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  1. Do you plan on updating Advanced Tags & Prefixes to be compatible with 4.5?

    1. marcin554


      Could you update your app to 4.5?

  2. It was the other way around. IPS removed it from their marketplace therefore there is not really any point of continuing development on it. I was not aware this was an issue. I remember we fixed a bug that sounds a lot like this. I'll see if I can reproduce this locally.
  3. That's the reason why IPS removed rules from their marketplace. People get themselves into trouble and neither IPS nor myself can really do anything about it. That particular issue may be a bug "somewhere", but it is not in the IPS core, and I verified that it is not in the Rules application itself, so it is within the rules configuration on the client site. That is a configuration that nobody maintains except for the client themselves. Not sure exactly how to troubleshoot that for them without being able to reproduce it on my end. But packaging a new version of rules and calling it a maintenance release is not going to solve that issue for them.
  4. No new features are planned for this app. Only critical bugfixes will be made to it at this point.
  5. Is "Automation Rules" no longer able to be purchased permanently? Was looking into purchasing it 🥺

  6. Kevin, hi!
    Thanks for the cool apps!
    Please tell me how can I update Automation Rules - LITE to Automation Rules - FULL?

    There is no such possibility in the official market playlist.

  7. Hi Kevin. 

    Quick question.

    If were to use Points Economy and Rules, would I be able to give people points for adding things in Pages, Calendar, Gallery and the Forum?

    Do I need both of those things


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. socceronly


      I think you replied to my comment, so Kevin might not see a notification for it.

      Perhaps send him a PM?


    3. Elshara Silverheart

      Elshara Silverheart

      Woops, that was my bad. I apologize.

    4. socceronly


      No worries, just wanted to make sure your message got to the right place.

  8. @Gabriel Torres Try uploading the following two patch files to your community. ./applications/advancedtagsprefixes/hooks/forumLastPostPrefix.php ./applications/advancedtagsprefixes/hooks/addPrefixToForm.php addPrefixToForm.php forumLastPostPrefix.php
  9. Hi, I've just posted about a template error we've been getting which has been caused by your advanced prefixes and tags application. Can you help please.


  10. Sorry, I didn't realize that I was not subscribed to this topic. I have just updated Group Collaboration for 4.4 compatibility. I'll look into Tags & Prefixes next.
  11. Well, bulk processing topics is as close as rules core will get you. Anything further will require you to write custom php code in your processing rules.
  12. For that, you will need to bulk process all topics on the site. Your custom action will accept an individual topic as an argument. Your rules for that custom action will have the conditions you just described. If topic is in Forum A, add two points. If topic is in Forum B, add 1 point.
  13. I have not been able to test this as of yet.
  14. You will need to bulk process the topic items, and in your custom action rule, you will likely need to use some custom php code in order to do whatever calculations you need based on the topic being processed.
  15. This should already be possible using the permissions on the custom data field.
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