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  1. Hi and thanks for the quick reply! I don't know which software is responsible for the issue, but it does exist. I will PM you a link to a video of this. To clarify the issue: - When promoting a post to an article, it works and redirects to the article post screen. ✅ - You have the ability to change the title and description, however, even if you edit them, the original text and title of the promoted post will be used in the article, not the edits you made. ❌ Again, I don't know if this has anything to do with your software, but the disconnect in logical functionality exists at least in my production environment. 🤷‍♂️ However, like I said in my previous post - once aware of this, it's not a big deal. I just thought I'd ask/let you know.
  2. Hi and thank you for a great plugin! We have seemed to notice that when promoting a post into an article, it gives you the option to edit the article before posting, but in reality posts the article without the edits. So if I click promote to article and then edit the title of the article, it will still post with the original title. This is based on not that much testing and when you are aware of it, you can of course edit and save the article before promoting to article. Nevertheless, if it's a bug, I figured it's good that you know. 🙂
  3. Very cool idea - this seems like it could be very handy in an FAQ section. So if I understand correctly, it should theoretically work across applications and even 3rd party plugins that utilize the editor(?). 🙂
  4. Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. This information is based on feedback from one user, based on a few of these double-replies that he has received. I haven't had the time to look into this further and it is not by any means a big issue, but I figured I'd share it with you. The same user does not get the double email when I reply to a PM myself.
  5. Thank you for this great plugin - it's really helpful! I've been told that the auto-reply is sending out double emails to the recipient of my auto-reply. Is there something I could have done wrong, or could you please see if there could be any reason on the code side? 🙂 Kind regards, Ken
  6. I got help from support and it resolved the issue! 🙂 I'm assuming this is available for anyone with the issue and an active license: Disclaimer: Never run any updates if you don't know what you're doing or what to do if something went wrong. 🙂
  7. I get this sometimes when working in multiple tabs. I'm assuming it's just making you log in again to keep things safe. But that's just my best guess. 🙂
  8. Thank you for your reply @LoPoSt. That's the first place that I looked, but I can't see anything that would prevent the user from making an image display as smaller? 🙂
  9. Hi, Recently this problem came up in my community where regular users and my writers are unable to change the size of the embedded images are displayed. Well, yes, they are able to change it, but when they submit the post, it reverts back to the original size. I have tried this myself with my admin account and a regular account and can confirm this does not happen on the admin account. Here's an example of a post that was posted with the exact same image size settings, but the regular user image stayed as the big image. My assumption is that there must be some new setting that I'm unaware of, but I've been unable to figure out what would control this setting. Thanks for your time! 🙂 Edit: I can confirm that I have this problem on the IPS forums here as well, so it must be a setting, right? 🤔
  10. Also looking forward to an updated version - love the plugin. ❤️
  11. Oh wow, how did I miss that - haha, thank you!
  12. Is it possible to display the price in commerce including the tax? That's usually the way things work here in Europe and it's a bit confusing for people to only see the final price at the checkout screen.
    Been a long time fan of Chatbox FREE and decided to go for the upgrade. Installation and setup is very intuitive and easy, learning what everything does took me a moment, but overall I'd say it's very well set up to be used without a manual. Overally, very positively surprised by all of the features and the simplicity of use - well done! I happened to find a bug with the cookie that remembers whether or not your user chat was minimized or not and the author responded immediately and within 5 hours confirmed the bug and that it will be fixed. Amazing support - thank you!
  13. Hi, absolutely love the way your theme looks and feels, but I was wondering if it's possible to manipulate the main dark background colour to something else, such as a blue or lighter color, or is that still hard-coded at this point? Considering purchasing, but I don't want to be stuck with that color. It's nice, but doesn't fit my use. 🙂
  14. Hey there, Is it possible to have the following kind of setup: Public read access to Blog and member list and private access to topics. or Public access to post on topics, but only allow members/moderators of the club to post on blog. The purpose of this is from a gaming clan perspective: The clan can announce their things in the blog, but are able to discuss their strategies and schedules in private. I'm actually quite surprised that this hasn't been taken into account and that you have to apply the same rules to everything. On the other hand, maybe you want to have a club where there are specific members who are mentioned as a part of that club, but anyone can write into the topics section. You still wouldn't want anyone to be able to post blog posts on behalf of your club. Either I'm confused or neither Club out of the box, nor this otherwise great plugin seem to allow what I'm describing. Thank you in advance for your help! ?
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