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  1. Whatever the new view is that shows the first paragraph of each post is super slow to load. I can imagine it would be horrible in production for users. Hopefully this can be sped up. Check this forum as an example.
  2. My biggest fear with an app (and why I won't offer it to my users) is as follows: - it breaks the site wide experience since I have many elements of our site beyond the forums. I want them to have the full experience. Not just chat. If they used the app they would probably not use the mobile site much (which has tons of other content) and when they did click on links to those areas of the site it would be a jarring experience swapping to the browser and back. - there is no way to monetize the app well. Def not as well as the web. My expectation is that I'll stick with the mob
  3. Yes please make this prominent! It is a HUUUUUGE feature!
  4. Why don't people just use Google Ad Manager for this? Its the defacto standard. Use AdSense as a fall back (even better just use AdSense through Admanager). Direct deals are easy that way.
  5. Many/most of my members have valuable information in their signatures but on mobile most sites default to it being off (they are way too long on that view). This leads to issues where important information isn't visible or when a member says "see / check my signature for more info" people can't. What about a small button to just expand signatures on mobile but keep them collapsed by default? This seems like the best compromise to maintain visual clutter on mobile but allow them to be viewed as needed (easily) right in the thread.
  6. This is a GREAT idea. I've seen it on other sites. Heck even a landing page with helpful information or a youtube video would be nice.
  7. Exactly. Our community's are supported by advertising which comes from traffic which comes from Google search engine rankings. Like it or not.
  8. While your competitors add AMP support and jump ahead of you in rankings, they will cheer your defiance all the way to page 2 or 3 of Google's search results.
  9. Happened on my site. I'll submit a ticket!
  10. FWIW, I noticed that bulk mail images are broken. Site logo and other items. Seems like a bug.
  11. I think IPB should migrate to this now since it's a standard versus custom. Custom requires in-house support of the code which alone is a decent reason to swap over. It also requires additional JavaScript overhead that is no longer required.
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