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  1. IPS had separate mobile and desktop themes for probably 10+ years. I think around 2013 / 14 is when they went to a single responsive design. I'm a fan of responsive but I do agree the mobile UI (based on screen width) could be tailored a bit more to include include functions that are currently missing. I manually ad back some features myself but others are harder. As easy example of something I think should be standard is custom profile fields that show on the left of a post under the author name are not shown on mobile. They form a big part of a members identify on many forums and without them the mobile view is less informative which makes the site less engaging.
  2. We have a forum with 2-3,000 people online during the afternoons. We are 55% mobile, 43% desktop, 2% tablet. Invision is mostly desktop here IMO because we are all developers and do content creation from a desk/laptop. Content ingestion on the other hand is mostly mobile. Which is where the pageviews and monetization are from ads. I'm against mobile apps that do not monetize as good or better than a responsive design that caters to mobile and desktop. We HEAVILY leverage Google DFP w/ prebid and a large stack of media companies. Mobile app usage may be good for view-ability but if it doesn't monetize as well -- then why would people ultimately convert...
  3. Lazy load is only for images; not ads. Google would never torpedo their core product.
  4. My vote is to follow the web standard versus having a "heavy" native/custom solution. It's easier on IPB to maintain and better for speed overall.
  5. Yes I would like an admin option to unsubscribe people from everything with a single or 2 clicks. I get the request all the time and my only options are quite convoluted.
  6. I'll state the obvious. We can complain (Google doesn't care) and get less visibility or jump on board. If you don't rank on the rich snippets then you are even farther down the page with less clicks. I'm pragmatic. You will note that the URL is in plan site below the snippets which are only partial info. It's not that bad.
  7. There is an option to auto prune subscriptions to stale comments but what about an option to drop subscriptions for members that have not visited the site in greater than XX days/years? We get a lot of people that drop off and their emails go bad... they subscribe to a forum and get tons of emails a day that bounce. Allowing a feature to auto-prune subscriptions for stale members would fix the email bouncing issue from going on forever as well and reduce resources for site owners. Thoughts? The feature would maybe go here:
  8. My competitors are always listing above us for these and it builds credibility (for them). You can limit the except sizes top help. In general I disagree on it hurting you. Here is a quick example where the only things above the fold is the rich snippet Google grabbed. All other listings are below the fold -- which is becoming common. The only thing that competes is video (a big push for Google... and popular for users these days). and another example:
  9. Has the IPB staff seen this. Looks like a huge boon to forums in a world where we often don't get the best attention: https://www.google.com/amp/s/searchengineland.com/google-confirms-new-faqs-qa-and-how-tos-for-search-results-snippets-303116/amp
  10. Yes! We need this and a random order.
  11. Just in case people aren't taking it seriously. https://m.slashdot.org/story/363310 https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/11/20960113/microsoft-ccpa-privacy-law-california-congress-regulation
  12. I'm not sure why this isn't being taken as seriously as GDPR. It's huge.
  13. Thanks. I think there are changes to the current GDPR tools you have that will go a long way.
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