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  1. @magnum357 This file is not currently available for purchase.
  2. Zendesk announces data breach impacting years-old accounts
  3. Hello IPS team, Is there any chance, we could hope to have a Visual Page Builder with IPS, similar like Divi Builder instead of the classic IPS Pages page builder? It would be a huge addition to IPS software! https://www.elegantthemes.com/documentation/divi/visual-builder/
  4. Its only available for Self-Hosted IPS version; not for CiC.
  5. @vesperknight IPBWI is no longer compatible with IPS 4.4. The only WP SSO plugin/app working with 4.4 is what @Joel R pointed out.
  6. @Adlago So, a cookie-free domain is NOT an option for sites running via Cloudflare. Your comments?
  7. Working perfectly fine on 4.4.7
  8. We will wait for the update. Thanks for the quick and amazing support 👍
  9. We have already disabled the Member Away app as you told. Should we also disable the Raffles app?
  10. Thanks. We have disabled the App.
  11. @Adriano Faria We updated from plugin v2.2.1 to the app v2.3.0 as per your upgrade instructions but we are getting following 2 errors despite deleting the Away.php file: 1. Two tasks are locked in background process in dashboard (screenshot below): 2. If we hit the run task manually then we get following error on screen: 1S111/1 Unknown column 'raffle_access' in 'field list' Perhaps, this may be related to: Please help us to fix this. Thanks
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