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  1. Two percent is the magic take-up number across the board for many things. Weird, but experience time and time again has shown this number to be remarkable. So, a universal guidance: whatever you do, if you can't do it with 2% of your population, don't do it.
  2. The conversion is usually 2%. This number seems to be the case for many things. Can you work with 2%? You could keep previously free content free, and start new areas for supporters that are not – but you have to build and build.
  3. What-a-change-to-the-default. I've seen feedback on the web from users on 4.5.x forums and common responses are: Arrrghhhh! My eyes!!!! & "What a lot of wasted space." The default colour shceme can be easily altered (just work), but I'm not sure about the "wasted space" issues people are reporting...? Out of curiosity, have Invision given reasons for making these particular changes? Are they using radically different monitor set-up to us, do they wear sunshades at work? I know their future's bright, but... 😎
  4. I've experienced no problems with youtube-nocookie.com and by using it Mac Safari 14 Privacy Report reports no trackers on my site at all. So, embed option: youtube-nocookie would be very useful to have, rather than having to manually edit each posted (embedded) YouTube video. Thank you. 🙂
  5. For increased privacy, please offer youtube-nocookie.com and adding &rel=0 to auto-embeds for YouTube videos. Safari 14 now makes it trivially easy to see what trackers are trying to follow you on what web sites. Cheers.
  6. Yes. EU law came in a few years ago about automated delivery of digital items – so restrictions to non-EU are needed for that. Also, precluding specific countries like Germany that has new mail packaging laws that we cannot meet, so also need to be excluded.
  7. Yes I'm seeing a number of XenForo sites appearing with this feature, and the respective members seem to love it (it gives them a convenient choice).
  8. So I see other forum sites (not using Invision) increasingly offering toggle-based "Dark Mode" and a plethora of users thanking them for it. Yet sadly we don't see it coming for the front end for Invision Community (just the back). I see 3rd party developers offering such solutions for IC (so it can't be impossible), but not from the actual devs. Unfortunate.
  9. Except that it doesn't work with IPS.Commerce "discount" mechanisms. If I set non-supporter groups (in the discount fields) to be charged more, they are not. The default price of the product still shows instead (not the greater price set in the discount field). I know it's probably "discount fields are for discounts, not extra charges" - but is there another way?
  10. I've been made aware of some very interesting commercial data recently which shows that punishing customers rather than rewarding them is far more effective in achieving your goals. Coffee Shop example: Std. coffee price = $3 in disposable cup Bring your own cup = $2.50 (-50 cents). "Bring your own cup" offer uptake = "meh" Switching it around: Std. (public) coffee price = $2.50 (in your own cup) Disposable cup price = $3.00 (+ 50 cents more) Uptake = "wow" So it seems the fear of "punishment" is more powerful than the perception of "reward"
  11. It would be a very nice ability for staff [Admin/Moderator] Blogs to be able to assign viewing permissions to a group rather than just specific individuals. e.g. Post a blog entry but only have it readable by your site supporters etc. Hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult for IPS to implement?
  12. I too miss the IPS chat facility. We now have a Discord server (just like everybody else) but it's very much not the days of old. +1 for some kind of chat re-implementation, even if only a small, light and simple one. Don't need all the bells and whistles.
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