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  1. PoC2

    Speed up Private Messaging

    I don't think it is. Always better when a reply is considered and some time is taken to compose it.
  2. PoC2

    Bye Bye Google Plus

    Google’s shutting down G+.
  3. PoC2

    Video Tip: Preventing Spam

    Custom profile field with required subject answers. Reviewed by admin, then account validated (or not). Contact Us form for logged in users only. Unfortunate, but it works.
  4. Fortunately I deleted G+ share buttons a while back anyway.
  5. PoC2

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    Which reminds me, as one user somehow managed to post today. How do you stop GIFs being also being loaded remotely from another site? (i.e. just banning GIFs site-wide.)
  6. PoC2

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    I find animated GIFs are uniformly irritating. Fortunately the wonderful IPS software allows us not to host them. I actually cannot bear to read some of Invision Community's own blog posts/articles because of the animated GIFs included in them. Simply terrible. - but hey, if it floats your boat...
  7. Ahhh, I get what you mean now. The oustanding issue then is sending two parcels when customers are expecting just the one, but that’s another matter. But yeah, sod everything I said above. Cheers. Closed.
  8. You're missing something. The GIANT LEAP in shipping costs between 2.00KG and 2.01KG+ So, again taking the example illustration from my first post: Weight of order: 2.00Kg = £10 Weight of order: 2.01+ Kg = £60 Splitting the order into 2 shipments, (both then below 2KG), means £60 => £20 That is the issue.
  9. Commerce would: Recognise that a shopping cart order is over a set critical limit and split the shipment into two (or more) separate shipments, informing the customer inside the shopping cart that this has been done as their order is above a weight limit. This then accounts for costs of the extra packaging necessary as well as factored-in Tare calculations programmed into the shipping costs table (since Commerce does not offer a Tare facility itself).
  10. With our shop it's very expensive to post items over 2Kgs in weight so we don't allow it. Currently there is no way in Commerce to put a warning on a shopping cart saying that the "weight limit" has been exceeded From my point of view, the solution could be as simple as allowing an associated text box in the shipping rates form next to a shipping value entry, that would be displayed in the customer's shopping cart area. Again not the most elegant solution, but perhaps easier to implement in the shorter term. (ideally it would auto-split into two or more packages anyway) The issue from my point of view is: Weight of order: 2Kg = £10 Weight of order: 2.1 Kg = £60 So - it's better to split into 2 parcels that would then cost at maximum £20 rather than a minimum of £60... Thoughts welcome.
  11. Just some feedback received today from one of our customers: I really like it too... Well done Invision!
  12. PoC2

    override bulk email opt out

    GDPR trumps all. There is an option in ACP to require people to accept new terms/conditions when they've been updated.
  13. PoC2

    Spam via Contact Us - Call to Arms!

    Because they wouldn't know the answers to the questions on a specialist web site - nor could they look them up. That is why.
  14. PoC2

    Spam via Contact Us - Call to Arms!

    We get contact form spam. It’s being used by human spammers so they overcome Invisible reCaptcha. Invision Power: Please allow Q&A to be used with the contact form - as that would do the trick. Thanks!