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  1. I feel compelled to reiterate that adding this functionality would not detract from or even change the existing functionality at all, in any way.
  2. Consider Discord or Mewe for examples where many many more emojis are used successfully (and all with consistent usage) than what I'm implementing. They both essentially allow the entire available catalog of emojis on the platform to be used as reactions. Hundreds, not dozens. And it works very well. Imo better than what IPS is currently doing, although IPS ability to decide which reactions effect reputation and how would put IPS a step ahead. A further possibility might even be allowing toggles for individual "groups" of custom / uploaded emojis that appear in the CKEditor to be accessible as reactions.
  3. Here's the thing, sometimes custom css is paired with custom buttons, and when that's the case those custom buttons no longer work when you're editing page tops and forum rules etc in the admin cp. To remedy this, adding a 4th option to Admin CP theme Auto, Light, Dark and Custom would be nice. That way you can use your custom css in the rules / page tops.
  4. Cool, glad you like! Yea we're trying move away from using reactions to allow people to guide each other, and more just to react in a general sense, just to make it more expressive and interesting, rather than "good / bad". Part of this was removing negative impact on rep, and just having either positive or neutral. I can see where people are coming from who do want to use it as a guide method, but I think adding a little css to allow for this way too could accommodate both approaches, without shorting anyone. And in my experience it was a pretty easy addition to make. UNNECESSARY EXTRA CONSIDERATION: For people who are using it as a good/bad guide, and for people who are using it the way I'm describing, also adding the ability for certain reactions to increase or decrease rep by more than one (an optional number, or number between 1-3) would be pretty sweet too. I know in my case there are a few reactions I wouldn't mind allowing 3 rep for earning.
  5. As it stands now, when you go to react to a post, and you hover over the heart in the lower right to get all the reactions to pop out, they all pop out in a straight line, regardless of how many of them there are. Which sucks. It means if you want to upload a full emoji set for reactions you're limited in the number you can upload by the fact that the reaction select panel doesn't wrap. So really, at most you can get like 10 before it starts looking awful. With some custom css I was able to get the behavior I wanted (still trying to get it to work on mobile view) but this type of wrapping really should be the default.
  6. I use zFast for hosting, I don't host it myself. I do use SSL through Lets Encrypt, and Cloudflare as a CDN, which also includes its own end to end encryption, so that could also be a factor.
  7. You guys should update your favicon by increasing the resolution and using a png to take advantage of transparency, because the antialiasing that's going on now looks like it's designed only for browsers with no dark mode, aside from being low res. Just a thought to help you present yourselves a little better.
  8. Chatbox is being served from my site, google is being served from google. What do you mean by allow it? Like this? admin cp -> advanced configuration -> Allow community to be embedded in an iframe -> content security policy: default-src *; frame-ancestors 'self' *.google.com That's one setting I tried. For the content security policy I also tried default-src *; frame-ancestors 'self' *.script.google.com
  9. I'd like to embed a page from the website (namely chatbox) into a google apps script, and then embed the google script onto my site. There are a couple problems I'm running into. 1st in the sites admin cp, when I allow embedding on a specific offsite domain (*.script.google.com) it won't allow me to embed chatbox. However if I select the 3rd radio option "allow embedding in all offsite domains", which is not recommended, it allows it. So that's problem 1. 2nd I'm having trouble getting my site to allow the google script to be embedded on it anywhere at all. I was hoping that embedding the google script in an iframe (the script itself having my site in an iframe within it) would allow that chatbox iframe in the google script to recognize the top hosting domain as my site, and thereby allow it to embed in the google script. But I can't even get the google script to embed to see if that would work, though somehow I doubt it will. Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated :) Desired iframe layout of end product: _____________________________ | MY SITE | | _______________________ | | | GOOGLE SCRIPT | | | | ________________ | | | | | CHATBOX | | | | | | | | | | | |________________| | | | |______________________| | |____________________________|
  10. The Automatic Moderation menu in the Admin CP currently only allows you to hide reported content. It would be nice if this section had other options like this: If you could imagine "Hide Content" was one tab, and there where other tabs you could select like "Move Content" or "Merge Content" or "Saved Action". The Move Content tab would have options like: Move topics to X sub-forum if they meet the following criteria: They're posted in Y sub-forum They have not gotten a reply in Z amount of time They have B tag(s) The title contains "example text" They're older than C weeks / months / years The Merge Content tab would have options like: Merge topics into X topic it they meet the following criteria: They're posted in Y sub-forum They have not gotten a reply in Z amount of time They have B tag(s) The title contains "example text" They're older than C weeks / months / years The Saved Action tab would have options like: Perform Saved Action X if post meets example criteria (above).
