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  1. It's a great concept, but in the end I just switched it off.
  2. Are those notes visible to the customer at any point or are they private (just for Admin)?
  3. Seemed to go fine.
  4. OK, do that then. One extra line of text.
  5. If a piece of text near the posting box mentioned that an email reminder might be sent in a week, and using the posting box means you agree to that, then that might also do?
  6. With the number of calls for it from my visitors I'd be tempted to make any official "Dark Theme" the default and the current "white" theme as the alternate option – but that's just my own case.
  7. - and of course there are several that don't as well. People's experiences differ. What I can say is that I've had far fewer headaches sticking with Core IPS (and core vBulletin, phpBB and UBB before that).
  8. That's not going to happen. I've learnt over many, many years not to mess "beyond vanilla" due to multiple headaches with later core upgrades and lack of long term developer support. It would need official core support or it effectively does not exist. The visual theme is more important for many than the odd extra facility like another alternative payment processor or new shop filter boxes. The visual appearance of a web site is one of the greatest impacts on visitor experience. I would like to suggest to IPS that offering a Dark Theme (as YouTube and others do now) should be given serious thought.
  9. I'm also receiving requests for a Dark Theme. It would be handy if IPS had an official Dark Theme built-in as my time is spent elsewhere on community, content and just keeping things running!
  10. I salute all beta testers. I've "done my 30" and now leave it to a new generation of brave souls to pioneer the future. Thank you. It's a big help to everyone.
  11. No they're not, but review of their services have been... mixed – especially for smaller businesses. It's also an "arms-length" PayPal company. As I said. I will wait and see how others' fare.
  12. I've read further (and more widely). I think after 30 years I will let the youngsters take the bleeding edge while I wait and watch a while.
  13. Initially very interested. Then I did a bit of research and read some reviews of Braintree, so I may pass on this implementation.
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