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  1. Anyone else think CocoLegend should have been CocoNutty?
  2. From: When it's ready.™ To: When it's deployed.™
  3. Just want to say I would not use/trust that service. Think about what it does. Everything you type is keylogged. That may very well include your passwords, banking information, and more.
  4. This has been resolved. No actual updates or changes have been made to the htaccess.
  5. Unfortunately this file where I flagged that it's compatible with the 4.5 release is being rejected. 😞 There have been no changes to the htaccess since June 15, 2016. The only thing that has is simply marking the compatibility with the 4.5 release of the forums. I'm working to see if I can resolve this issue.
  6. I'd love to see your before and after, @borangeatx
  7. There are no changes to this new version, only marking compatibility with 4.5.x.
  8. That's great! When plugins/etc get new versions, I assume updating will be just as smooth a process?
  9. @Stuart Silvester If this works like the plugin installs/updates on WordPress that would truly be amazing.
  10. A plugin is nice and all, but it requires maintenance on both ends. Support for this being integrated into the IPS platform is more ideal.
  11. Will 4.5 include support for hCaptcha? CloudFlare just switched to it due to growing privacy concerns with Google. https://blog.cloudflare.com/moving-from-recaptcha-to-hcaptcha/
  12. No, unfortunately not. Note that when you upgrade from 3.x to 4.x the option to convert 3.x friends to the 4.x "followers" concept is not checked by default. I realize it's too late for you to go back in time and leave the default the way it was during the upgrade, but just wanted to make sure others who are considering upgrades are aware, what you are describing isn't what would happen by default. Speaking of default settings, is there a way to reset notification settings and other setting to default when viewing them on the page as of yet?
  13. This is not necessarily true. (And using a different password everywhere could drive a person crazy in this day and age.) Changing your password more often - especially when forced -, leads to lazy, insecure passwords. Microsoft actually talked about how it's a dated practice. Better security and things like 2FA go much farther, especially when you already are using a good password. Avoid using common passwords that are very easy to guess, which includes names and birthdates.
  14. Interesting to see Forums still showing in numerous places. Example: https://www.invisioncommunity.com/forums/
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