  11. Exactly :) So for example, if you created a scheduled batch release on every Saturday at noon, or the first of every month, or whatever it is, then when someone goes to promote some content and they're on that screen that comes up when you click promote, there's the button that says "Schedule: Next Batch". When they click that it currently only has 2 options. Schedule Now and Custom Schedule. It could include another option with a dropdown that lets them choose from all the special scheduled batches you've created. So imagine a hypothetical dropdown menu with a radio selector next to it above Schedule Now and Custom schedule (which each have their own radio selector), and if you click the drop down you see things like "Next Saturday at noon" and "The first of the month" which they could pick. Allowing the person to name the scheduled batches would be a handy way for them to easily communicate to the people doing the promoting what the purpose of that particular batches timing is. Like they could name it "Sunday morning funny stuff" or whatever, and set it to batch promote every Sunday at 8am.
  12. The ability to have more than 1 input option when creating a custom button would be very helpful. Either a "+add new option" thing where you can create as many as you need, or at least 3.
  13. I'm having a similar issue where someone is trying to create an account and keeps getting error code ex0. They've made 2 trouble tickets already but I can't figure out what the problem is. Anyone know what error code ex0 means?
  14. When you click the promote button at the top of the thread the window you're presented with is almost impossible to figure out just by looking at it. There's no way but trial and error to figure out how it works, and it doesn't work particularly well once understood. I attached a screenshot of the window, so I can describe the problems with it. To be fair, before I start in, I'm only using this tool to promote internally which is a wonderful feature when I can endure the tedium required to get it to do what I want. I don't use it to promote to FB or Twitter or anything like that. ------------------------------ FIRST WINDOW The first window titled Full Link is easy enough. Works fine except that you can't delete the link, so it's confusing as to why its in an input box. If it's just for copying and pasting into the other 2 dialog boxes, it should probably be at the bottom of the window. ------------------------------ SECOND WINDOW The second window I'm assuming is the text that gets sent to the platforms you're set up to promote to. This box is initially populated with only the text content of the post you're promoting. No images, no post title. If you click "Show original content" underneath the text box it does nothing but change the text bog to a long form text input box which can only be resized horizontally, not vertically...? Why? And it can't be changed back once you click it, not that I understand why you would want to. How this should work: This should start as a resizable long text input box that's resizable vertically, not horizontally, and the pointless "show original content" button should instead be named "restore original content" and serve to restore the original text when clicked (undoable of course), and it shouldn't disappear once its clicked. ------------------------------ THIRD WINDOW The third window, despite having a "close window X" in the top right, will automatically stop the content from being promoted internally if left blank. This took me a few tries to figure out, seeing as I wanted to promote the thread with the title only, and no description. I figured the X was the toggle for "share internally" but apparently the lack of text is a secondary toggle, even if you do input a custom title. In order to get the threads title I had to open a new window, re-navigate back to the topic, copy the title, and manually paste it into the "Set a custom 'Our Picks' title" input. You can imagine the annoyance of having to do this 3 times before realizing that the blank, poorly labeled text box above was preventing internal promotion. How this should work: There should be 2 input fields. A top short input field which auto-fills with the topics title, but is changeable. The second input, the main text box, should not cancel the internal promotion if left blank. Even if the title is blank as well. (At that point the only text in the promoted item in the Our Picks window would be "So-and-so posted a topic in Some-Forum on whatever date". That's sufficient.) The text underneath the box should read "Promote this content on this community" followed by a toggle switch, and the X in the upper right should be removed. ------------------------------ UPLOAD IMAGE WINDOW As it stands, if I want to add an image that's already in the post I have to re-navigate back to the post in a new window, download the image from the post, and then upload it into the promoted content window... ------------------------------ IT GETS WORSE On your Manage Promotions window, if you edit a an internally shared item and delete all the text in the description, when you return to the Manage Promotions window, the edit icon will be gone for this item. ------------------------------ Thank you for coming to my Ted talk on your Promotions window :)
  15. In the Admin CP > Social Media Promotion > Auto Schedule it would be wonderful if this menu included the ability to pick a day of the week. Currently it's just time of day, but this way you could set up batch promotions to go out on Saturdays, for example. I'm aware that the current promote topic menu has the ability to select a specific day and time, but the problem with it is when you have staff from all over the world trying to promote at noon on Saturday and everyone is in a different time-zone its tough to coordinate. If you had an auto-scheduled time that respected the time zone of the person who created it, that would allow everyone to sync up easily. i.e. just putting the calendar select option on the menu below would allow an admin to pick a day of the week or month that's consistent, and didn't need to be re-figured out every single time someone wants to promote something. Another nice toggle that would extremely convenient on this menu would be "Remove previously existing promoted content when promoting a new batch".
