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  1. I run the raffle as an annual fundraiser -- similar to ticket raffles I run at live events. Around here, they used to refer to it as a "Chinese Raffle". Not sure if that is a regional thing or not. Basically you have several items (prizes) on display. Behind each item is a paper bag. Participants purchase chances (tickets) -- usually $1 each. They fill out the back of the ticket with their name. Then they drop as many tickets they like into the bags that correspond to the prize they want to win. The more tickets they stuff into a particular bag, the more chances they have in winning the item. The advantage to running the raffle this way is you get a lot of cash (ticket sales) right away. This is why I run the raffle on my site in the beginning of the year as this is when all the hosting bills start coming in...
  2. Yes I remember it was like that before. I just assumed it was a setting or possibly a bug. I only run a raffle once a year, so I am just noticing it again. If I understand correctly, if I run multiple raffles all expiring on the same date, the title says: Expiring date ? Why wouldn't it say: Active Raffles or Current Raffles something like that? What do you mean change in ACP? You mean in Languages?
  3. Why does the index page say: " Expiring date" ?
  4. Any update on this? Will this be addressed in 4.4?
  5. Is there a way to "cart" the tickets from different raffles and pay once or does each item require a separate transaction? Not sure if I have set this up the best way. I have 5 prizes but not everyone wants to purchase tickets for each prize. So I created 5 different raffles. But some people complained that they should be able to purchase tickets from all the raffles and then check out. suggestions?
  6. I love this plugin. Is there anyway to include more content? I would like to use this for linking news articles But often times, I only get just the title, image, and short description. I would like to include an "excerpt" of the news article.
  7. I did not realize that was an issue. I have Store Thumbs Locally set to on. Is that not correct?
  8. Not sure why, but all of a sudden Links is REALLY slow. The site itself is running fine, but clicking on the Links Directory app and any of the categories or actual links takes forever to load. I just updated to the 5.2.6 but there was no difference.
  9. Thank you! For the record, that's not me at the top! 😄 Thank you! For a site like mine, the user interface is very important -- both in substance and style! Thank you @ehren. for all your help! Merry Christmas @Sunlite!
  10. The Validation status of a member needs to go back to the way it used to be. It is too confusing to members. They think they are approved as soon as they are registered. There need to be a separate group or status so that other members cannot see them and the permissions of members in validation can be controlled. It was better before.
  11. I still feel validation needs to go back to the way it used to be. Unlike most sites, we do not approve anyone who registers. Allowing members to start setting up their profiles before they are approved seems silly -- especially if their registration does not get approved.
  12. I just upgraded to the latest version. This is what I see now with YouTube videos. Videos on Vimeo appear correctly however.
  13. I have it installed on my site. Here is how a Wiki link (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus) displays.
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