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  1. Except that it doesn't work with IPS.Commerce "discount" mechanisms. If I set non-supporter groups (in the discount fields) to be charged more, they are not. The default price of the product still shows instead (not the greater price set in the discount field). I know it's probably "discount fields are for discounts, not extra charges" - but is there another way?
  2. I've been made aware of some very interesting commercial data recently which shows that punishing customers rather than rewarding them is far more effective in achieving your goals. Coffee Shop example: Std. coffee price = $3 in disposable cup Bring your own cup = $2.50 (-50 cents). "Bring your own cup" offer uptake = "meh" Switching it around: Std. (public) coffee price = $2.50 (in your own cup) Disposable cup price = $3.00 (+ 50 cents more) Uptake = "wow" So it seems the fear of "punishment" is more powerful than the perception of "reward". In IPS. Commerce terms, this would be equivalent of changing membership rewards as a negative applier ("50c off for supporters") to "Member Price: standard", "Non-Member Price = higher than standard". It may seem odd (and inconvenient) but apparently that's how human psychology works.
  3. It would be a very nice ability for staff [Admin/Moderator] Blogs to be able to assign viewing permissions to a group rather than just specific individuals. e.g. Post a blog entry but only have it readable by your site supporters etc. Hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult for IPS to implement?
  4. I too miss the IPS chat facility. We now have a Discord server (just like everybody else) but it's very much not the days of old. +1 for some kind of chat re-implementation, even if only a small, light and simple one. Don't need all the bells and whistles.
  5. I'm sure third party dark themes are lovely, but I learned long ago to cleave close to official releases, for ease of upgrades and long-term support. I patiently await an IPS official dark theme. I'm staring at this large bright white screen right now in a dark room (because I must) and it's... not... good....
  6. I just wanted to say thank you for the super-useful detailed Release Notes. I've just installed 4.4.5 and it was a breeze – and now I know what's changed (and what to look out for in red). Really good stuff. Cheers!
  7. It's a great concept, but in the end I just switched it off.
  8. Are those notes visible to the customer at any point or are they private (just for Admin)?
  9. OK, do that then. One extra line of text.
  10. If a piece of text near the posting box mentioned that an email reminder might be sent in a week, and using the posting box means you agree to that, then that might also do?
  11. With the number of calls for it from my visitors I'd be tempted to make any official "Dark Theme" the default and the current "white" theme as the alternate option – but that's just my own case.
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