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  1. I think so. You can go to your client area to see if its downloadable for you to verify. If it's not, then that's a definite yes to an active license is needed (that is if you dont have one) https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/
  2. christmas...errr...4.5 beta 1 is here!!! 🤩
  3. is it just me, or is anyone else constantly checking to see if the beta is up for our download? 😅
  4. i just noticed something...we are using 4.5 now in this community!! i think cause it looks different 😇
  5. Ahh, nice! These extra last minute features...its making sense why Invision 4.5 is taking so long!
  6. Awesome @Makoto! If its possible to do, please let me know as soon as possible if you have the time, I'm super curious (and excited)! I can buy this plugin in the next day or two if you can tell me if it can be done (and you'll be able to implement for Invision 4.5)
  7. Hi @Makoto This seems like a fantastic plugin! I was wondering, are we able to redirect a tag to a different page? By that I mean... let's say I have the tag "pizza" which I have tagged topics/threads and images with. If a user clicks on that tag, then the user is redirected to a URL of the admins choosing (be default in Invision, users are taken to the search page that shows content related to that tag).
  8. Thank you! If doing like that is not normal for Invision, sorting through a drop down would be perfect as well. Just any way to sort each of the columns would make me happy!
  9. thank you @Adriano Faria One more idea I had, if it is please possible in your 4.5 release - can users be able to sort the most used tags table by tag, number of uses, or last time used? like they would click on the column name and then it would sort like that
  10. Hi @Adriano Faria If it is possible, for 4.5, can you please include an option to hide the prefix column? My Invision Community will not use prefixes so it will look weird if they all say "0".
  11. Awesome features! what is the deadline date, if you don’t mind me asking? 😇
  12. @Adriano Faria wonderful plugin! suggestion: if possible please add sort by image size in search and album view if not sort than at least please filter for small, medium, and large images (admin can define what is small medium and large).
  13. Hi @Adriano Faria For your next release is it possible to please add top content poster by custom date? Like a user can specify the range for which they would like to see, like April 1 2019 to April 30 2019 or at least an admin can create and show such a block to users?
  14. I like this new design a lot, great job!
  15. Thank you! Is the alpha open to everyone who has an active license or limited individuals? I didn’t see it in the release area, but if it’s there and I missed it, I’m excited to try!
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