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  1. hallelujah!!! I've been silently praying for official Elasticsearch support! This is awesome news.
  2. I don't comment much I agree 100%, search is the weakest link in IPBs suite. It's tremendously frustrating not being able to find the right content. We have a pretty large community and by far that's our member's biggest complaint. I can never find the content I'm looking for. Search wasn't perfect but it was a lot better when we were able to use Sphinx. I'm sad to learn that we'll need to wait until 4.3 in order for us to see improvements with search. I think search should be a top priority given how often it's used and how integral it is to almost any forum. I'd be happy to pay for another IPB app that offered awesome search features.
  3. We have the same issue on our site as well.
  4. Just checking in to see if you'll be updating the app to work with v.4.1.18+?
  5. @Mike John Unfortunately - it doesn't exist, not on my system, nor in the zip. I'm unsure as to why, but IPB decided to remove the NumberRange class altogether as of 4.1.18.
  6. @Mike John I'm getting the following error when trying to access this in Members -> Birthday Greeter -> Settings. Currently running - Also uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure. Class 'IPS\Helpers\Form\NumberRange' not found in /home/nginx/domains/bariatricpal.com/public/applications/birthdaygreeter/modules/admin/settings/settings.php on line 53
  7. That's awesome....we're migrating to SparkPost as I type.
  8. We are also most definitely going to be looking for an alternative to Mandrill. It would really suck if we didn't have the ability to use this app, as-is or a new version with another email provider. I have no issues paying $20 for a MailChimp account. The issue is that we are going to need to pay for almost 300K members in order to send our monthly newsletter once per month. That's an additional $1,300 for sending one newsletter. Not gonna happen!
  9. Is this an update for the IP.Board 3.4 version as well?
  10. I wouldn't get very excited about this announcement. Doubt it'll come to fruition and it has zero use for those of us that want a white labeled apps. I'm very disappointed as well. There really needs to be a better alternative to TapaTalk. At the moment, there isn't any alternative. They swallowed the entire forum app market and we really wanted to give them a run for their money. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to this project in the near future.
  11. This project has been put on hold, for now. I suggest taking a look at TapaTalk BYO. Seems to be the only viable option at the moment.
  12. "There are two files available for download, one is for IPS4 and one is for IP.Board 3.4" Is this an update for IPB 3.4, the version number is the same as previously (1.2) ?
  13. Love this mod!, thanks! I think topics moved into a forum with prefixes should inherit the prefix. Can you fix or add this option to your mod, please?
  14. We've been using this for a while and it's been working fine. In testing issues with another app, we disabled the bouncer hook for a while. Upon reenabling the hook, it seems users are seeing the bounce notices even though they haven't received a bounce in months. How long are users supposed to see a bounce notice for if they haven't had a bounce in ages?
  15. Nice work! Hopefully, you'll release a migration utility for 3.4.x Social Groups within the next 6-12 months. Definitely looking to jump ship!
  16. We've been working with Esther since 2011. She's hands down the best IPB dev we've ever worked with. I've worked with hundreds of developers over the years on hundreds of projects. She gets the job done professionally and in a timely fashion, yet she's still very reasonably priced.
  17. We see this issue quite often. There should be a simple feature built in to IPB that allows members to flip uploaded photos. That would solve issues across the board.
  18. FaceBook is hands down our biggest competitor. Thankfully our members are looking for anonymity and many aren't willing to "share" on FaceBook. We've harnessed that power thus far but it's going to be difficult moving forward as long as we're not ahead of FaceBook technologically and intuitively!!!!
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