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  1. It would require the topic to be tagged. My members basically want a way to organize threads they are either tracking or want to "save" for future reference. Their organization style is unique to them.
  2. A member on my site suggested that there could be a way to create "custom" (per user) categories for threads that they follow. This would allow them to digest things better than a huge list of followed threads. So when they follow they would get a drop down of categories they have defined (if more than the default of one). When they view followed threads, they would be listed under either the default or customer categories to help them find things. Seems like a useful idea?!
  3. "Zapier is the first smart community enhancement available for Cloud and Enterprise Community customers exclusively." Not liking this direction...
  4. Really hoping Pages gets some love. Tons of focus on the forums.
  5. AGREE. I self host because I can tune my server for heavy use loads (as said above, not just user count) and customize our site which is MUCH MORE than just the forums. Hosting w/ IPB would be impossible for my broader site, of which the forums is an integral part.
  6. I'm planning an upgrade from 4.4.x to 4.5.x next week. Any chance there will be an update before then? Thanks!
  7. Nope. Doors open to everyone with the exception of our mods forum.
  8. I just use google custom search engine for our site as default. And basically hide the built in search except for a tiny link that calls it "advanced search".
  9. How do you monetize your site without ads?
  10. Yeah I agree. The trend is obvious that mobile is becoming the majority of users. Like it or not. Google even has "mobile first" indexing that prioritizes that as a factor. They saw the trend years ago. Some legacy power users may be desktop only but there is a HUGE # of mobile power users that exist too... Bottom line... I LOVE desktop for all the "stuff" I can see at once. It's faster. It's better at displaying content. BUT... It's not how the large MAJORITY of people consume information anymore. We must adapt.
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