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  1. Do you still have this plugin and does it still work on the latest IPB? I would like the AdSense Crawler plugin if possible.
  2. In the drop menu in the navigation, whenever i click on an item that is unread, it marks everything read. This has been an annoyance for the longest time. What is even more weird is that the behavior I want in the drop menu navigation actually works already here https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/ so why not implement that in the drop menu too, where it is likely used more. I have a feeling it used to be this way, but it changed at some point? What would also be nice is if Staff moderation notifications are immediately removed (or marked as read/completed) if another staff moderator deals with it in the drop menu. Much time is wasted approving posts that are already approved by another moderator, because we require post approval on all new accounts. 🙂 after clicking on the top item ^ Right now in my notifications page ^
  3. I also spotted that if you quote someone in Fast Reply, the quote is truncated until you manually refresh the page.
  4. I have a suggestion/request: Let us control the ignored quote setting Also in the ACP Because if we are fully expanding quotes, it makes sense to hide ignored members quotes, like posts are already ignored. Or at least "flip the switch" to have ignored users quotes hidden by default in the Quote Enhancements, and allow them to unhide them (why would they?). 😛
  5. Hi Nathan! Yes they do. It must have been in the state that it kept disabling when the control wasn't there. Thanks for all your help man.
  6. Yes it was always hidden and moderators have complained about it.. And then I had the time to report and follow up on it. Normally I will just hack it in myself, but this seems like more of a bug and an overlooked thing that should be present to assist moderation.
  7. For us, it kept disabling the application (first time, it said it was out of date). But we also have a git pull setup that syncs between servers, so the app needed to be staged and then pushed live. After we uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday it is still active, so I have adjusted the settings today from the default again to fully expand. However, I still don't really understand what the "Allow these groups to change settings" does, because I can't find anything in Account settings that allows people to adjust the way quotes work for them.
  8. Yeah I need a server dev to do this later because we have some kind of safety that prevents installation of code in the live server 😛
  9. Hmm it worked briefly in this post https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1422568-what-windows-version-is-this/ appears to have disabled itself
  10. I reset cache via Support page in the ACP and while some topics are showing as expanded, others are not. Example page https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1418686-dc-black-adam-october-21st-2022/#comment-598771268
  11. On my community, pressing Enter gives a new line break, while here it gives a new paragraph. Is there some setting I am not finding to achieve this? (I would prefer to shift+enter for a line break). I would also like to know how I can increase the size of block quotes, right now they are always compacted to a few lines, which I think is far too short, although if this can't be answered here too I will create a new topic for it. Compacted: Full (after expanding) reveals one more line of text:
  12. Can you let me know what magic you use to display the reason on Mobile, or why the action isn't logged in Moderator history please?
  13. It's the same on the IPB default theme. The only messages that are shown after hiding a topic are replies to topics. Hope these help Hide topic (no replies) Hide reply (reason shown) Hide topic with replies (only the previously hidden reply reason is shown inline).
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