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  1. Any chance for a team , administrators display up to, maybe 10 in the footing?
  2. Ok , I’ve got it now...that’s good idea just to add egg like 80x100px to any post answer so members need to go through the content ....brilliant thanks.
  3. I’m mean I’m ok with basic coding etc if you will show me where and basic code need to go etc as I have managed to do with forum and extra things.... thanks for any help
  4. Thanks, I’m not a great coder and I will need a help , any chance for little advice how and where to do it??
  5. Have anyone know an ester egg hunt plugin that will Work with INvision Community Forum , something like in Wordpress? You placing eggs over the pages for members to find and collect ? That will be funny and great idea for members to have a fun on forum...
  6. @bosss go to edit global>vuex>vuex_slider_top> red its a code to put in for profile purple its another button that I have placed showing forum activity, simply copy paste your activity link-remember that second button is optional {{if theme.vuex_slider_on}} <div class="slider"> <div class="sliderImg" style='background-image: url({theme="vuex_first_slider"});'> <div class="sliderImg_caption"> {{if member.member_id}} <h1>Welcome back {{if isset( $_SESSION['logged_in_as_key'] )}}{lang="front_logged_in_as" sp
  7. Hi @Aethes problem fixed now , simply replace href="{setting='base_url'}discover" with href="{member="url()"} Thanks anyway for your time.
  8. hi there Im just about to finish with your theme and only one think really bother me . the slider profile button not taking me after clicking to profile page? What to d? help.
  9. .bimcb_chatInput { color: #B0C4DE !important; } for everyone who's got this same problem - put that in custom.css and you chatbot will work fine now....
  10. thanks you are a star. two more question regarding adds I’m not using any Adsense etc as I’m targeting more like a selected customers and I want to keep my forum clean for members ...profit is not a main target. So , if you could help , how I can keep one add on landing home page but not on the sub forum pages/clubs and vice verse ? And where/how I can place advert (logo and href ) in different location (footer) or Header next to my main logo ? Thank you again for your help ...as my forum is for Xbox players begginers I’m asking questions as a beginner mys
  11. Hi @Morrigan , yes I know that, however if my Premium users using day theme I’d like them to see adds... it’s not forcing anyone to stay with theme but some of the premium users are the part of the team and I still want them to have a look to advertising update to catch any bugs-if that make sense to you?? thanks
  12. Hi there I’ve got 3 different themes for my new forum, two day/night for standard members and one for prmium ( no adds etc) Could anyone can hello me and explain where I can remove adds only from that 3rd theme?? regards edjazoli25
  13. thanks anyway for your time , I have managed to change the wrapper so its looks ok now...
  14. Thanks , its fine now, I have manage to add colour in ccs and now its working perfectly... If I can ask ,maybe you know how to change a header background to black in email setting (bulk emails)as at the moment is standard white?? My logo is white and green and not really cooperating with white background...
  15. Hi there Only one think ,Where I can change colour of text that we using in the hatbox to type text in, while typing in is black after hitting enter appearing white in chatbot???
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