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  1. Also worth noting that Google doesn't support rel=next/previous anymore https://searchengineland.com/google-no-longer-supports-relnext-prev-314319 John Mueller at BrightonSEO talking about rel=next removal.
  2. You can now, it was removed for the first 4.4.0 as my free subs were turned in to products. I was told by IPB support that it was a business decision to remove free subscriptions as they weren't technically a subscription. Anyway I'm glad they are back and my sign up page is back to normal. However, what people want and what is expected, is that you can have a 'free/normal' register block next to the paid subscriptions. So for example, if a user doesn't want to pay for your premium ad free option, they can sign up for a normal ad supported account but not have to go through the cart pages. @Adriano Faria modifcation does this, but not as a block, only as a link at the bottom. To increase conversion rates, I want my users to be able to compare the free to the paid versions and the only way to do that is to show the difference in plans. E.g So when clicking on the free user register now button, it should go to the normal non subscription sign up process. And also if subscriptions are forced for registration process, the link from the register button, should go directly to the subscriptions sign up page and not through this redirect which slows the page from loading.
  3. Has anyone had a look at what this change actually entails in 4.4.3? Changed renewal terms to not allow $0 renewals.
  4. I think many people haven't realised this, as I would have expected more people raising this issue on the forum.
  5. There's another thread on this here @Adriano Faria thanks I thought I had got around it by making the subscription a recurring one and it comes back, I didn't realize about the invoicing. I just don't understand the rationale on why IPB don't want to provide us with the ability to have a single page subscription form which includes a free offering. This should be standard.
  6. @The Old Man Awesome look forward to it, thanks for working on building this. I'm a little puzzled though why this isn't standard with the AWS integration.
  7. @The Old Man did you get any updates from @Charles on this?
  8. https://yamahaclub.com/forums/subscriptions/?register=1 I used to have three tiers, $0, $5 and $10. You can no longer have free subscriptions so it was automatically removed on upgrading to 4.4 hence there's now just the two options.
  9. I know Subscriptions is only a small part of Commerce, but many of us only use Commerce for the subscription functionality. I wish that IPB would put more resources towards making the subscription functionality better, there's been loads of suggestions in the forums which haven't been implemented. And now existing functionality has been removed from the subscriptions, you can no longer set free subscriptions. Which was used as the only workaround to have a tiered membership option, with free and levels of paid. Of course you can do this with Commerce and a store, but the store functioality and UX is shocking if you're just selling subscriptions with different membership permissions.
  10. Hi, v4 took away the functionality to have $0 subscriptions. So there’s now no way to have a tiered subscription model with an entry level free membership. You have to now revert back to using commerce which has all the UX problems if you’re only using it for subscriptions. Or I’ve been told to create a custom page with the pages app, but I don’t think that would even work as you can’t directly link to a subscription cart page.
  11. Hi Please bring back the ability to setup a free subscription. As there’s no way now to have a tiered subscription page with a basic free memebership option. Also there’s no way to bypass the paid subscription to create a free registration if you enforce it through the registration process Thanks
  12. @AlexWebsites It's not the ideal way of doing it, but there is an immediate solution in changing the text on page load by using GTM or Optimize.
  13. I've asked for this over a year ago, would love something like below. By identifying the most popular option, you reveal the socially accepted path. Users will feel a natural tendency to choose that product, increasing coversion rate through triggering conformity.
  14. Here's an example of the subscriptions page, still needs work but you'll see the difference. No, because the subscriptions functionality is purpose built for subscriptions and is fully integrated with the users' membership option. Using products to sell digital member subscription is a hacked way of doing it, which is why it is very clunky (having to add to a cart, reviewing and checking out, order review, being able to zoom in to view product etc none of this is needed for essentially a membership option which should be streamlined as part of the sign up process), and I assume why IPB created a new subscription module. The ideal is to improve the subcription module from the current MVP it is.
  15. Most importantly for me it looks awful in comparison to the subscription module, and secondly it's very clunky to use essentially store pages to sell a digital subscription.
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