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  1. Have you added constant.php to your public.HTML. everytime you changing anything you need to update them.
  2. I thought I saw it when I set up web last year ...
  3. trust me with 4.5 its not there....or Im completely blind..???Members>groups>any group>content>editing...????
  4. sorry or Im going blind or simply cant find it...lol
  5. that will help, what about silent editing? I think is not there anymore?
  6. Hi there. I saw a two issues that could be fix with the next mid upgrade. 1> I realised that I cant fine anywhere option to do post editing by admin without a notice on the bottom" edited by....etc" visible to everyone_ Its just me or silent edit option is gone?? 2> I think its a bug with RSS stream - when my users trying to add RSS to they "news app" its showing them this message >> and making links with double hhtp. its not a problem to remove manually http: but for ordinary user its a error and they will simply abound the way to do it... Please let me know it sonly my side and Im doing something wrong or its a definitely a bug? Regards @Edjazoli
  7. Edjazoli


    I completely change my basic theme with this one -even manage to get day with this same templates -simply great! @Aethes was/is always helpful and support it’s more than I expected.Great job-always here to help,event if you want to do few changes.
  8. At the moment when you adding Twitter /discord embed to the clubs it’s works as a one for every single club...Any chance that you could add an option to embed it independently for each club owner so they can use they own Twitter/discord feeds? I will be in the position to activate it as a admin on request ...I think it will be a nice add for next upgrade , especially with gamers communities/clubs . As well it will be a great add if the private clubs will have an option to add some of the topics , pages to main public view.
  9. Any chance for a team , administrators display up to, maybe 10 in the footing?
  10. @bosss go to edit global>vuex>vuex_slider_top> red its a code to put in for profile purple its another button that I have placed showing forum activity, simply copy paste your activity link-remember that second button is optional {{if theme.vuex_slider_on}} <div class="slider"> <div class="sliderImg" style='background-image: url({theme="vuex_first_slider"});'> <div class="sliderImg_caption"> {{if member.member_id}} <h1>Welcome back {{if isset( $_SESSION['logged_in_as_key'] )}}{lang="front_logged_in_as" sprintf="$_SESSION['logged_in_from']['name']"} {{endif}}{member="name"}!</h1> <a class="ipsButton ipsButton_important sliderDiscover" href="{member="url()"}" >Profile</a> <a class="ipsButton ipsButton_important sliderDiscover" href="https://xbox-vibes.com/index.php?/discover/">Activity</a> {{else}} <h1>Welcome to {setting="board_name"}</h1> <p>Register or login now and gain instant access to our features!</p> {{endif}}
  11. Hi @Aethes problem fixed now , simply replace href="{setting='base_url'}discover" with href="{member="url()"} Thanks anyway for your time.
  12. hi there Im just about to finish with your theme and only one think really bother me . the slider profile button not taking me after clicking to profile page? What to d? help.
  13. .bimcb_chatInput { color: #B0C4DE !important; } for everyone who's got this same problem - put that in custom.css and you chatbot will work fine now....
  14. thanks anyway for your time , I have managed to change the wrapper so its looks ok now...
  15. Thanks , its fine now, I have manage to add colour in ccs and now its working perfectly... If I can ask ,maybe you know how to change a header background to black in email setting (bulk emails)as at the moment is standard white?? My logo is white and green and not really cooperating with white background...
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