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  1. I send you a private message & access allow to all
  2. I do not want to put data from my website here but I will try to be detailed. Announce type: Content, (also does not work with "Link to URL") Select: Show to all Select: show everywhere Type: Floating bar at the top of the page IPS: 4.6.7 App Settings HTML5 Audio/Video Player 2.1.2: view attachments
  3. Hello, with this app activated I have this issue: annoucement "Floating bar at the top of the page" don´t show in homepage. When acces to other page the annoucement shows and if I select the Block Manager in homepage then annoucement shows in homepage!!!
  4. Thank @Daniel F Finally the problen is with By @Nathan Explosion Disabling this APP all works fine.
  5. Sorry @Daniel F But I don´t understand. The homepage is the forum app select by default.
  6. Annoucement type: Floating bar at the top of the page. Testing in unmodified theme: same problem.
  7. Hello, I have an annoucement and I selected show to all users and in all pages, but not show in homepage. But If I select the Block Manager in homepage then annoucement shows!!! 🤔
  8. Hello and thanks for adding Zapier to self-hosted. Currently Imvision Power has several tiggers but from my point of view there are some missing that I consider interesting. Tiggers sugestions: Promote content (When a content is promoted) Clubs (tiggers related with clubs: new club, new club member, ...) Topic solved (when topic is marked as solved) Topic pinned (When topic is pinned) Topic featured (When topic is marked as solved)
  9. Hello, and thanks for this Plugin @A Zayed Can you can you offer a way to convert the old links?
  10. Ups! Many Thanks @opentype 😊 I did not find it. I hope IPS considers it a option for the forum.
  11. Hello, is it possible embed external link with a block. Xenforo example:
  12. Yes, sorry for the confusion. Only can view the reproduction bar but not video.
  13. Sorry but for me don´t solve the problem in 4.6.6. in new MOV videos. 🤔 Yes. In IPS 4.6.6 works only in Safari. Hello. I check upload new MOV files to the invision test forum and doesn´t work! In my 4.6.6. forum, it doesn't work either
  14. Thnks. Same problem here! I can´t view MOV video in post.
  15. Hello. Collections is up to date in IPS 4.6.3, but I obtain this error: [[Template core/front/tables/rows is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  16. My admin in warned: How to remove it.
  17. Hello. Mailbounced seems work fine in 4.6 but now I have warning message in my Admin account, and I can´t remove the account in ACP from warned. How can I remove admin account from warned accounts? Thanks.
  18. Hello, this is the support answer: Hello,You need to contact the author of that item for assistance. It does sound like you already have it installed though
  19. Oh Sorry! I had v1.2.7 version but I have removed it and now I don't have any installed. I want to install the 2.1.1. version
  20. Hello, I have Invision Community v4.5.4.2 I'm going to write a ticket to IPS support
  21. I have this message: This resource is already installed and up to date And I can't install or upgrade.
  22. This resource is already installed and up to date I uninstall and clear cache but don´t solved.
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