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  1. In the less than two hours since we upgraded my site got spammed to hell through this new feature, also all staff were getting spammed with alerts to approve or deny those posts.
  2. I came here looking why we can only +1, 0 or -1 and can't set our own values, even assign individual reactions to certain groups Doesn't seem like a overstated request to tweak this new feature a bit for admins.
  3. I would also like to have the option to not change primary group (but do change secondary group) promotion
  4. Is it possible to set goals with EXACT amounts? this is for subscriptions, we have two tiers at 14 and 28 where I want to promote based on the members exact donation.
  5. I posted the query to show there are many different setups and therefore many different query times. Testing will only show you the power of your hardware imho
  6. No I haven't yet. I don't think we would use urls without id's either. We do use them for the news on our main page and only add a number when there's a duplicate url
  7. for the record (added a title_seo index, over 900000 topics) SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE tid, title, title_seo, posts FROM ibf_topics WHERE title_seo = 'windows-phone-passes-iphone-in-another-market' Query took 0.0005 sec
  8. Another bump that might be useful to other admins. We have facebook/twitter connect that allows status updates retrieval but some people connect to my site so they can spam the status updates sidebar with links, those users (who haven't made a post yet) appear in status updates without a member name, so I created a second members group that promotes them from the default member group when they have made a post (which requires a member name) the default member group has had status updates disabled, sort of fixing that issue.
  9. Is there a way to enable the watch icons (for read/unread)? I can't see them an example is here: http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1074949-site-update-neverending-main-page-news-scroll/ As you can see above, there are only two stars, which can't be clicked on, which means I participated in the topic and read it, all the other icons don't show.
  10. I wish multi-mod was on fast reply too, would make it quicker for a mod to reply and pin/close the topic etc.
  11. Since the upgrade, we lost the ability to make embedded youtube videos fullscreen, it used to be a custom bbcode replacement, but since the media tag now supports a lot of other media embedding it's impossible to make youtube videos fullscreen with custom replacement without breaking other formats. So I'd like to request if IPS can add support for making Youtube videos fullscreen, atm we have a wyoutube bbcode custom bbcode add-on that supports fullscreen, but not everyone knows about it on my site.
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