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  1. Yeah I agree. The trend is obvious that mobile is becoming the majority of users. Like it or not. Google even has "mobile first" indexing that prioritizes that as a factor. They saw the trend years ago. Some legacy power users may be desktop only but there is a HUGE # of mobile power users that exist too... Bottom line... I LOVE desktop for all the "stuff" I can see at once. It's faster. It's better at displaying content. BUT... It's not how the large MAJORITY of people consume information anymore. We must adapt.
  2. Use header bidding for the best of all world's.
  3. 20%? Others pay 50% or more. But their fill is less. So my bet increase is overall.
  4. Lots. Also, if you ever have AdSense cut off (a million reasons why it can happen with a user gen content site) you will want that network in place to take up the slack while you resolve things.
  5. Have you guys considered just editing the skin to add loading=lazy to the image tags? It's supported by most browsers these days.
  6. 4.4.10 still. Was waiting for loose ends like this to get fixed first. It looks like an exciting upgrade tho overall.
  7. Oh wow. I didn't realize it wasn't upgraded.
  8. Will this work with the mail bouncer app? Not sending emails to dead inboxes is huge.
  9. I think ALL periods are ignored in emails. Right? If so then IPB should strio them first then compare. Not just a straight up select mysql search on the email field.
  10. How about fix the caching issue with topic views as well if that's a complaint? Google analytics tracks fine even if the page is cached. Just a small async js file.
  11. It's still a relative metric, maybe just not absolute. People's eyes are drawn towards posts with higher views then ones without. It drives organic traffic towards interesting items versus people having to read every topic.
  12. # of views is critical for readers to know what's more popular in a relative sense when your forum has hundreds to thousands of posts a day. In fact hot topics can be deduced by considering post post count and views within a certain time.
  13. I would think it's far easier. In quotes simply have the editor insert a tag for the member ID that's replaced when viewed. Something like ##MID-2245##. Since it's tied to the MID which never changes, a quick strrplace would just insert the currently associated member name upon displaying a post (or if none found then just list "Guest").
  14. I think dialogue is good. And do nothing is an "Apple" approach ("it's a feature"). There are many well thought out replies on this thread where people took the time to suggest css and layout changes that would help improve things. Many are excellent suggestions. I'm hopeful many get included -- but understand if not all. Fwiw this is why I typically wait 6-12 months to upgrade my website to the latest .X version. Rev .x.0-5 are typically loaded with minor issues that iron themselves out over time. The traffic impact (what we should all care about more than a new version of IPB) is the
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