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  1. Hi @opentype Is there any demo or screenshots of the image feed / gallery super blocks? I am very interested in seeing them. thank you, aa15
  2. AA15


    I would like to request the feature then, when possible, please! I think it would make the quizzes more fun, competitive and harder to cheat in.
  3. AA15


    Looking at the list of features in this mod it looks comprehensive and robust! One thing I was wondering - let's say a user creates a quiz with 1000 (thousand) questions. Can they set it so, for example, only 10 (ten) display, randomly so it's unlikely two users would get the same set of quiz questions?
  4. I also agree with this, please bring back manual downloading. The marketplace download functionality is great for the ease of basic users and looks nice, but for others, I feel having a manual download option is a need.
    A simple, but wonderful plugin that's very intuitive and the developer@Adriano Faria provides quick and responsive support!
  5. Thank you for this latest version! Is it possible to make this downloadable from the marketplace as a zip/tar/xml and install on my own rather from a than login from my ACP to install (I get the error There was an error authenticating with the Marketplace. Please try again later or contact technical support for assistance) or is this a limitation of Invision 4.5?
  6. Understandable. Thank you so much for taking the time to work on my request, I hope it is possible to implement then in the future. And thank you for the plugin overall, it is simple, but wonderful!
  7. You're right, it's possible somebody could say that, so it is understandable, thank you for informing me! For me, that "all content" only is perfect. If it's possible, can you please send me the code to make it work on "all content"? Like what file and code needs to be added/updated? I would just go and manually update after you make your 4.5 plugin live.
  8. Thank you @Adriano Faria! Is this version uploaded on the Marketplace yet (If I go to install and pick "4.5" it says "This resource is not compatible with the chosen version.") or will it be uploaded after 4.5?
  9. I posted this in another thread, but I feel it warrants it's own thread for visibility. With 4.5, there is no longer support for all of the caching mechanisms aside from redis. In my experience, hosts don't know how to install or config redis. Not just how to do it properly, but not at all. They have experience with solutions like memcache and how to get it to play well with cPanel, but not redis. Is it possible for the Invision team to please create a tutorial on the best way to install and configure the latest version of redis specifically for the Invision Suite with PHP 7.3/7.4? And if possible to get it working with cPanel? I've read it is possible with EasyApache 4, but no comprehensive, up-to-date guide. I think the Invision team creating this would take care of some hardships we have as we would either be able to follow ourselves or give our hosts documentation for them to follow and get our Invision Suite working efficiently with redis.
  10. Hi @Adriano Faria Understandable, thank you for informing me. I did find two other issues, this time I think they are bug for sure. Please see as follows: On the "/mostusedtags" page - The breadcrumbs URL for the app say "/tags/%7B@tags%7D/?app=tags&module=tags&controller=index" rather than "/mostusedtags". Can you please tell me how I can update that? For the widget - if I update the number to like "25" or "50"most tags, it only updates the number for the week. The month, year, and all-time still show 5.
  11. Hi @Adriano Faria I have one more request (this one may be a bug), number 3 below. I have also summarized my first two feature requests below after 4.5 is released. Sort by (on-front-end by users)... Tag name (A-Z) Number of uses Option to remove prefix from table (in my use case they would all say 0, which looks odd) I only want to show "All Content" tab In the admin panel, there is an option to "Display tags from apps". However, I can't deselect as i get the error "This field is required." Thank you, aa15
  12. I think so. You can go to your client area to see if its downloadable for you to verify. If it's not, then that's a definite yes to an active license is needed (that is if you dont have one) https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/
  13. christmas...errr...4.5 beta 1 is here!!! 🤩
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