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  1. @TAMAN Wait, I think I get it now... I was so sure colors was pulled from the group formatting settings. Changing the color codes in your themes palette raw rgba values settings did the trick.
  2. No, it's working on default theme and any other theme. The colors of highlights seems coded into your theme and it doesn't pull the color set on group settings. I'm just curious if that is a purpose choice or if something is missing? Because I think the border highlight should be whatever color is set in the group settings.
  3. However, the color of the highlight function of groups and best answers if that setting is turned on in forums seem to be very hard to see, or is that how it's supposed to be? For example, I've set admin group formatting to green and admin posts are not highlighted in green, there is though a very dark (hard to see) border around the post. Standard theme and other themes I've used all use the highlight color of the color set in member group options, to be able to tell groups answers apart.
  4. I'm sorry, couldn't just let this go. You claim in one post you are not a coder and need help to even get the simplest button on ips working... Yet you keep complaining in literally every new answer you post about how things should be. You clearly don't know how responsiveness work... How about showing some gratitude to those trying to help you?
  5. Actually I can't. I can't reproduce the problem. I just deactivated all plugins and activated them again and it started to work. So probably no fault on your end. Maybe even a cache problem or something.
  6. Never mind, it started working after i disabled a few plugins.
  7. I cant't get the brush to work in 4.6 version. Even after I reverted all 5 presets and given Everyone persmission, clicking the brush icon does absolutely nothing.
  8. Now with badges and rules being awesome in 4.6 I really hope devs expand on this. Some things that I am missing in the rules which I hope can be implemented are specific dates. For example valentines day or Christmas eve, well custom dates is what I'm looking for. It would be nice if we could reward people with badges for login in on specific dates. So that would be expanding the "Member logs in for the first time that day" rule except we would be able to choose specific dates instead, and/or a span of dates (e.g. Login in between the 24th to 26th earns you the Christmas Eve badge), instead of as it is now. It's very limited with so much power, but it's also new so hoping for some expansion.
  9. Hello... Again. I'm slowly becoming a regular here... I'm trying to free up space in my IPS install folder by having Downloads Files, thumbnails and Gallery Images stored on a subdomain. When creating a new configuration and pointing the method to it, everything works and the images and files are being moved. The problem is that it breaks All images moved and they are not viewable on my site. Download Files works and can be downloaded but all the thumbnails are just blank. When downloading a image it still downloads from the original folder and not the one I set in Storage Settings, same with downloads thumbnails, they still point at the original upload folder and not the one I set in settings even though they are moved correctly.
  10. OK, so. Not sure if this have anything to do with each other but, if it does maybe it can help the team. I noticed that anytime I was kicked out, one of the groups loading animation circle wouldn't stop spinning. I deleted that group and now it seems to work. That same group also had disabled Group Promotions. So it seems like every time I went to the Member Group section it would try to load those promotions and fail somehow which would cause a glitch and kick me out. Like I said, don't know how it works but that is what I did to solve the issue, delete the group (I remember doing this the first time around as well when I mentioned in a comment that it worked). Maybe you can recreate the error. I'll let you know if problem comes back.
  11. Hello again. When I'm uploading big files, above circa 100 MB the progress bar is not moving but uploads succeeds after a while. If uploading several files at once the progress bars on the single files is not moving but the big overall progress bar is. Any thoughts on this?
  12. And this would explain why it Only happens on those specific parts of the software and no where else?
  13. Yeah, I updated to 4.6 before installing the plugin so IPS is kinda screwing me on that. Looking forward to a update xD
  14. @TAMAN Will we see a 4.6 update? Since IPS doesn't have any backward compatibility what so ever since they introduced the ACP Marketplace, making the user experience of getting new apps and plugins literally a hell, we are all kinda more or less relying on creators to update every single time a new version comes out. Can't even download 4.5 apps and plugins since they just refer to the ACP install method.
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