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  1. Yes, as it turns out there was a specific 3rd party plugin (Back to Top by Peter Treanor) that was causing the site not to load. Disabling that one allowed the site and admin cp to work just fine with php 8.1. Is that script you suggested basically the same thing that runs before each upgrade that checks your server for compatibility?
  2. Ok, now I only seem to be locked out of the admin cp when using php 8.0 but the site itself seems to be working ok with it. Same server error when trying to load the admin cp tho.
  3. I'm having pretty much this same issue. My site works fine when the PHP version is set to 7.4 but as soon as I switch to 8 the site stops working. If I switch back to 7.4 everything works fine. My server allows uploading PHP PEAR packages. Is there a specific PEAR package, or a set of multiple packages possibly that I / we could upload to solve this?
  4. @Jim M The comment you marked as a solution, is not a solution. As I said, I am currently, and have been for 3 years, using a custom editor skin that I made that has the correct icons, and I'm still experiencing the problem. Furthermore, the comment you marked does not address the admin cp issue from the original comment either.
  5. Yes, he explained clearly why the issue is happening. I was pointing that out because altering a core JS or PHP file has VERY different implications from replacing a PNG file with an almost identical PNG file of the same name. The distinction between the two should not be obfuscated for other readers, in my opinion. It's common enough to see people ramp up their position just to increase the force of their point, but doing it in that particular way, on that particular point was a misstep in my opinion. So I clarified. And am now clarifying further lol This still, however (and maybe I should make a new thread for this) leaves the issue where if I make a custom skin, which has white icons, those icons will still (as far as I understand this) be used in the admin cp theme which forces a white editor. EDIT: As it turns out I still am using my custom skin from about 3 years ago, so it seems like the custom skin fix will not solve the admin cp editor issue.
  6. I didn't change any JS or PHP core files, I simply replaced a PNG file with an almost identical PNG file. As stated. That being said, I did try that approach of building a custom editor skin about 3 years ago, and I can't remember what issue I ran into that caused me to stop using my custom skin, but if that method will get me around this problem, I will certainly go back to it. Thanks for the help.
  7. Sorry, I meant: root/applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins/icons_hidpi.png The full link, with queries being root/applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins/icons_hidpi.png?t=M12E Not sure if the variable t indicates a time, or a template, or something cached, or stored elsewhere that isn't the actual file, or what.
  8. I'm running into an issue where every time I complete an upgrade, the hidpi icons in the CKEditor reset to their default images. The strange thing about it is that if I open the CKEditor on my site (replying to a post for example) and I use the browser's inspector to see where each button in the editor is getting its icon, it show me that all icons are still coming from the normal location: root/applications/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins/icons_hidpi.png But when I open Filezilla and navigate to that location, and open that file, I see my custom version of the icons_hidpi.png file that I uploaded. Not the one that is actually showing up on the site. So the image that the HTML itself says its loading for the CKEditors icons, does not appear to correspond to the image that's actually being shown. In my custom version of the icons_hidpi.png file, the icons are white because I have a dark themed site. In the default version of the icons_hidpi.png file, the icons are dark grey and blend in horribly to the background, so they're almost invisible. Does anyone have any idea what's going on with that, and how to fix it? (This also presents a problem in the admin cp, which now forces me to use the same theme/editor as the front end, and also forces me to use a white editor. I literally can not see any of the freakin CKEditor buttons on my admin cp, when it IS working properly. So there's that too. I feel like dark themes are popular enough that this should be addressed as well.)
  9. In the advanced search menu, it would be helpful to have an option to select specifically which forum(s), or all, to search for your term.
  10. When generating new RSS feeds, it would be helpful to have an option to include replies to topics, rather than just new topics. The reason being is that sites like Discord are one of the reason discussion forums are seeing a lot less activity as time goes on. Personally I have my site linked to my Discord, and I use and RSS bot to send new of new posts from my forum to my Discord server, thereby allowing Discord to drive more traffic to my forum when people click those links. As it stands, however, RSS output is limited in the admin cp to new status updates, new topics and new events. It would be really nice if there was an option to make a feed that includes new replies to existing topics. The included image shows the place in the admin cp (System > RSS Feeds > Create New) where that option would likely appear, just for additional clarity.
  11. Yes, apologies I thought I replied to this. This did work.
  12. I have the New Status Updates widget active in the center column above the activity timeline. If you use it to create a status update, a few seconds after you hit the submit button, a blue button appears at the top of the timeline saying "new content has been posted, click to show" (or something to that effect). Here's where the bug starts. If you click that button, it will reveal the status update you just made, BUT it will also open up the editor again in the new status updates widget at the top of the page. And the editor will contain the text from the status update you just made. This bug has existed for years, I apologize for only reporting it now. But with the way I have the activity timeline set up, it's kinda problematic.
  13. When making a badge, it has the option to select whether or not that badge can be awarded manually. It would be nice if there were a group select window under that, so you could select which groups were allowed to give out that specific badge. Nicer still if under that you could add individuals who were allowed to.
  14. I feel bad even liking that comment because I know how bad it sucks lol
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