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  1. Hi, i want some ad codes not to be shown in special subforums/areas of the site. Is there any smart way to do this? For example: Ad code from Google (Adsense) shall not be shown in a sub forum called "Google Adsense Problems" while other Ad code can be displayed there without problems.
  2. It would be awesome (and I know a mod could make it and I may just code it myself if necessary) if there was a 'statistics' widget for pages databases. Basically like other statistics widgets where if gives you the number of records (using the databases record lingo) number of comments and latest record.
  3. I don't know if you know the site https://gumroad.com/, but I'm going to use it as an example of what I would like to have as an option for files in the suite. In that site you are allowed to specify a minimum purchase price for your products. So lets say that I put something for sale at a minimum price of $5, people can buy it for that amount, or they can pay more if they wish. Now, what's more interesting here is that you can set free files, setting the minimum price to 0, but people can still choose to give you some money for it, kind of like a tip. This is one of my products: People can input 0 in the box and get the file right away, or they can input whatever amount they feel like. I'm not gonna reveal any numbers, but this system kinda works, people tips more than I expected for free files.
  4. I wish that that it was possible to assign multiple categories to items. This includes photos uploaded to a gallery, pages database items, and file downloads. This would be similar to the way members can be parts of separate groups. What's the benefit of allowing assignment of material to multiple categories? I will use examples from my aviation related community. Gallery - Someone uploads a picture that is a beautiful aerial shot of his Grob motorglider. He'd like to have it listed in his album, Grob gallery, and aerial photography gallery. To do that now, he'd have to upload it 3 times. Pages & Files Database -- We have articles stored in a wiki format. Someone posts an article about slow flight. He'd like to have it listed in the safety and the training category. He could upload it twice, but if someone corrects one copy or adds material to it, they diverge. I think it would make the software more flexible and powerful. Thanks for building a great tool.
  5. Hi all, Trying to make Pages similar in usability as Joomla, I suggest to include more templates for database, categories and listing templates. The category listing template is really ugly, they're articles, not a blog! I suggest to include a) The "recipes" and "release notes" should be included as default in every IPB Pages installation. It will not harm to add a lot of ways to show the information. b) Category listing should have options like database's article template (category 3 column feature image). Some very nice things were done by users, why dont include them? c) Import/Export for data OR move content between databases. Pages has a lot of potential, good for the admin, but regarding look & feel you must learn template syntax to do something nice. Best Regards!
  6. When Invision will add support to +AMP pages in IPB? Google will update the SERP for mobile devices. You should add this featured as soon as possible. See explanation at: https://amphtml.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/amp-your-content-a-preview-of-amped-results-in-google-search/
  7. I'm waiting for my current batch of files to be uploaded to IP.Downloads, so I thought I would offer some general feedback in no particular order to encompass all aspects of IP.Download. Before I begin my feedback, I want to explain that I consider myself a "mega-user" of IP.Downloads, in that I have the arduous task of rebuilding my entire collection of files in v4 ... all 50,000 of them ... which means that I care about the efficient management of files on a large-scale basis. A lack of certain features that may be tolerable when managing only a handful of files at a time get exacerbated when dealing with hundreds of files at once, and certain problems become more apparent. 1. Categories Widget on Sidebar - I've only created seven initial categories, yet I can already foresee how the Categories Widget isn't designed to handle a large directory structure. I would much rather prefer a tree-type of category, which can be expanded or closed as needed. Furthermore, showing the first 5 sub-categories is unnecessary, when that space can be used to show other top-level categories. 2. Empty Categories - When you have a category that doesn't allow uploads, it shows the category as blank. Even though there are hundreds of files in sub-categories! I'd like to make the suggestion that was already implemented in v3: if a category doesn't allow direct uploads, show files from its sub-categories. 3. Uploading Multiple Files - I thought the process was different, based upon my recollection from the previews and betas ... I thought I could add descriptions and screenshots while files are being uploaded. The current process requires me to wait for all files to be uploaded. 4. Uploading Multiple Files via FTP - This was a lifesaver to me in v3, and I hope it will be brought back. Because I ain't got time to babysit file uploading ... especially when it's fifty thousand files. Sweet Brown has as many hours in the day as me: Not Enough. 5. Cancel File while Uploading - There are certain instances during the batch uploading process when I need to delete a specific file (eg. wrong file, mistake on file). There's no way for me to stop or cancel a file or the upload process. This would be a great option for all batch uploading (eg. IP.Gallery)! 6. Editing Multiple Files - Not sure if this is possible but an auto-save as I progress through the files would be nice. There have instances (keep reading) where I've had to refresh the page ... which causes all data to be erased! And then I scream choice words and expletives at the software, throw keyboard out the window, try to /wrist as I've had to redo the descriptions multiple times already, etc. 7. Highlight Screenshot field - This is so minor but this could be a life-saver for me (literally, see #6). What happens is that I drag the image over, and then accidentally plop it somewhere else on the page which causes Chrome to upload the file ... and wipe out any data in the descriptions. (In my defense, I'm trying to edit dozens of files as fast as possible.) It would be nice to see a visual cue in the Screenshot field to better help me point-and-aim correctly. I'm a guy. I can't help it. That's all the feedback for right now ... until my next batch upload ...
  8. Wiki-style editing Would like to at least see edits go into moderation, and the admin be able to see the edit log of what that member did, and be able to approve or edit his/her edits before approval for grammar or just to keep some parts and not others. A difference report would be even better, with the edits highlighted. I know it is not a true wiki, but opening it up to live edits even with groups you trust is not good for databases, there needs to be quality control. (I believe you are not even notified?) Thanks!
