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Unread notifications marked as read in navigation drop menu after visiting one unread


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In the drop menu in the navigation, whenever i click on an item that is unread, it marks everything read. This has been an annoyance for the longest time. What is even more weird is that the behavior I want in the drop menu navigation actually works already here https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/ so why not implement that in the drop menu too, where it is likely used more.

I have a feeling it used to be this way, but it changed at some point?

What would also be nice is if Staff moderation notifications are immediately removed (or marked as read/completed) if another staff moderator deals with it in the drop menu.

Much time is wasted approving posts that are already approved by another moderator, because we require post approval on all new accounts. 🙂 

Could contain: Text, Person

after clicking on the top item ^

Could contain: Page, Text

Right now in my notifications page ^

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Hi @Redmak,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I just want to address that notifications function the same way here, where once the notification icon is clicked, all notifications are marked as read. It has certainly always worked in such a way on Invision Community. There is currently no way to toggle between marking all notifications as read or marking individual notifications only.

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