shown as text, does not customize the results page.
  10. CSS not working. And this could be an improvement for the next update! Thanks!!
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