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  1. CodingJungle currently has the flu, so don't expect a response for several days.
  2. ​I am not sure why your membership was lost, though registering again would have been an easy solution. You also could have chosen to follow the file here, and monitored the changelog for the solution. As far as the solution, it was posted back in Sept of last year. It was posted in the changelog and as well as the bug tracker. Even though your account was lost , the public can access and view and progress giving you ample resources to find the information you seeked. Did you check it on the default theme as I requested? I also suggest that you ​re-register at the site, and submit the bug. That way we can attempt to debug the issue, and if possible put out a hot patch or a release.
  3. ​Support is not handled within this thread. All support is handled thru our bug tracker. This thread is for general discussion of the product, such as pre-sales questions. Any support questions submitted to this thread may not be answered in a timely manner. Please submit your issues to our tracker for faster responses. With that said, have you tested it on a default IPS theme (that has not been altered in any fashion) to rule out any theme related issues? As this issue seems to be js related, have you attempted to upload a fresh copy of ProMenu to the server overwriting the existing files?
  4. ​Sounds like a style issue to me. Is this the default mobile theme or a third party? ​I would be guessing without actually looking, but I would say its quite feasible to manipulate this via the stylesheet ​You would have to redesign it within the stylesheet manually. ​Set that setting to 0, this will disable this function.
  5. ​ProMenu uses the exact same structure for upgrades as IPS. If your in the Applications area and are not seeing an upgrade option, I would have to guess the cause being an improper upload of the products files. Verify that you have uploaded everything correctly, keeping the file structure in tact. I would start with the admin folder, as most ppl change this but forget to do so when uploading files for upgrade/install.
  6. It was an issue with the template and a missing section. Downloading the newest version and installing it will resolve your issue. ​
  7. Hello Everyone, CodingJungle here (posting from roberts account due the fact permissions seem to have been screwed up on the upgrade and non-active licenses holders can not post here, but codingjungle.com has 3 active licenses!), so any way. I want to let you guys know i've begun work on a new menu for IPS 4.0, I said in previous post we would begin work when IPS 4.0 entered into beta, and so we have. If you are interested in being a beta tester, let robert or myself know here or in PM and we will get you account setup on our site with the beta group. Right now its not much to look at, as been messing with the back end, got some of it done already. You can create groups and menu items...thats about it. This new menu is not called ProMenu as the Pro part was in reference to Provisionists and since we moved to codingjungle.com for the development aspect, it no longer fits. The working name right now is iMenu (corny i know), will probably change it to CJ Menu or something along those lines before the alpha. We will be dropping the various block types we have now, and going with one called "magic block". It didn't make much sense to have them seperated, when IPS has a internal Template Engine that can handle PHP and the various template plugins (like content blocks), and with IPS 4.0 having the ability to autoload with namespacing, php blocks seem redundant as you can just use a FQN to point to a class and build your PHP in a class file. I know some of you have been wondering how we will be handling the 3.x purchases of Promenu Plus and Basic to the new menu for IPS 4.0. Robert and I still haven't decided. It is sorta a tough decision to make. As this is a completely new code, a new product and a new company, we will continue to figure out the best way to handle ProMenu to the new menu. Thanks Everyone, CodingJungle
  8. If you had taken 2 minutes to look around the site, you would have located the instructions with ease. These instructions are available for guest so there is no excuse for your failure to locate them. So considing the fact the we provided proper support to you in a timely manner (well within normal support paramaters on a thread that is not even the proper location for support of said product) and the instructions are clearly present on our site, I am washing my hands of this issue. I am reporting this issue to the IPS staff and they can deal with it accordingly.
  9. Thank you .Ian for the Kudos. We do our best to provide quality products and services.
  10. I have no control over the marketplace and how they handle refunds, but considering you just made the purchase today and proper support was provided within hours of you making the purchase/post for assistance, if asked I would decline your request.
  11. steve00 is correct. Promenu installs like IPS applications. Appologies on the link. We are reconstructing our tutorials and we changed the location for the promenu installation link. I have setup a 301 to redirect everyone too the link steve00 posted.
  12. https://provisionists.com/tracker/_/promenu/problems-with-mobile-menu-r11 there is a bug report already on this, it will be fixed in the next version. topics make poor bug trackers it is why we implemented one and moved over support to our site. It is why there are times "support" questions aren't always answered here.
  13. You don't upload the actual folder. This folder is provided so you can have the unmodified images used in the master theme. If you just wish to use what is already available, just make a copy of the promenu folder in the public/style_images/master folder and add it to the themes you already have installed.
  14. It will (or should) update your current menus. Of course always do a backup before upgrading any application.
  15. Well you did say .. To me "board" implies forums, but ProMenu can also do IP.Content databases in this same fashion if desired.
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