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  1. Theme updated (1.0.2) - Minor CSS bug fixes - New feature: you can change the height of the slider (under 'Slider' tab)
  2. Theme updated (v1.0.1) - Minor CSS bug fixes - Added CKEditor skin (white icons). Simply install the .zip file via theme setting on Editor tab.
  3. Aethes


    Version 1.0.2


    Vuex is a new theme with a dark color scheme that can be used for any forums. N.b. this is still on beta, as I'm continuing to work on it, so feel free to report any bugs and give feedback! There isn't a working demo for now. (but hey, it's free, so just download it and try it! 🙂 ) Main features: Customizable slider with images+captions Customizable footer items Quick side navigation on scroll Vuex is free and always will be.


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