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  1. All I need to know is: Is this optional (can it be turned off)? I ask because IPS made the "new members" badge non-optional. Cheers.
  2. As I encountered today, ever more sites using this, but we can't on our forums. 😐
  3. I understand it and fine. Likely accurate but maybe not the best way to describe those who self-host and have supported you for many years. I often do not see such these ties as a strength anyway, as over the decades I've seen many applications and integrations rise and fall, silently breaking as they are no longer supported or changed irrevocably. Just look at Instagram embeds for a recent example. Hence, I'm fine with it just for Could and Enterprise. 🙂 - and if Invision does become Cloud-only then I will sadly have to plan to leave as I've a multi-thousand dollar server that I don't wish to leave idle.
  4. I've had enough. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56071437 So, my question is, does Invision use any kind of trackers in the software suites we use (e.g. for the emails that we send out)? If so, is there a way to switch them off so I'm not accidentally gathering information on my members? If I want metrics I'll gather them the old fashioned way by building a direct relationship with them, not through surreptitious data harvesting. So, Trackers? Thanks.
  5. I thought this might be fixed in the release, but apparently not.
  6. Agreed. I value their privacy over my efficiency.
  7. Sounds like the same issue as: Running AdminCP "Support Tool" and clearing the cache does not fix it. Programming error?
  8. Anyone else experiencing this? Create a "Promoted item" for a forum post. THEN "Our Picks" page (https://domainname.com/ourpicks/) link works fine, i.e. https://domainname.com/forums/topic/34360-topic-title/?do=findComment&comment=363240 BUT The link for the forum block version of 'Our Picks' doesn't – because instead it points to: https://domainname.com/forums/topic/34360-topic-title/?do=getPrefCommentComment&comment=363240 Which fails, and produces a "Page Not Found", 2S136/B error. n.b. "Promoted Items" widget block works fine for Pages (news items) but not for forum posts. This used to work for forum posts as well before 4.5.x. Just my set-up or can you reproduce it?
  9. Disagree as you wish of course. My experience is from running online forums since the 1990s. I don’t have to argue the point. Experience will out in the end.
  10. Looks great, as long as any "red badge" notifications in AdminCP as a result are dismissable.
  11. People read the room. The tone of the room is set by the moderators, not a checkbox or plugin.
  12. If it takes two months every time it changes I can only guess Invision won't bother in the future. I've had to learn not to rely on it. We adapt. [Edit: Sounds like a Facebook app. is now needed to make it to work. Can't blame Invision for that with FB adding the extra hurdles. Again we've learnt not to rely on such conveniences. It often comes back to bite you in the years that follow.]
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