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  1. Great thanks that fixed it
  2. Thanks for the update @Michael.J, I've tried to update from 2.6.0 to 2.6.2 but still get the following error, even after the manual code change you recommended. Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 1S111/1 Duplicate entry '2' for key 'PRIMARY'
  3. I still can't even install it.
  4. Yep I'm also getting issues upgrading with 4.5.3: Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 1S111/1 Duplicate entry '2' for key 'PRIMARY'
  5. Hi @Chris027 I wasn't able to get mine to match, I can go through the process of matching I don't get any errors, but it just shows as below, and I can't upgrade it. Any ideas?
  6. Please read the post, it doesn't match in marketplace that is the issue. Cheers Alex
  7. @InvisionHQ please can you help with the above Thanks
  8. HI, I've done that, I wasn't actually sure if had worked as it didn't actually show a screenshot of the match unlike my other apps. Should it show something more than this? **EDIT** I've just realised it's not matching, as on the main application ACP screen it doesn't show the Marketplace icon.
  9. Hi, 4.5.2, and trying to install from the marketplace within ACP. Thanks
  10. Hi @InvisionHQ, I'm trying to install the new version (v2.2.0 Beta 2 from 1.3.5) but get the follow error: Classifieds is currently disabled, do I need to completely remove the old version? Cheers
  11. Browser side resizing is far from best practice, this puts all the work on the client and slows the page load time. The correct image size for the viewport should be returned from the server. As a minimum IPB should natively serve webp images and preferably to have integration with an image CDN such as https://www.imgix.com/ or https://cloudinary.com/
  12. Safari 14 now supports .webp https://developer.apple.com/documentation/safari-release-notes/safari-14-beta-release-notes
  13. It'll serve an alternative, such as .jpg.
  14. Cloudflare will only serve .webp to browsers which support it.
  15. I've just received confirmation from an Apple Webkit engineer it's coming to Safari too.
  16. @h2ojunkie It'll actually be about 85% of web traffic come Jan. https://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share/desktop/worldwide
  17. Does anyone know if this is being used with 4.5?
  18. No, I have added JS to the template to send the group ID to a JS variable. I then use a lookup table in GTM to read that variable and choose whether to set the cookie to not show ads. <script> var groupId = {expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_group_id"}; </script>
  19. I use the mediation app in Ezoic which allows me to still run my own adsense through the Ezoic bid system. However I've only make a few dollars though adsense as it is nearly always outbid by the premium ads through Google's display network through Ezoic. You can manually place the Ezoic placeholders so you have full control over their positioning. You make considerably more revenue through Ezoic, however it considerably slows your site down too. If you have a static site (non IPB) you can use their caching and site speed functionality where it wouldn't be an issue.
  20. I recommend reading this book https://www.amazon.com/Predictably-Irrational-Revised-Expanded-Decisions/dp/0061353248 Dan Ariely also has some YouTube videos worth watching.
  21. Using an API to automatically send potentional NSFW images for review would be very useful for anyone who is using Adsense. I've had my Adsense account disabled many times as Google has detected NSFW imagery on my forum. Adsense then only show a couple of examples and you have to spend hours trying to search if there are/or where the others are.
  22. Hi both 1&2 are variables, 1 custom js variable, 2 custom - user defined - lookup table. 3. is a custom html tag
  23. The code is all there to do it for free, are you already using Google Tag Manager (GTM)?
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