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  1. Hello all, I am beginning the process of updating our company website and I need some help. Do any have a document or a template for vetting potential vendors that you would be willing to share? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. If you are looking for feature ideas I am happy to write up how I would like to use the app for our picture contests.
  3. Hmm. Well I guess I can't use it for our contest then. No worries. Thanks.
  4. So if I just wanted to run a one-off contest for several weeks and then turn it off can I do that? We normally run an annual contest each year. Voting spans several weeks. Then we pick a winner and send prizes. The contest comes back the next year. Do you see any limitations? I already purchased and installed so I am trying to figure out how to adapt what I was doing to this.
  5. Can you change "photo of the month" to something else? "photo competition" for example?
  6. Been raising this as an issue for a while. It is really frustrating.
  7. I would only want to remove the buttons for the one form. I like to be able to use the form for contact and allow the user to select a category (i.e.; support, advertising opportunities, etc.) But I also use Forms to create specialized forms for various contests on the site.
  8. I see that it ran and picked the winners. Thank you. I guess I just expected it to work like a real life raffle. People were up all night (including me) waiting with anticipation for it to spit out a winner. I only run this raffle once a year. We do a great buildup to it. It is all very exciting. So when the time comes to pick the winners we kind of expect it to be a bit more -- maybe with trumpets or something. 😄 It would be great to have sort of a fancy "winners page" or something that people are directed to afterwards. Thanks again!
  9. My raffles just ended. All say expired -- not completed. No winners were picked. Pick winners toggle is ON. Raffle block in ACP is on. How to I force it to pick winners? I just raised over $2700 and I am going to have some very angry members soon if I can't pick the winners...
  10. I am using this for a contact form. I would like to eliminate as many format buttons as possible -- including attachments.
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before. Is there a way to remove the editor buttons and insert media for a specific form?
  12. I will. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't me. haha! 😄
  13. And yes, it is the same with the default theme... 😄
  14. I'm using a URL to a post. There is no Announcement listing. The link int he announcement takes me directly to the topic.
  15. So how do you remove an announcement that uses a URL? It does not show up under ModeratorCP. Now I can't edit or delete the announcement.
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