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  1. Finally! Have waiting for this in years. Very good news.
  2. Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Send a pm to me with url & admin login and I take a look at it. Looks you removed the html code.
  3. Oblivion Dark theme with orange focus

    Thanks! No Info Ticker is not included. You have to purchase the ticker from taman´s plugin, but it work with all themes at the same time.
  4. Oblivion light theme

    Version 1.2


    New light theme for the new IPS 4.2.x The third theme in the Oblivion series with blue foucs in a light version. Live Demo at my site. New nice css function with hover flip in the menu. Change theme to Oblivion light in the bottom "Themes" Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer. This theme is only for IPS 4.2.x Advanced footer with up to 4 column. Background and pattern images uploads.


  5. Support for the this theme.
  6. Oblivion Dark theme with orange focus

    Upload the new update as a new theme. Do not update the old one. Copy your settings and url links from the old to the new updated theme.
  7. Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Warning! Do not update your current theme this time. Install as a new theme. Copy your old settings to the new theme.
  8. Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Not any longer.
  9. Downloads Plus

    This extension is great if you want to customize more settings to Downloads. The biggest reason I purchase this was the tab order with review, comments and questions in the same line as details. Yes finally there is an option to disable file version that was prefilled with 1.0.0 every time when uploading new files.
  10. News Ticker

    Perfect that you releasing this stand alone plugin for other members, not only for your theme buyers. Well done TAMAN!
  11. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Good work here! I am close to buy this. Is there any chance with the future update to use credits instead real money, and sell credit packs with 100 and 200 and so on in the store for real money?
  12. Maybe someone can integrate this: OneSignal Web Push Notifications
  13. Hey, 

    I am one of the admins of blackheartgamers.com, We asked you to design a site for us on IPB but it looks like we have not heard from you in awhile. Please let us know the status of our design as soon as possible. 

    1. jcdesign



      I think you asking wrong member. I never heard of this you saying.


  14. LaMonte 4.2 Theme

    Version 1.0


    A light modern theme with faded menu and dropdown. The Theme is only for IPS 4.2.X Demo at my Live Site. Change Theme to LaMonte. Easy change the backgrounds in the theme setting for the header and body. Set custom height for the header.


  15. LaMonte support

    Support topic for the LaMonte theme.