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IPS 4.4 closed tag problem (using Advanced Tags app)


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After upgrading to IPS 4.4, my closed tag system no longer works. The global setting is open tag system, but on specific forums where I have set it as Closed or Prefix Only then there is a problem. I also have the Advanced Tags app installed @Kevin Carwile but not sure if this is related to that or generally to the IPS tag system.

On the frontend if you create a topic, the tag selection box just spins (thinking) forever and doesn't let you pick a tag and so you cannot post.

Also on frontend there is an Add Tag button but when in Closed or Prefix Only you click on this and you get taken to an error page:



Sorry, there is a problem

You are using closed system tagging but no tags have been set up

Error code: 2S131/3


any ideas on how to fix?

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