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  1. I launched an iOS and Android app for my community successfully. We're actively updating and improving the app. I'm glad to be off Tapatalk. We're rolling out a major new release in a few weeks with improvements to the UI with many additional features. I had numerous private conversations with members and came to the realization - it's not worth my time, effort and money to offer it as a white label service. Members of this community expect so much for zero or next to nothing. It's honestly a sad situation. I understand that forums are a hobby and not a money maker for most members. I guess that's why there are so few quality developers contributing quality apps and mods to the marketplace. I might change my mind one day but for now, consider this project canceled.
  2. We just released another beta update which resolved many issues. PM me your forum user info and I’ll troubleshoot. Thanks!
  3. You can join our iOS beta by completing https://bariatricpal.typeform.com/to/OOAuKz . This version is just for our own community but will give you a better idea of what we're working on.
  4. He's a little sneaky!! We're releasing the iOS and Android beta for our own community by weeks end. I'll post a link here once it's available so you guys can demo and provide feedback.
  5. hallelujah!!! I've been silently praying for official Elasticsearch support! This is awesome news.
  6. Very good suggestion. Agree with this.
  7. We're building this natively around IPB using our mostly our own API.
  8. 1. I haven't given thought to price yet. It will be in the same ballpark as them, yes. 2) To start we will only support forums. If there's enough interest, we will support the other applications.
  9. We're still using Tapa. I'll post a link here once I make the beta available.
  10. You'll be able to test our own community app and see how it works by the end of this month. I can not set a specific release date for ForumMob beta, sorry.
  11. We need to roll out V 1.0 or even our beta before we consider multi-language support. We're so so close to rolling out the iOS and Android version for our own community. I will post the links here once available.
  12. We're about a week or two away from releasing our own private beta for our site users. I'll post here once there's something available to download.
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