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  1. On mac, just use terminal. You can ssh into your host computer with this command line: ssh -p port domain.com -l username where port, domain and username are your values.
  2. log in to your account via SSH. Type "mysql" then hit enter. Then type "use database" (where database is your database name). Then you can run the queries they tell you to.
  3. Any timeline on when this will this be updated to support 4.6? Thank you!
  4. Just remember, running google ads on a sticky unit is a no-no unless you haver an AdX account or rep at Google that's approved it.
  5. No back button? That's def a bug that needs fixed.
  6. @Matt. We love the new feature. No one is crapping on it. We just feel the custom titles were a big deal to our old members. In fact I enabled a group rule to make it a reward when people hit 500 posts. We are just asking that you not take that away and delete the user data when upgrading. Instead find a way to preserve it AND leverage your new system. They can coexist! Can you chime in?
  7. This basically deletes user data when upgraded. And changes a core "status" feature our members have strived for. For years. C'mon guys.
  8. So our members from 20 years of forums use will lose their hard earned titles. I expect pretty annoyed members. Can we have both?
  9. We are leaving a lot on the table without this. IP Pages is ripe for being amp ready. Blogs too.
  10. Feature suggestion? This would help ensure delivery of the most important emails. And cost less than forcing ALL emails including status updates and post alerts to go though a formal service.
  11. Is there a way to use it only for these "critical" to deliver emails? I'm fine for the rest of our notifications and other emails to be internal. This would allow us to use a very reliable service for those emails and our IP/server for the rest. This would be cost beneficial as well as ensuring critical emails get delivered.
  12. Adding this would allow hyper targeted emails to user segments on the site. This would certainly reduce "junk" mail flagging by increasing open and click through rates.
  13. It would require the topic to be tagged. My members basically want a way to organize threads they are either tracking or want to "save" for future reference. Their organization style is unique to them.
  14. A member on my site suggested that there could be a way to create "custom" (per user) categories for threads that they follow. This would allow them to digest things better than a huge list of followed threads. So when they follow they would get a drop down of categories they have defined (if more than the default of one). When they view followed threads, they would be listed under either the default or customer categories to help them find things. Seems like a useful idea?!
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