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  1. For the record, we'd like this added as well, it's something we used with ATP.
  2. @Makoto Got it; confirmed it worked as well. Thanks!
  3. @Makoto All I'm seeing on the "Advanced Tools" page is an option to "lowercase all tags" - I run it, and it says it completed, but the message remains the only option on the "Advanced tools" page and doesn't go away. I'm looking for the option to migrate from the Advanced Tags & Prefixes plugin...
  4. @Kevin Carwile Can you confirm this app is abandoned & will not be supported in the future?
  5. See I'm having the exact same issue - when trying to do a lookup on "Add Tag" for a forum configured w/ closed tags, it just spins forever. I'm testing in Firefox/Win10 and using the default theme; error logged is: @Kevin Carwile any ideas?
  6. is out - can anyone confirm that it includes the patches previously posted, and works with this addon?
  7. No problem with the 4.X version of the add-on being charged for separately. Problem with things continuing to break on 4.X updates... I get that the finger can be pointed in both directions, IPS devs & add-on devs, but finger pointing isn't helping all that much... right now there's a 4.1.19 update marked as security-related that breaks this add-on, leaving two options: Update, be secure, and break the add-on. Wait, be less secure, and hope the add-on is fixed or that IPS patches to Both options are poo. Whatever can be done to prevent poo options being forced on us is an improvement.
  8. Shouldn't the actual install queries be modified as per IPS's request? Will the plugin be updated to match, or will we always have to run this queries.json file? @Ryan H.?
  9. I've always felt good software to be more flexible & more capable than apparel; not sure the jeans metaphor is :P-worthy... if you're saying there's no way to make the plugin scale well with large numbers of groups without configuring PHP, I'll take your word for it. I just assume that the max_input_vars property exists for a reason, and that designing software to require its continued increase probably subverts that reason...
  10. @Kevin Carwile If you increase it once, isn't that just delaying an inevitable problem down the road, where instead of 68 member groups, now it's 168, and it needs to be increased again?
  11. I haven't bought the product yet but I'm considering it, and would potentially have a need for similar quantities... is it really that unreasonable? Ideally the product could scale as needed and do something like: Processing the form submission in batches, somehow... Rather than submitting thousands of form variables, use JavaScript to take all of that data and aggregate it into a single variable, which would get deserialized/parsed on the other end (even possible?)
  12. @Kevin Carwile Just curious, why would doing something as (seemingly) simple as adding a category result in a script execution time like that?
  13. @Kevin Carwile - What would be the fix? Rebuild of theme? So recommendation to IPS is to prompt (or automatically) rebuild themes on disabling of any applications, or...?
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