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  1. Same thing with topics, posts and personal messages posted today. Yesterday all was fine. Nothing was touched or changed in the ACP, but starting from this Friday morning, all topics, posts and personal message appear two times on the same page. It is as if we post everything two times. The second post in the topic cannot be deleted. However, the second post of a posted post, and the second personal message of a PM can be deleted. Should I start a new topic for this? I didn't as this looks identical as what happens for the OP. Edit: My forum is on version 4.6.6.
  2. Using the Default Theme, my members started to complain that the [Topics & Posts] block suddenly shows at the bottom of the page, not at the right side anymore. I checked it and can confirm it shows at the bottom of the page. However, I am using a 3rd party theme (Twilight from IBTheme), and I still see it at the right side of the main page.
  3. I've set it to look like below and it works as expected:
  4. Still works on my forum too.
  5. I like this plugin but I am missing the "Show/Hide Global sidebar". Is that not implemented yet?
    The Old Man said it all, and I totally agree with him. Thanks a million, Nathan Explosion! ★★★★★
  6. It's wise for an Administrator to have a dummy account as a normal member. It helps me, when members report a problem, to log in with that account so I can check what they reported.
  7. I did... first it showed an empty block on my forum but now after re-enabling it, it shows the posters under each other instead of next to each other. Is it meant to be so? Edit: And the post count is not correct. Example: mine shows 7,042 while it should be 17,185
  8. It isn't, at least not for Wanting to update, IPS allows updates for 4.4. For 4.5+ it shows "This application is not compatible with the chosen version."
  9. I know, but tell that to 70 and 80 plussers ... they never listen! 🤣
  10. Although they could use the commands in the toolbar above, many members from my forum (mainly the oldies), still use BBcode when posting. And then it's never WYSIWYG.
  11. Yay! succeeded successfully. Thank you so much! 🙂 May I donate with PayPal? It is with pleasure I'd do that. Please, PM me if I may.
  12. Oh, I must have missed something then. On the dashboard page I typed "Topics" in the search box and it only showed; [System] Delete Moved Links [Forums] Users can see topics posted by other users? [Forums] Users can see topics posted by other users?
  13. Because I pay a host who owns a server, and he doesn't allow me to log into it.
  14. I saw that, but it doesn't help me.
  15. Me too would like to have it back like it used to be before the update. Now one has to click on "..." , then click on share, then click (again) on the share-link, do a Ctrl-a to select the whole link and finish by doing a Ctrl-c, or select "Copy" with the mouse. 😞 What a job for something that was so simple before: 1 click on the share button and it opened with the link already selected. But now I'm facing this problem; how to do for someone who has no access to the host's server? Thanks in advance for a little reply.
  16. I am wondering, is it still showing that a member is online when they opted to log in anonymously? The free version still does, even for the Admin(s) and Webmaster. Before buying this one, I would like to know, thanks.
  17. I have 12 customized themes, and none of them are showing the [Change Author] button. However, as mentioned in my previous post, it shows and works fine with the IPS Default one.
  18. Are you using the IPS Default (Default) theme? Edit: Still working for me using the default them. However, not working with a third party theme.
  19. Wrong, there were some, let it be in late '98, early '99. - But I admit I started mine in Canada in 1999. One thing is for sure, by using buttons in topic/posts/messages it became easier for the users, but they won't have the knowledge like people (probably you/me for sure!) who had to learn how things worked in the past and had to learn the ms-dos commands/command line for apple macOS and/or ASM etc. etc. Sure, it's not necessary anymore these days, but I'm glad I had the experience to -and sometimes still- use it. Out of this context: I had fun in the early 80s using my very slow 1200/2400 and later U.S. Robotics 19,200 baud modem to connect from Europe to my friend's BBS in the States.
  20. This is absurd, but made me laugh. Whether my name is Eric, Glen or John, I registered here with "Eric" and would never start complaining if people would say "Hey Eric, blah, blah blah..." If I don't want others to call me Eric, then I should have opted to register using a nickname!
  21. This person was of great help fixing issues on my forum.

    I cannot but recommend his applications/plugins and give 5 ?????



    Worked fine for me until the last update from 4.2.6 to 4.2.7. Pity!
  22. Me too and it is so much faster than the [Home] key.
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