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  1. Think I got it -- I had to deselect more options prior to the convert (of the deselectable options, only forums and gallery can remain selected.) That error message could definitely be improved with some guidance for people converting from vBulletin 3.8.x.
  2. I seem to be hitting a snag early on in the conversion process when testing the first steps of a migration. I get an error "Failed to count rows in table 'cms_widget' - is your table prefix set correctly?" when I try to start the conversion after step 3, "database details". This is not a table that exists in my vBulletin installation, so I'm not surprised it's failing, but as far as I know it isn't a part of vBulletin 3.x. Do I need to do some editing of install scripts or something? Is there an easy fix to this? There is no option for just vBulletin 3.8.x (it's combined with vBulletin 4.x) so
  3. I'm trying to spend some time every day lurking in these forums and playing on a test site to learn and get myself calibrated to what will be required for the migration I am planning. It looks like a big task and I am pretty sure I will have to hire some help for some of it, but for now: a couple of questions. I've been reading today about how bbcode is on its way out here (and custom bbcode is already not supported.) Although that's awesome news for mobile users, this strikes fear into my bones! We have lots of custom (and sometimes somewhat complicated) bbcode. I'm not going to go into
  4. Yes. Indexed and still available, but it's fine if it takes longer for archived material, or for a search that includes the archives. Basically, we are sitting on almost 20 years of material that people still go back to at times. One of the attractive things about IPB for me is that there is built-in logic to serve our most recent content faster, while still maintaining access to our older ("archived") content.
  5. Hi all, I am converting our site to IPB and am wondering whether there's anything I should be on the lookout for when it comes to moving content into the clubs structure. We are a storytelling/play-by-post site, and right now we have thousands of subforums where the person running each game is a moderator in that space. I would like to move all these to clubs, with a 1:1 mapping of a games:clubs. One thing I am wondering is whether I will still be able archive clubs and club content using the IPB infrastructure for marking old/archived content (as I understand it, this content is fla
  6. (Caveat: I am currently converting our site, so it's not currently running IPB, but this answer should be generic.) We have been producing a podcast. The most basic way to do it is to have a text file on your server (xml file) and edit it to add a new entry every time a new podcast comes out. It is not too complicated. A plugin to simplify the process would no doubt be great, but if you just want to get your podcast out there, you can roll up your sleeves and do it. You can take a look at our xml file at http://rpgcrossing.com/podcasts/rpgx_radio.xml When I edit this file, I typicall
  7. Willing to lend a hand, depending on what you need. Go ahead and pm.
  8. "with post caching this can be slightly off to reflect the poster" What do you mean by this?
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