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  1. jcdesign

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Breadcumb in phones and tablets with with maximum 979px looks like this. I don´t know what you are trying to do?
  2. jcdesign

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    No this is mobile breadcumb:
  3. jcdesign

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    I recommend you to learn the inspect tool in the browser. Chrome and firebug is the best tool to change css layout in real time.
  4. jcdesign

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    You are asking for custom feature. I can not do these changes just only for you my friend. The theme looks like it looks.
  5. jcdesign

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Thanks for the report. This is actually global from IPS side, they forgot to add margin in their responsive. This looks better added to the next update: No this is the last child and are always blue colored to show where you are in the board. The theme is global. If a 3party apps are using their own css color, it is easy to change this in custom.css I can help out with the code if you not find it.
  6. jcdesign

    Oblivion Dark theme with orange focus

    Can you send me the url link on pm, so I can take a look and fix this.
  7. jcdesign

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Looks like a theme from @ehren.
  8. jcdesign

    UltiMaze Dark theme

    Version 1.3


    A very clean beautiful template for the latest IPS 4.3.x The Landing Page is not included in the theme. It is a part of my site and what you can do with "pages" application. Live Demo at my site. Change theme to UltiMaze. Only for IPS 4.3.x Advanced custom footer with 4 column, or choose how many column you want! Background upload setting preview.


  9. If there any question about the theme. 🙂
  10. This user diablocs112 selling two themes at Marketplace. At the theme´s bottom it said created by HALOGEK I found other themes from HALOGEK at webflake: removed Can anyone help me to help out with this. If everything is ok?
  11. jcdesign

    Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    There is a new version available for download. 🙂
  12. jcdesign

    Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Now available for both 4.2 and 4.3 beta. There are no changes witht the 4.2 version, so you don´t need to update if you still at that version.
  13. jcdesign

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Download Plus is not working properly with the new IPS 4.3. I have deactivted this to the next update. 🙂
  14. jcdesign

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    In Download Plus I don´t want to show version number. It is disabled, but when searching the version number shows on every result. We sell Digital Download and I don´t know why IPS think everybody use this application to sell software apps.
  15. jcdesign

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Try this #ipsLayout_footer { padding: 35px 0; } .ipsfocus_social { padding: 5px; }