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  1. Getting this error, any ideas? Tried on two of my themes, same result. Thanks
  2. @TAMAN Please update the Swiper Slider in Magnum theme to the latest release v4.4.1 https://github.com/nolimits4web/swiper/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
  3. A very similar plugin posted on the marketplace today. Is this/that something different?
  4. @Adriano Faria There is a bug in your raffle system, when two raffles end at the same time it chooses the same winner on both raffles. This has happened multiple times for me and has now caused a lot of issues.
  5. Can't see the DELETE button on the CSS template tab. All there exists is REVERT and Options DROPDOWN button.
  6. Agreed, but he said he's busy and can't take any/this custom work now.
  7. @onlyME says he's busy and can't take custom work now. Hopeful if someone could make it for IPS Marketplace.
  8. Thanks. But there should be a dedicated plugin or settings for Forum Grid Cover Image to avoid manual custom.css edits. Sure, I will ask @onlyME. But I like @opentype such plugins (though they are for Pages only) which gives a much beautiful look. Thanks
  9. I have that plugin but it only works with Forum Cover. Whereas the one I asked is regarding the Forum Index Page Grid View as the OP posted.
  10. @opentype Sir, I've seen your Super plugins and plan to buy a couple of them soon as they are fantastic! Can you please make such Forum Grid Background Cover plugin for IPS 4.3 as the OP mentioned?
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