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  1. Really IPB...THIS SEARCH SxCKS !!!!

    I don't comment much I agree 100%, search is the weakest link in IPBs suite. It's tremendously frustrating not being able to find the right content. We have a pretty large community and by far that's our member's biggest complaint. I can never find the content I'm looking for. Search wasn't perfect but it was a lot better when we were able to use Sphinx. I'm sad to learn that we'll need to wait until 4.3 in order for us to see improvements with search. I think search should be a top priority given how often it's used and how integral it is to almost any forum. I'd be happy to pay for another IPB app that offered awesome search features.

  3. removing sphinx hurts...

    Same here
  4. We see this issue quite often. There should be a simple feature built in to IPB that allows members to flip uploaded photos. That would solve issues across the board.
  5. IPB vs Facebook

    FaceBook is hands down our biggest competitor. Thankfully our members are looking for anonymity and many aren't willing to "share" on FaceBook. We've harnessed that power thus far but it's going to be difficult moving forward as long as we're not ahead of FaceBook technologically and intuitively!!!!
  6. Scheduled Threads/Posts?

    This is a great idea! We use this with Articles in IP.Content. I hope this feature is standard for forum posts at some point.
  7. IPB 4.0 - Theme/Release

    I'm not positive I'd wait. IPB will release the public beta in a few weeks? How long will it take for a truly stable release? 6-9 months - at a minimum ? Guess it really depends on your budget and launch timeline.
  8. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?

    Shameless plug :thumbsup: BariatricPal.com 3,385,907 posts 211,210 members
  9. Multiple Chat Rooms

    I hope to see this offered in the near future ....
  10. CKE Editor Feature Request

    I'd like to 2nd this request.
  11. Dropped the ball on Mobile and Apps

    Thanks for the update. Two questions: 1) will there be both an iOS and Android app ? 2) will we be able to customize or white label these apps on our own ?
  12. Email integration

    I would love this!
  13. We noticed over the last few months that over 30% of our community traffic is taking place on mobile devices. Our clientele or market is health based, not technical in nature at all. I'm sure most forum owners are seeing similar numbers. We signed up for IPS's White Label apps offering right when it was released but that died a few months back. We're extremely frustrated since we have many members begging us to release full mobile apps for our communities, not just a simple mobile skin offering. I believe this would increase our traffic considerably. Now we're stuck between a rock and hard place. IPS dropped the ball on this one. Mobile is HUGE at the moment and will only continue to grow. They're at the forefront of forum software but really need to hurry up and come through on the mobile side of things. I wish IPS would be clearer with their plans for white label mobile apps. This leaves me with almost no option but to look elsewhere for our mobile app development. At the moment there are two developers that offer white label iOS and Android apps - TapaTalk and ForumRunner. I'm testing both options. Tapatalk is extremely expensive to white label and I'm leaning towards springing for the ForumRunner option.
  14. We copied a language by mistake. We can't even delete them, let alone hide them. I'd like to also suggest that there be an option added to ipb which allows us to hide all or some of the languages. Also, the only language that should be protected from deletion is the default language that comes with IPB.
  15. Builtin Sitemap

    It's a sorely needed feature. I second this suggestion.