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  1. Agreed we should have more focus on this area. Would help a lot.
  2. Cool. Yeah the old plugin went away several years ago. My mods have been on me ever since.
  3. Simple as the name implies. My mods WOULD LOVE this feature built in. Banning a bad actor from a single topic that is 100's of pages long would be useful. We have many long threads.
  4. This is a critical tool. It lets me see what's changed, fixed and otherwise if bugs I have seen will be resolved by upgrading.
  5. Just wanted to comment that for large communities we tend to generate the lions share of our revenue from advertising. This relies on page views to generate ad impressions. I've been wary of PWAs for this reason. Can anyone fill in the blanks on how a PWA won't decimate ad impressions (and revenue)? I typically turn off any significant Ajax features that impact this already.
  6. See attached photo from Chrome on Android
  7. There should just be a selection to have unlimited (enter 0 days) or a cap (enter days). Default can be 365 days.
  8. Wow what a mess. This will break all types of things for me as well. I'll hold off upgrading for a while.
  9. Up vote x100. For this if us that send millions of emails a month... this is a HUGE savings.
  10. Just to chime in on "monetization" (which I hope we all agree is important). I was over at Google the other week for a publisher meeting and the topic came up. BLUF, PWAs are challenging to monetize well. In the end, this is a serious consideration for any publisher and not something to be ignored (or risked) chasing trends. They were supportive of PWA but urged caution.
  11. Bump.... This certainly slows sites down (bid sites for sure).
  12. I think IP Pages should have an option to allow AMP pages. That or at least allow a customer header element to point to an alternate AMP page manually. The Pages product directly competes with WordPress which has this already. Be the way. I totally am not a fan of a stand alone web app. It would likely leave out a TON of my community built around IP Pages and custom areas. Folks would not discover them on the app. Also, advertising revenue and customization would take a huge hit.
  13. Currently we can only add custom meta tags. I'd like to be able to add other custom tags such as link or rel tags (for example if I want to create custom AMP pages referenced by my IPB Page pages). Currently the only way to do this is to hack conditional URI pregmatch statements in the global header which is super sloppy.
  14. Whoever said they had to follow their own rules! In the end, John Mueller is "the god" that most SEO's listen to at Google when it comes to "white hat" SEO and what folks should be doing. I simply reference his post. If you dig into things, having two pages with no canonical (slashes count as different pages) splits your page rank and SEO. It's a fact.
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