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  1. Hello, In Pages, when I try to search records in a category (in ACP): I obtain this error:
  2. Problem with this in mobile: I put the original template. Any solution for chage the left column (grid) size?
  3. This code is fine for me in my website: .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) >.ipsGrid_span3 { grid-column:span 2 !important; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) >.ipsGrid_span9 { grid-column:span 10 !important; } Try it.
  4. An add... Is it possible show tags in Home Page Articles presentation, after statistics? Like Default Template.
  5. Thanks! @ibaker Good solution. I used this in css.custom and not modify templates: .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) >.ipsGrid_span3 { grid-column:span 2 !important; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) >.ipsGrid_span9 { grid-column:span 10 !important; }
  6. Thanks @opentype How can move the tags position to the top of the article (not in bottom), similar to default Pages template?
  7. Hello. Now that I am creating my tags, I find the Option to Sort tags alphabetically very interesting and to also be able to order them by dragging.
  8. Great plugin for Pages! Thanks @opentype One question. The "Fallback image URL" dont´show in article view? Because in my case not appear in header article. Thanks.
  9. It would be possible to allow uploading remote images only to certain groups? In my case, I want to upload users images in forum images to Pages articles, putting the image url but i don´t know how to do this with the editor. Obviously, I can do this with HTML: <img alt="" src="https://www.website.com/uploads/monthly_2020_04/image_thumb_8.jpg.pl8a0cd39f43fe3dd48ae4e4a6bbb888.jpg">
  10. Ups! I understand now! Thanks.
  11. Is this correct? IPS4.5.5
  12. Thank you. I wanted to write to you by PM but you can't receive messages.
  13. Thanks @bfarber Solved after "Refresh license data"
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