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  1. <a href="https://yoursite.com/" class="ipsButton ipsButton_primary ipsButton_fullWidth"> Buy Now </a>
  2. I have use this a couple of time on subscriptions. I works, but there something strange when adding the code, you must hit enter after submit the code to apply.
    This is the most advanced application I have ever purchased on the IPS Marketplace. So many settings and so many different possibilities can be nothing but satisfied. And last but not least, support from onlyME is extremely good and very quick response.
  3. I have the same issue, but add one more to five will solve the slider moving again.

    Hi, I purchased the IPB license but I no longer installed the forum because I wanted to download your theme but it was no longer possible. Can you tell me if you will come back to this topic? Thank you

    1. jcdesign


      I have stopped and do themes because I have no time anymore. None of my themes are to buy anymore and support has ended.

  5. All my theme is unsupported. Sorry to say this.
  6. @Unlucky I was replace the new html and it´s now working at your site. I recommend to replace the html document to the new updated at Marketplace for all customer.
  7. How strange, put this code in custom.css for so long and see if there is any difference? .owl-carousel .owl-stage-outer { position: relative; overflow: hidden!important; }
  8. Send me a pm with url, admin login rights. I must see where the problem is!
  9. Only Xenon dark has a 4.3 version.
  10. I mean IP Downloads files. Let´s say one member have 4 000 files. Download all?
  11. I have one question. Can this app download a members all files in one compressed file? Can not find any "download all" button.
  12. You have a limit at 2 mb at your host, and it´s very low. If you are in a host server you must contact them and request a higher value. Increase the limit to at least 8mb. If you are in WHM cPanel it´s easy to change this in php.ini settings.
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