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  1. Now at last I'm back on a new server after the site crashed. Have some work left but soon open up the live demo page again.
  2. Send me a pm and take a look at this later today.
  3. It´s something with your pages that is not working properly. I can see you have problem with other themes. Nobody else have reported any error. Working perfect at all my system.
  4. Yes, but that was not working! In worst case I have backup that is 3 weeks old. 🙂
  5. Website down since friday evening. Support with IPS staff in weekends is limited. Hopefully the site working tomorrow again. Sorry can not do anything because I can not access my own Admin Panel right now. 😔
  6. It's quite easy to change. The best way is to save all your own changes in custom.css not to affect future updates.
  7. I recommends to use the english ACP version not the French. Open the red highlighted tab and you find it.
  8. It is there! After update the sticky header should work immediately. In ACP you can set it on/off.
  9. Take a copy and try to upgrade the theme xlm file only.
  10. Just upload the landing folder in root.
  11. Wait for the update coming in couple of minutes
  12. It is not that difficult. If there is anything you are wondering about, do not hesitate to contact me. 🙂
  13. I did it @Steph40 😃 Sticky menu available for the next update. Try it out at my live board: https://coverfriends.org/
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