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  1. Whenever I flag a spammer certain actions are carried out to ban the account and IP and also soft delete their posts, but one thing that I think should be taken into consideration is freeing up display name choices of spammers. In many cases the names are now thought out well to try and bypass the antispam checks, meaning it is forever lost to genuine members registering later. Simply: On flag as spammer, also randomize the member name to guest[number] similar to what the GDPR task does. I currently am using
  2. Invision Community v4.6.5.1 In our news cms that also uses a version of CKeditor, media is embedded in such a way that if the tweet is deleted, all that is left behind is like a quote, it also displays the quote if people are blocking the Twitter javascript from firing but it seems liike in forum posts if the Tweet is deleted, then you are left with a massive blank space. I think this is a bug, as I also confirmed this behavior in IPB Default theme. The tweet https://twitter.com/AP/status/1431370344342904839 (which is funny because now it defaults to an URL because the tweet can't be found)
  3. It completed. We are hosted in the UK and Neowin is run on a dedicated server setup (3 racks - 2 web servers and 1 MySQL server).
  4. I'm not in a rush, but does that suggest that this 41% is only a part of the overall process then? We have 388,849 members and the rebuild started around an hour and a half ago.
  5. We don't even have achievements enabled yet but the member titles of those who never edited them have all changed to "Newbie" which isn't great, but now I am wondering if when I enable them, everyone is started at zero, or are rules from previous contributions (now achievements) applied to the member accounts? For example there are rules for every 10th follower of an account, we have accounts with tens of followers, will that achievement get immediately applied then? And we have accounts with more than 500 posts, so does that achievement get applied too? I want to be sure what starting platform we have here, because although there is a ACP page that shows how many members have achieved whatever I think it only shows the other achievements when it is enabled because right now I have almost 400,000 "newbies" which is obviously not correct
  6. We upgraded from 4.5 to 4.6.4 this past weekend and all posts including notifications now have absolute date and time instead of "Posted x mins ago". I tried looking for a setting relating to how dates and times are shown in the ACP but can't find anything related. I also asked one of our developers what it could be and he doesn't know. For example, the top notification should say "57 mins ago". Anyway I hope someone knows what it could be and can help us out, our community is at www.neowin.net/forum
  7. I read around the web last week that Google is going to start charging for reCaptcha which would make hCaptcha even more desirable if it was incorporated into the forum software as a supported feature. Although the criteria for charging is high (million requests a day, or 1000 a second) it only takes some bad actor to target a site and run up those requests, and that article is from 2020 so that criteria may have already changed, knowing Google.
  8. Is there a proper way to disable the sidebar in certain forum pages like Activity streams? It seems stupid to have two stacked ads (normally a top and bottom one in the full sidebar) This page https://www.neowin.net/forum/discover/ This is the logged in view (stacked ads) This is the guest view, better but for some reason a broken newsletter block Removing the the newsletter sign up block seems to have fixed it. I think it was glitched.
  9. Hello, we've discovered that despite setting the plugin not to notify on topic closure, it is randomly doing this for Topic Starters with this option set "Automatically follow new content I post" it has become so annoying that I have now had to disable a post reply (that instructs a reader or topic starter to contact if a toipic should be reopened) so we lost a helpful message due to this bug. Here's the complaint, and it has also happened for me a few times https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1404614-notification-issues How it was set (now disabled post replies) The notification (note how it is also still the only "unread" notification in the last week). Thread it links to https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1391131-google-added-icons-to-search-results-and-now-i-think-its-all-spam/?tab=comments#comment-598621934
  10. I just purchased this, but due to the way our server is setup we can't install plugins from the Marketplace directly on the live servers, we must do it through a staging and then push live with GIT. Is there a way I can get the actual files? I assume they will show up in our Plugins in ACP after that so we can update.
  11. We can only flag those that register to spam the boards, but what about guests that keep spamming the contact requests and other areas enabled for guests? I have two-factor turned on for the ACP and it is a pain to have to go through that to ban a spammer, spammers should not take up any more time of day than is absolutely needed imo. This little spammer was sad we never replied to their spam.
  12. In the less than two hours since we upgraded my site got spammed to hell through this new feature, also all staff were getting spammed with alerts to approve or deny those posts.
  13. I've had user_posts enabled since Status imports has been available, but Facebook recently required me to re-request the permission. I followed this exactly (almost two months ago) but they still denied it. I have a feeling this has to do with GDPR, I also use Zapier to post news to our Facebook page and it was down for much of the weekend, although they did manage to fix it. Zapier said that it was due to Facebook changing the way it can interact with the API. If they are going to deny it when I followed IPS' instructions, and uploaded a screencast of me logging in and setting the permission to import status update, what more can I do?
  14. I came here looking why we can only +1, 0 or -1 and can't set our own values, even assign individual reactions to certain groups Doesn't seem like a overstated request to tweak this new feature a bit for admins.
  15. If you are using GPT to display ads, they support adding the correct ad for responsive sites.
  16. http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/1280682-bugs-things-we-are-aware-of-for-ipb-41/?do=findComment&comment=597200884 So my members keep reporting that with different browsers when they attempt to start a new topic, the editor does not load. I've included a screenshot. The funny thing is, I came here last night to report this and the same thing happened to me in both Chrome v48 and Edge (Windows 10) and for no reason at all.. it is fine now. I am not ad blocking, don't have any weird extensions blocking stuff here, and Edge doesn't even have extensions anyway. I hope someone else has been able to debug it so I can help our members
  17. I would also like to have the option to not change primary group (but do change secondary group) promotion
  18. Is it possible to set goals with EXACT amounts? this is for subscriptions, we have two tiers at 14 and 28 where I want to promote based on the members exact donation.
  19. I posted the query to show there are many different setups and therefore many different query times. Testing will only show you the power of your hardware imho
  20. No I haven't yet. I don't think we would use urls without id's either. We do use them for the news on our main page and only add a number when there's a duplicate url
  21. for the record (added a title_seo index, over 900000 topics) SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE tid, title, title_seo, posts FROM ibf_topics WHERE title_seo = 'windows-phone-passes-iphone-in-another-market' Query took 0.0005 sec
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