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  1. No they're not, but review of their services have been... mixed – especially for smaller businesses. It's also an "arms-length" PayPal company. As I said. I will wait and see how others' fare.
  2. I've read further (and more widely). I think after 30 years I will let the youngsters take the bleeding edge while I wait and watch a while.
  3. Initially very interested. Then I did a bit of research and read some reviews of Braintree, so I may pass on this implementation.
  4. Then we shall have to agree to disagree.
  5. Speed of technology facilitates speed of thought. I give you.... Facebook...
  6. Ignoring your sarcasm. I use paper and ink, and no it doesn't I also know clay tablets - likely more than anybody here. Say what you like about their speed, but I guarantee nothing you write on these forums or anything you write anywhere will still be around in 4,000 years. You will be forgotten, and dust, like the rest of us. The clay tablets remain.
  7. I remember this kind of thing in the early 2000s (different software). It wasn't popular. As long as it can also not be customisable, fine.
  8. I don't think it is. Always better when a reply is considered and some time is taken to compose it.
  9. Google’s shutting down G+.
  10. Custom profile field with required subject answers. Reviewed by admin, then account validated (or not). Contact Us form for logged in users only. Unfortunate, but it works.
  11. Fortunately I deleted G+ share buttons a while back anyway.
  12. PoC2

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    Which reminds me, as one user somehow managed to post today. How do you stop GIFs being also being loaded remotely from another site? (i.e. just banning GIFs site-wide.)
  13. PoC2

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    I find animated GIFs are uniformly irritating. Fortunately the wonderful IPS software allows us not to host them. I actually cannot bear to read some of Invision Community's own blog posts/articles because of the animated GIFs included in them. Simply terrible. - but hey, if it floats your boat...
  14. Ahhh, I get what you mean now. The oustanding issue then is sending two parcels when customers are expecting just the one, but that’s another matter. But yeah, sod everything I said above. Cheers. Closed.
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