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  1. Thanks- I had to disable as well as it appeared to slow down the site and at times break the rendering of pages especially on mobile.
  2. Thanks, I noticed that. I was concerned that there may be some downside where users are pasting something with a table or something of that nature?
  3. Some users on our forum will copy and paste content from other sites. When they paste the content, the paste includes appears to include some of the HTML content from the original site. Specifically, I am seeing <pre coding including html colors and fonts. This code being included is breaking the default fonts on posts. I already checked and I do have the html setting off for the member groups. Is there something else I can do to prevent the html formatting code to come with the users posts? Thanks
  4. I strongly concur with this request. Follow the KISS principle for the users. But it's something that is definitely needed on my forum.
  5. This question is a little more complicated, since on DO you can start with a bare-bones droplet with just an OS installed or have one spun up for you with a LEMP/LAMP stack or a full CPANEL setup. However, DO is fully unmanaged, so you would be responsible for all configuration and management of the server. They do not provided hosting support outside of the server being online officially. I would suggest only going down the DO path with a droplet if you're comfortable being a full sys-admin and can manage/configure a server yourself.
  6. Still curious about this. Just moved everything over the S3, Cache-Control headers are there but not expires...
  7. Having this same issue now on my upgrade from 4.2.6->4.2.7, guessing it's a URL issue since my site is in a sub directory. I have a ticket in now.
  8. Thanks for the detailed response, and it confirms my understand of what is occurring. The videojs fallback I think would be a great solution. I was testing last night in my mods only area, and having to explain to each user the nuances of what is occurring. I'm definitely going to leave the plugin in-place but I don't think I'm going to market it hard because of the confusion that may happen amongst users, since many just expect things to "work". Absolutely not your fault at all, and obviously an issue on the end of the browsers/too many codecs out there. I'm more than willing to throw a beta version on my server as well once you go down that path, since this is something our users have been asking for, for a long time. I'll be watching for the updates!
  9. Hey @Nathan Explosion just bought your plugin, which is awesome. Though I did notice something strange. When embedding an MP4, it plays on Chrome on all devices. But on Safari on my iPad it does not play back. I'm assuming it's an encoding thing, so I was wondering if there was a way to force some sort of compatibility? From what I can put together the video is dependent on browser support, but it seems Chrome and Safari don't support all encoding codecs of MP4. I can share with you a login and sample via PM if you want to take a look or the file that I used. Thanks
  10. Agreed. It's odd. Not sure the cause.
  11. Posted elsewhere but I'm seeing the same behavior on the latest 4.1. Only started recently but I'm getting logged out often when I'm changing devices.
  12. Using Chrome on desktop, Chrome on Phone, and Safari in iPad. I've been able to reproduce using the combination of browsers.
  13. Hate to bump an old topic but I've noticed this starting to happen again. Have the forum on the latest General release tried clearing cache, even rebooted server and it still keeps happening. @Matttagging since I know you were the one who merged the fixed code last time. I can raise a ticket if you'd like and provide ACP/FTP info.
  14. I've had a few members report the same thing. I've noticed it myself as well. Using memcached, nginxcp, and fcgid. It's intermittent and not affecting all my users. Very strange.
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