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  1. I made a new category and moved it to it. That seemed to fix the issue.
  2. I have just created a new raffle (I only do this once a year so far) and my members are seeing this error when clicking on the raffle. I am using the current version. I've checked all of my settings and everything seems fine as far as I can tell. The support tool comes up fine as well. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
  3. All of them, it seems to be working now but I'll keep am eye on it.
  4. 1. NOT using cron 2. Not sure what you mean by "alerts" exactly... Yes, I have a status sender set up.
  5. It was an automated patch from IPS, not sure what files were modified. I had a few days with no birthdays and now today there is one birthday and it didn't run again.
  6. Well, today it's working again. Curious, I wonder what would cause it to not work for a few days and then all of a sudden start working again. I'll be looking closer to see if I can find a common denominator for the cause.
  7. For some reason Birthday Greeter has stopped running. For the past several days it hasn't created a chat entry nor has it created a topic post. The job has been running as scheduled according to the task list. The only thing I have done is to install the latest IPS 4.3.5 Patch a few days ago. All settings remained the same. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
  8. Hey TAMAN, did you last upload on Sunday, July 29th change the file, I see that the version stayed the same 1.2.0???
  9. Has this been abandoned by the developer???
  10. Local is USA Central Standard Time Zone (CST) and the servers are located in USA Mountain Standard Time Zone (MST)
  11. OK, I get that BUT it is causing some confusion with my membership (and me too for that matter) to see the birthday list in the box show up hours BEFORE the actual date. As an example, right now I have birthdays in the box for tomorrow and the Chat Posting, PM's, Topic Posts won't go out until just after midnight. Can this please be fixed sooner rather than later?
  12. I have my settings set for Central Time in the US but the Birthday Box shows the Birthdays about 5 hours early (UTC). Shouldn't it follow my settings instead of UTC?
  13. I have completed the upgrade and I am running the most recent version. When a member purchases an item and "stores" it and then goes to the stored item and trys to redeem iot he gets a "could not locate item" error. Did I do something wrong or is this possibly a bug?
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