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  1. Hi, I've just posted about a template error we've been getting which has been caused by your advanced prefixes and tags application. Can you help please.


  2. Sorry, I didn't realize that I was not subscribed to this topic. I have just updated Group Collaboration for 4.4 compatibility. I'll look into Tags & Prefixes next.
  3. Well, bulk processing topics is as close as rules core will get you. Anything further will require you to write custom php code in your processing rules.
  4. For that, you will need to bulk process all topics on the site. Your custom action will accept an individual topic as an argument. Your rules for that custom action will have the conditions you just described. If topic is in Forum A, add two points. If topic is in Forum B, add 1 point.
  5. I have not been able to test this as of yet.
  6. You will need to bulk process the topic items, and in your custom action rule, you will likely need to use some custom php code in order to do whatever calculations you need based on the topic being processed.
  7. This should already be possible using the permissions on the custom data field.
  8. It sounds like you want to use an event for when the event is locked as you said instead of the member RSVP'ing for the event. But even so, in order to operate on all of the members that attended the event, you'll need a custom php code action to do whatever it is that you want to do.
  9. Is this still the case? I can't verify with my account since I own the resource, and I don't have another account with a valid IPS license to be able to log into. So I cannot tell.
  10. That sounds like it will work more reliably for you than the "logged in" event. It just requires that a member make a post.
  11. No, you wont lose any rules. That would be an event that needs to be included by the awards app.
  12. There are invoice actions available in the commerce rules expansion. You can check the invoice for your subscription product when it is paid and run your appropriate action then.
  13. You could dig into the IPS\calendar\Event object class to see what kind of methods you could use to retrieve a usable date within your rules. I found this one with a quick look over: /** * Find the next occurrence of an event starting from a specified start point * * @param \IPS\calendar\Date $date Date to start from * @param string $type Type of date to check against (startDate or endDate) * @return \IPS\calendar\Date|NULL */ public function nextOccurrence( $date, $type='startDate' )
  14. Looks like maybe the problem starts in the code above? As for the template issue, I'll have to look into that.
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