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  1. any ETA for a reply? Its that the whole forums is down and I need a solution ASAP; Kindly let me know.
  2. Thanks for your reply, could you please point out to me where I can do that? Nvm I have found it I submitted a message in the technical support.
  3. Hi there, My forums custom theme was suddenly broken when it started showing this error: Upon changing the logged in user theme, the forums would work right. No changes on WHM, Cpanel, PHP, Cloudflare were done at all, neither a platfrom upgrade. What I have changed is a few backgrounds file (compressed the images) that the theme reads from, I did restore the original ones but no luck. After restoring the original ones which are not even related to the admincp theme I started getting this on admincp page: [[Template core/admin/system/login is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I am looking for someone to be able to help me with this, willing to pay over BTC or PayPal something reasonable and fair.
  4. Why do I get

    This resource is not currently available for purchase.

    when I am trying to purchase a plugin of yours?

    Edit: Fixed, had to renew the purchase.

  5. [[Template forums/front/topics/topic is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]


    I am getting this when trying to view a thread, I did clear cache completely and flush CloudFlare cache yet the same thing is showing. I have not made any CSS changes, just the regular changes from edit.

    I would like to also know if those http://puu.sh/Gvp3d/5cd9686632.png height can be changed they are very long in height.


    Let me know!

  6. Are you going to update the theme anytime soon?

    Oblivion orange.

  7. Hello, I am requesting if someone can build me a small plugin for whatever cost it takes (PayPal). The role of the plugin is to allow members to have a small panel where they can switch their primary rank with the secondary ranks. So for example if I had the ranks: Members > Donator > Gambler > Supporter and Supporter being as my primary rank, I want it so you can switch the Supporter primary rank with any of the secondary ranks I choose such as Gambler. This will make my primary rank Gambler, and my secondary rank Supporter, including the other ones I already have. Let me know :)
  8. Paying $30.00 through paypal, someone pm me or offer to fix it please.
  9. Well the thing is I am the one who is managing the server, but not really sure what to do. It's self-managed server. If there is anything you'd recommend that would be appreciated. If anything I can try or mess with let me know.
  10. Hi, I am not sure if my server is running on Apache or nginx, but its a CentOS server with WHM and Cpanel. PHP running as CGI
  11. Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can help me fix my REST & OAuth error. I have done all the steps required, but it keeps showing me this: The API endpoint is not giving the expected response. Check you followed the instructions correctly. The URL being tested is: https://forum.grinderscape.org/api/index.php?/core/hello In order to use the REST API: Download this file. Upload it to the /api folder in your site's directory (/home/forum/public_html/api). Rename it to '.htaccess' (with no file name). I am certainly sure I have done all the steps right, but still shows this. If you go to the link above it throws a 401 if you check in the chrome inspect network. Could it be something with Cloudflare? but what exactly do I have to disable or do? Please someone help, willing to pay if required.
  12. Hello, I am looking for a developer who is capable of creating a new plugin for me or fixing the current one. After updating to 4.4 everything was perfectly done except that on the bottom here: Who was online > You will see that the usernames are all the same color, and no rank icon is showing before the name. It should be showing the same way WHO'S ONLINE is showing for the names with rank group and color and text formatting. Paying via Paypal Looking forward to hear from you to make a quick deal 🙂
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