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  1. Hi, since few days (I use this plugin since few months) I have a problem: the status are too large and come out of the theme. This happening with all the theme: 2 personalized and IPS default. I attach the screenshot for every theme. Can you help me?
  2. Sorry, I had posted in wrong forum!
  3. Hello, i've closed a topic but the poll is still open and user can votes... How can close the poll?
  4. Hello, i've a question: if I use this plugin for import RSS Feed from another my website, is it possible tracking with Google Analytics (or other) the click on every link? Thanks a lot - and sorry for my bad English
  5. Hi, it is possible tracking the link with Google Analytics?
  6. I'm sorry, I had not read well Thank, guys!
  7. Hi! It's possibile disable it for single groups?
  8. Hello, I found a problem: if I have the same tag on multiple forum (for example: "For Sale" in "Books", "Shoes" and "Cars") when I click on tag the system shows me all the results for that tag and not for single forum (like "For Sale" only in "Books" etc). Imho, this is unconfortable and a big issue.
  9. But this is exactly the way that I want... o.O why doesn't work on my forum? I've tried also to deactivated app, but nothing change.
  10. Hi Ryan, i have a little problem. I'm using the same tags for different forum sections, but, when i click on a tag, i just need the contents associated with a specific section. Is there any way to solve?
    Oh, it's wonderful. I have looked for this function from long time...
  11. I fully agree. Is more than a month that I await to solve the problem.
  12. Hi, no. I've tried, but it doesn't work...
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