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  1. I know @stoo2000 The app is impressive and I highly recommend it. You are doing a great job trying to solve the problem. Surely we will fix it.
  2. I hope solved. @stoo2000 is is trying his best to make it work in Amazon SES, but we don't get it.
  3. Yes. I received the SNS bounced mail to my email, but nothing happens in the bouncer table. I have deleted email subscriptions again and I am waiting if only with the endpoint it works.
  4. It also doesn't work by enabling "Raw message delivery"
  5. Is it possible to put content that are waiting for approval in the notification panel?
  6. It would be interesting to be able to send emails only to members that can be set by custom profile fields. For example, in a consoles forum, members who have a specific console and who have put it on their profile. In this way the mails would be focused on a more specific public. Thanks.
  7. Hello @AlexWebsites. I have "Raw message delivery" disable. I will try with that option enabled to see if that was the problem. Under topics I have everything default.
  8. Right. I deleted the email subscription. I used it for information purposes only.
  9. Yes, this is my configuration: Rebotes=bounce Quejas=complaint In this case I only receive it by email. @stoo2000 tested it obtain the same result. Works for you at the email and at the endpoint at the same time?
  10. Yes @AlexWebsites All is correct. Try to add a email to the bounce and complaint email subscripcions, and test if it works with the endpoint at the same time.
  11. I subscribe from domain and from email address.
  12. Yes, I verified domain and email address. I have separate subscription for bounce and complaint, and the email notifications reached me correctly. Adding endpoint for mailbounce, the notifications works for email but not for endpoint. Following the @stoo2000 recommendations I have deleted subscriptions to the mail and left only the endpoint.
  13. Hello, I tested the last version and I have a problem with SNS. I have both, email and HTTPS endpoint subscriptions on my topics, the HTTPS endpoint subscription will not receive any data. @stoo2000 recommends me just leave https subscription only. Can someone confirm this to me. Does anyone have an email and https endopoint subscription and does it work? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the new version with Amazon SES support. I can not wait to try it.
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