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  1. No, unfortunately not. Note that when you upgrade from 3.x to 4.x the option to convert 3.x friends to the 4.x "followers" concept is not checked by default. I realize it's too late for you to go back in time and leave the default the way it was during the upgrade, but just wanted to make sure others who are considering upgrades are aware, what you are describing isn't what would happen by default. Speaking of default settings, is there a way to reset notification settings and other setting to default when viewing them on the page as of yet?
  2. This is not necessarily true. (And using a different password everywhere could drive a person crazy in this day and age.) Changing your password more often - especially when forced -, leads to lazy, insecure passwords. Microsoft actually talked about how it's a dated practice. Better security and things like 2FA go much farther, especially when you already are using a good password. Avoid using common passwords that are very easy to guess, which includes names and birthdates.
  3. Interesting to see Forums still showing in numerous places. Example: https://www.invisioncommunity.com/forums/
  4. Just a friendly reminder and clarification. I only offer support here in this thread for the htaccess instead of via PM. This is because if someone else has the same issues, Instead of having someone who may search for the answer and not be able to find it because it was done via PM. I want that information to be publicly available and allow for quick resolutions for those who may encounter similar issues. Thanks
  5. Forgive me if I missed some critical pieces of information. Skimmed through the thread. If you're still having issues, run these commands in PowerShell (Admin). Just right click the Start button and click that option. sfc /scannow After that finishes, run: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Though honestly, I would recommend backing up your data (Go to C:\Users\Username\ and copy that folder to an external drive/USB or pick/choose things like Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.) to an external and formatting. You really don't need those useless bloatware OEM partitions either. Grab a 16GB+ USB drive and download the Media Creation Tool. This will let you download and create a bootable Windows 10 1809 USB stick. You can then use that to boot and reformat the drive. Choose to do a Custom Install. Once you reach this screen: Highlight every partition and click Delete, (Do not do this if you did not back up your data that exists on other partitions!) until only unallocated space is left. From there you can continue setting up your Windows 10. Windows Update will also get all the drivers necessary for your system, assuming it's not too old. If you need help or have questions let me know.
  6. No updates have actually been made. I've simply checked the generated IPS 4.4 .htaccess for changes. The file is fully 4.4 compatible.
  7. @Optic14 There used to be an item in the Marketplace that was free and users could import which added all of the known disposables. That was years ago however.
  8. I also wonder about the rest of the Google items that are integrated and optional in IPS, such as Google Maps and Google Analytics.
  9. Why did you decide to go with this method and switch away from using Roboto for example?
  10. @priyesh.mehta94@gmail.com this was designed with focus on Apache.
  11. No updates have actually been made. I've simply checked the generated IPS 4.3 .htaccess for changes. The file is fully 4.3 compatible.
  12. It's not quite a bug, but...?
  13. A lot of the Social Media Promotion section is confusing and lacking a good explanation. Do we link our personal accounts or the Facebook/Twitter website pages? The guides even seem a bit out of date, and some have broken images.
  14. Is this 4.2 compatible yet? The CSS needs adjusting last I looked.
  15. For any wondering, this works just fine with 4.2.x.
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