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  1. I'm not sure how to change the colour of the default red icons across the theme? Possible? Also would be nice if the Christmas theme toggled allowed more option. I wished to use the snowflakes but as pumpkins for halloween but due to the Christmas toggle, it also enables the santa in the bottom right corner. Would be nice to have been able to disable this Santa or upload custom image.
  2. Sad news. He was a great man, honest in dealings and provided prompt support. RIP <mod edit: cleaned up intellectual property discussion; not the place>
  3. Add this to your theme's custom.css file: /* Header Logo in IPS 4.5 */ #elSiteTitle, #elLogo { height: 80% !important; } Adjust the height % as per your requirement.
  4. A very alarming situation. SendGrid has gone nose down from 10/10 to 0/10. Trust Pilot Review: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/sendgrid.com Would someone from IPS can elaborate why you guys are still providing SendGrid integration despite its poor service and ratings? This is end of 2020, we need some good email provider(s) API integration to the IPS software, like AWS SES API etc. Thanks
  5. https://gyazo.com/33417a5b045609f627882ed241cec7a2 When users have small browsers they cannot see the log in section. And also I suggest having toggle option on categories on the forum page so users can hide sections that they don't need. That would be perfect. Thanks
  6. Nice theme. I have an issue with the "Existing User? Sign in? Sign up" section because it disappears when you make your screen smaller or just in in general if you have your browser open in a small window then the login area disappears. The top menu also shift positions at the same time when you minimize to a certain size. Any idea for a fix? Thanks
  7. How would I remove the text showing from the displaying articles but it will show when you click and go to the actual articles page. eg like a truncant text option but to remove it all so articles appear clean and just show the image/title
  8. AdminCP > Settings > Site Promotion > Social Media Promotion
  9. The referral link doesn't seem to work in terms of commission. Few of my clients registered and bought Self-Hosted license with my referral link and I haven't received any of it. Useless feature, not recommended!
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