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    Been a long time fan of Chatbox FREE and decided to go for the upgrade. Installation and setup is very intuitive and easy, learning what everything does took me a moment, but overall I'd say it's very well set up to be used without a manual. Overally, very positively surprised by all of the features and the simplicity of use - well done! I happened to find a bug with the cookie that remembers whether or not your user chat was minimized or not and the author responded immediately and within 5 hours confirmed the bug and that it will be fixed. Amazing support - thank you!
  1. Hi, absolutely love the way your theme looks and feels, but I was wondering if it's possible to manipulate the main dark background colour to something else, such as a blue or lighter color, or is that still hard-coded at this point? Considering purchasing, but I don't want to be stuck with that color. It's nice, but doesn't fit my use. 🙂
  2. Hey there, Is it possible to have the following kind of setup: Public read access to Blog and member list and private access to topics. or Public access to post on topics, but only allow members/moderators of the club to post on blog. The purpose of this is from a gaming clan perspective: The clan can announce their things in the blog, but are able to discuss their strategies and schedules in private. I'm actually quite surprised that this hasn't been taken into account and that you have to apply the same rules to everything. On the other hand, maybe you want to have a club where there are specific members who are mentioned as a part of that club, but anyone can write into the topics section. You still wouldn't want anyone to be able to post blog posts on behalf of your club. Either I'm confused or neither Club out of the box, nor this otherwise great plugin seem to allow what I'm describing. Thank you in advance for your help! ?
  3. Just to clarify, does this only work on the sidebar, and not in the horizontal sections? Do you have a solution for that? ?
  4. Great, thanks, you have a new customer! ?
  5. Hi, is this product still supported? I'm thinking of buying it. Just asking, since there were no replies to the previous messages. ?
  6. Thanks for your help - got it working!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't been able to make it work despite some fiddling with it so far, but at least I am under the impression that I understand the logic a bit better. What's confusing to me is that the link to the image is displayed with the default code. I tried adding a new image field to the new database that I created for testing SuperGrid and here's what happened, even when none of the articles have any images uploaded for the new image field: All thumbnails get this 'Image:' box in the top right corner. The link to the article only works by clicking this little 'Image:' box after that and the link functionality is removed from the thumbnail itself. If I upload an image in the new image field, it puts that picture on top of the thumbnail (and still acts as the link). I was wondering if you might be able to tell me whether this is something dictated by the SuperGrid code (telling it to look at all fields in the database), a bug, or some forum specific feature? Otherwise, even if I make the correct image visible by editing the code, I'd imagine will still have that link from field_9 on top of the thumbnail (as in my previous post). Appreciate your help - thank you! Kind regards, Kenneth
  8. Hi there @opentype, First of all, thank you for putting in the work to create this plugin - it looks great overall! I just bought the plugin today and I'm having some issues with making it work with my current news content. The issue is that we use a custom field 'news_image' (Template key) as a thumbnail on our website www.nhlgamer.com. We don't use that specific image in the news article itself (besides a super small image in the beginning of the news article). I have tried to edit the $record->_record_image_thumb part of your code below, but was unable to get it to work. Could you tell me if it's as simple as just getting the syntax correct there and possibly let me know the correct way to call for the image if that is the case? <div class="ipsType_right SG_image_container_sidebar ipsAreaBackground_reset" style="padding-bottom: {{if settings.SuperGrid_aspect_ratio}}{setting='SuperGrid_aspect_ratio'}%{{else}}50%{{endif}}; {{if $record->record_image}}background-image:url('{{if settings.SuperGrid_image_use_thumbnail}}{file='$record->_record_image_thumb' extension='cms_Records'}{{else}}{file='$record->record_image' extension='cms_Records'}{{endif}}');{{elseif settings.SuperGrid_fallback_image}}background-image:url('{setting='SuperGrid_fallback_image_url'}');{{endif}}"> <div class="cCmsRecord_image"> <img class="ipsImage" src="{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('news_image', 'listing')|raw}" extension="cms_Records"> </div> Above you can see how it's called by default at the moment on our site. Edit: Here you can see how it is currently looking: On the right hand side I am testing with a new database and everything is working as intended. On the left (in the middle) I have linked to the original database, where the thumbnail image is instead now displayed as a text link for some reason (this is with your template code unedited, as above): image.tiff I can give you access to the page that I'm currently working on, but I figured the above is probably enough to form an understanding of the issue. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Kenneth
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