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  1. I'm not a great fan of AI but it seems to be a hydra developing at a rate of knots. Some thought it would take 10 years to achieve what these malgorithms have done in 10 months. If Q* gets released it's yet another game changer, and not a great one for workers.
  2. Auto-summaries. Excellent idea! If this ended up being AI-based it would definitely be "Cloud-only" (and I would very much understand why). Either way (I'm not on Cloud for technical reasons), it's great to see Invision not resting on their laurels and still innovating.
  3. Version 5 is looking very, very good. Thanks to all the team for their hard work!
  4. As @Matt pointed out – no two sites are the same, which is why I'm looking forward to several of the new features, but very happy they are being made optional so we can all assess if they are a good fit for our respective communities. This already looks like great work. Oh Dark Mode, how we've missed you...
  5. Ahhh, got it. thank you. Meanwhile, are there any further updates in fixing this bug? Many thanks.
  6. The disposable email filter is a really nice touch. IPS really does amazing stuff.
  7. I don't get spam but I appreciate the great work IPS does in helping blocking it where it is an issue.
  8. Or did I miss something that means I cannot change them but I should be able to- which would seem more likely or they wouldn’t be seen at all (even greyed green)? Just not sure. I’d have added this to my previous comment but post lockdown times seem very short here.
  9. – but it's my site. Shouldn't that be my choice about what notifications I wish to receive on my own site?
  10. Latest update installed but phantom members are still there. 🙂 Also, can't seem to switch off account deletion notifications ("greyed out" green)?
  11. Same/similar issue? Two members asked for account deletion and this was done but the notification pop-ups in Admin CP still appear - even when there's nothing there. It keeps coming back... 👻
  12. Thank you for the super speedy update Marc. Very much appreciated. I'll leave you in peace for a bit then. 😉 Cheers! ... and now it's fixed (again). 🤔 Thank you for whatever you did to sort it! 👍
  13. Also not the only one just now.... Also no resolution in that thread either. 🤔 Nothing has changed at our end (software or server).
  14. This has happened again and this time "refresh licence key" is not actually refreshing the licence key. Anyone else having a similar problem? What causes this issue? It's only been in recent times. Hitting "refresh" says it has been refreshed but it obviously hasn't...
  15. Seen only by specific user groups works fine for me through ACP Calendars permissions, but the "Create Event" button should not appear (yet it does) - though it just leads to a "you can't do that" page. It would be more elegant to not have it appear for groups that cannot use it.
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