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  1. Haha thanks, getting excited here ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Thanks! when is 4.6 available? ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. I just saw this: Is this available to the public? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  4. Hello, i've tried to do this. Doesn't seem to remove the tag from the page. I want this global tag to be removed from the one page.
  5. Bump, somehow I canโ€™t get this to work.
  6. Hello, I've always use the Google Analytics tool inside the IPB settings. This adds a script to every page. I recently got a page that i don't want to get tracked by that tool. How can i get an exception made for this page? Any dev who can add a line of code so that one page won't get the script added into the <head> ? willing to pay. regards, Sander
  7. I've done it like this: <i class="fad fa-check-circle">&nbsp;</i> But then it shows the space.. If i remove the &nbsp; then it will remove the whole code?
  8. Okay thank you! Got the line of code added. Got the ability to add PRO icons.. Somehow they tend to show wrong tho? 1st and 2nd are PRO 3rd is regular..
  9. It wonโ€™t break any IPS code ?
  10. Hello, Iโ€™ve gotten my hands on the PRO version of FontAwesome. How is it possible to get this to work with the suite ? ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Hello, On my community we have 2 subscription plans.. PRO membership (lets say 10$ / lifetime) PRO+ membership (lets say 20$ / month) The PRO+ version is an upgrade version of the regular PRO membership. Some people buy PRO first, and want to upgrade to PRO+ later.. Currently is is impossible to upgrade from PRO to PRO+, is this because one is lifetime and the other is monthly? It should be possible to upgrade to a different membership and after that is running out then revert back to PRO membership..? How can this still be done?
  12. Hey! I was thinking about a discount on subscriptions (or other products) for new members. Like if a new member registers in his first 3 days (or 1 week, or whatever) they can get a 10% discount (or whatever) Would be a nice feature as inentive to buy membership early.
  13. Is there a way around it? To show it before the title perhaps? Thanks for your time.
  14. Hello, Is it possible somehow to get a Custom smiley into the title? Regular smileys seems to work with copy paste, but the custom ones doesnt.
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