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  1. Are you using the IPS Default (Default) theme? Edit: Still working for me using the default them. However, not working with a third party theme.
  2. This person was of great help fixing issues on my forum.

    I cannot but recommend his applications/plugins and give 5 ?????



    Worked fine for me until the last update from 4.2.6 to 4.2.7. Pity!
  3. That's what I did last week and sent the error to the support staff. They fixed it, but it's after they did that my plugins disappeared.
  4. Thank you for replying. To be honest I never changed the default theme. No looking in the themes folder I see I have 3 different ones: But the plugins have also disappeared from the posts of my other themes that I bought.
  5. Well, I re-opened the support and got some reply... My support: I've no idea if fixing this problem started an other one, but plugins which are at the bottom of posts are not there anymore since the fix; Change Post Author and Go To Top plugins are not in posts anymore. I posted that there's a problem in the author's post, but an other member replied it still works on his forum after the update from last week. I know you do not support plugins, but it seems this happened after a staff member fixed the Notifications problem. The answer I got:
  6. Thanks for letting me know it works for you. Pity enough it doesn't for me; I disabled it, re-enabled, uninstalled and reinstalled it, all to no avail. Maybe because a staff member had to fix something after I asked for support concerning the notifications which didn't work anymore: I'll ask for support again.
  7. Great plugin, but it doesn't work anymore on my forum since last week's security update, pity.
    Edit: Worked fine for me until the last update, from 4.2.6 to 4.2.7. Pity!
  8. Maybe we'll be lucky now that a female member also complains? I am waiting for this to work since I bought it -> Posted April 9, 2016 On April 21 2017 the programmer said: So far there no action here. My suggestion to the programmer: If you have no time to, or simply can't, fix it, then why not asking IPS to remove it from the list of available plugins?
    Yay and smashing! Finally my posters get rewarded as it will add an extra reputation to their account.
    I had some problems after installing another plugin, but newbieLAC came (on a Saturday!) to check what was wrong. Now everything works again like it used to be. Rating this 5 stars for the plugin and ... the writer of it!
    I just installed this plugin and tested it with a new "fake" member that I registered. It is an amazing tool, handy to annoy a member who refuses to use my community as per the rules. Rating this 5 stars!
  9. 2nd answer ... NO, the widget does not show the anonymously logged in users. To see them I must enter the "See full list" page. It's midden in the night and just a few users online, so here's a snapshot. As you can see, there are 4 anonymous users online, but none shows on the widget; Cheers, and TIA for a little reply.
  10. I didn't care anymore about this plugin and started to browse every page in the (See full list) to check the anonymous members who are logged in. But it is time consuming, so I returned to see if there is an update. And to reply your question: the answer is "no!" To be honest, this feature should be implemented in the IPS Suite ... Admins and Webmasters have the right to know who is logged in, even if members opt to log in anonymously! Of course it's not your fault they didn't.
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