  9. Would be nice if we could customize the footer in Menu Manager. Obviously not tabs but a couple layouts could be offered from a simple row of links to more like what the IPS site has, with columns of links, areas for text and copyright, logo, etc.
  10. So there was the 3rd party application, but now it's gone. What would be legit is if IPS implemented a way in Core for users to deactivate or even elect to delete their account with both approval of selected staff or even automatically with email validation. not gonna reexplain how deactivation works, as most sites already have it such as majority of Social Networks. The MP Application was something in my opinion that should have been built into core but wasn't. It would be nice to see since 4.2 is supposed to be more community feature based IIRC?
  11. I'd like to suggest making custom field types the same across the suite. e.g. You can add regex validation to a 'Text' field in Pages, but not Commerce packages. For my purposes, I primarily just need to be able to validate 'Text' fields via regex and length for Commerce packages, however I think unifying the 'custom field' functionality across the entire suite would be a good idea.
  12. In the 21st century, this should definitely be an option. Why even support videos in the gallery at all if it does not support embedding externally hosted content?
  13. There is no option to add commerce product to the sitemap. Can you guys consider add it as new feature?
  14. It seems bonkers that the commerce cart still isn't available for Downloads. Every digital downloads system out there has a cart except IPS. Also, Sales stat's only shows the sales from the store, not Downloads. I'd like to see all transactions reflected in the graphs. Thanks for considering these points.
  15. I'd like to suggest the following two functions as integration among the apps, so admins have at least some sort of barebone cross-functionality: PROMOTE: The same promote as in IPB 3, where you cross-promote a post's content from one app to another app (IP.Blogs, IP.Pages, IP.Board). For example: you promote a post in IP.Board to an article in IP.Pages. SWEEP: Where you aggregate and sweep a post's image attachments or file attachments to IP.Gallery or IP.Downloads, respectively. For example: you sweep the image attachments from a post in IP.Board to an album in IP.Gallery.
  16. Let's say I have the "Trees" category, and in "Trees" I use the subcategories "Cedar", "Birch" and "Ash" to upload files. I would like to be able to browse all the items in these subcategories at once when I browse to the category "Trees". I could add them all to Trees and that's it, but I'd like to have a bit of organization, that's why I also use subcategories. Maybe add a setting to parent categories to show all items in their child categories? I think that is implemented in Pages.
  17. Hi there, Would it be possible please to add an option to the topic feed widget that allows me to display topics that have specific tags attached to them? At present this option is not available and in my opinion it really should be. For a possible use case - the European Championships are coming up and I would like to showcase the threads that have the tag "euro2016" attached to the topic. Thanks
  18. We do not approve every validation on our site. But we get a lot of registrations. I would like to be able to select multiple members for deletion or approval. It seems this was much easier on 3.4. Also, please give us more control over members in Validation status. I do not want members not yet approved to have the same permissions as "newbies". It would also be nice if I could bulk mail validating members.
  19. Commerce allows you to create coupons for select products, however, it does not allow you to restrict coupons to ip.downloads which I find odd. If you configure the coupon to have no restrictions then it can then be used on all ip.downloads which I do not want. Can there be an option to restrict a coupon to a specific category of ip.downloads?
  20. I've often wondered why this is not something we can pick and choose for where we'd like to see Reputation buttons. It would be nice to only have this enabled on certain forums. On a guild forum that I manage there's a plugin for a Thank You/Like system which allows you to choose what forums you want to enable it on. Example screenshot of some of the settings: Upon seeing this it made me wonder why we don't have those kind of options for the Reputation system here with the quality IPS software. I hope this can be a worthwhile addition that we'll see sometime in the near future.
  21. Hello team, please bring a block with the top entries of any of the leaderboard settings. This could be set by the block settings.
  22. I just recently started using downloads with 4.1, have had it on IPS 3 for a while. There are a few things that I think would make it a little more robust: 1. Allow screenshot edits without adding a new file version. 2. Ability to completely shut off file versioning and go back and remove per record in edit mode. 3. Ability to remove moderator group from file approvals, have a permission setting. 4. Ability to change default "no screenshot uploaded" image in settings and add multiple default screenshots per file type; .pdf, .word, image, etc. 5. Edit details should have the file(s), screenshots, links and all content associated with the upload. To change the file, add links to files, screenshots, you currently have to add a new version. 6. Quick edit title like tags. (may be coming in a later version, not sure) 7. Option to not show version number in file title. 8. Incorporate something like http://viewerjs.org/ for file viewing within page in a small window. Just some ideas.
  23. I know when you click on Check for Updates you are supposed to see which applications and plugins are out of date. This works fine for the core IPS applications, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to work for third party products. So the only way I know of to check for out of date third party products is to go to my Applications and Plugins pages and compare what I have installed to those in the Marketplace. I print out my Applications and Plugins pages and then go into the Marketplace to compare. Pretty tedious. It's particularity annoying for Plugins since you have to drill down to each individual plugin to get the version number. I then have to write it down on my print out. Oy! What is this 1998? Is there anyway you can make this simpler? At the very least can you display the Plugins' version number on the main page so you don't have to dig for it? A link to the application/plugin in the Marketplace would also be helpful.
  24. Repost from the patch note: I installed the 4.1.17 beta today and while everything is great, I'm kind of bothered that I cannot display custom fields from Pages databases in the RSS feeds. It makes the compatibility with pages completely useless. I'm left using my custom methods still. Is there anywhere else more appropriate to suggest this? The ability to insert custom fields in an RSS feed would be great and make the new "Custom RSS" feature infinitely more useful.
  25. Maybe I'm missing this or a way to do it however it would be nice to see us given an option to not have ads automatically open in a new window, especially if the ad is internal or for site use. For me this is also nice because it allows me to direct members to a specific location on my forum and track it to an extent. Thank You
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