  16. I think it would be nice to see the automatic Group Promotions expanded on a little bit. Namely the options to promote people for the following: 1) Starting a chosen number of posts within a chosen forum(s) 2) Commenting a chosen number of times within a chosen forum(s) 3) Providing answers to a chosen number of questions within a chosen forum(s) 4) Having a chosen amount of answers selected as "best answer" within a chosen forum(s) Thanks for considering!
  17. Oh, that makes sense. I see now why it wasn't working. Thank you.
  18. There seems to be some glitch right now which is making it impossible to merge threads properly. My goal is to simple take thread A and merge it into thread B while keeping the original top post and author of thread B. As far as I can tell this is 100% impossible right now. If I check topic A, select merge and give it the URL for topic B, it keeps the top post and author from topic A. If I check topic B, select merge and give it the URL for topic A, it keeps the top post and author from topic A. If I check all the individual posts in topic A, select split to existing thread and input the URL for topic B, it makes the author of the first comment in topic A the NEW author of topic B. There is literally no way I can find to create a new topic (would be topic B in the examples) and just merge other content onto it. Every single avenue of approach results in a new author and new top post.
  19. @Joel RYou know, that is an excellent suggestion. Thank you.
  20. I recently had an issue where a member had created an alternate account with which to downvote another member they didn't like. After finding out, I went into the alt's profile in the admin cp, and removed reputation given, and reputation received. This did not restore the original victims reputation for some reason. Furthermore, when I then tried to merge the alt account with the owners original account, it got real weird. The alt disappeared as expected. But ANOTHER not aforementioned account was then credited with downvoting the original victim. In other words, the original account that issued the downvotes was gone, but the downvotes were not. Instead they were now showing as having been issued from yet another account. This other mystery account appears (tho I can't be sure) to have the same name the alt account used to have before it's name was changed manually by the now ex-admin who created the alt. We think he created the alt. He may have just renamed an old abandoned account, it's tough to say. But by whatever means it came into existence, the alt, and the mystery account should've been the same account. Wow. Anyway, despite merging the alt, and the new mystery account both with the ex-admins account (and removing all rep given and received on both before doing so), the persons reputation was never restored.
  21. ----- THE ISSUES 1) On the admin cp when I navigate to Themes, click on the dropdown arrow next to a theme, and select "edit html and css" none of the html template or css files show up. The panel where there is normally a collapsing list of these files is empty. Furthermore, editing the custom.css file and clicking Save produces an error popup that reads "this file can not be saved!". Same thing when attempting to edit the global html file. These 2 files are the only 2 accessible, in that their contents actually do show up where they normally should, although their names do not show up in their respective side panels. I've tried downloading and re-uploading themes from the main build, and creating new themes on the dev build, both to no avail. 2) The second issue is that if I try to add a button to the editor toolbar, it will appear to work until I refresh the page at which point the button will be removed from the editor toolbar and placed back in the unused buttons panel. This behavior applies to both custom buttons and generic buttons. ----- SUSPECTED PROBLEMS My development build is on a subdomain. I also use Cloudflare as a CDN. I suspect that either of these things, or a combination of the two, is leading to some files not being accessed or saved in the proper locations. The strange thing regarding the themes is that the single theme I can access through Easy Editor mode allows me to save the custom css file when in EE mode. Note: This is in no way an urgent problem for me.
  22. It doesn't look like the "log in anonymously" option is still even available at log in, and I haven't seen it there for quite a while. I think I was logged in anonymously when I upgraded to the version that did away with it. Now every time I log in I'm logged in anonymously and I can't figure out how to get around it XD
  23. Yes editing the conf_global file, and the rewrites in the .htacess file did the trick. Thanks!
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