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  1. Nice plugin! I was wondering if we could get an additional setting to change the size of the second group? Currently the Category aspect ratio changes both the main group/category and also changes the second. I like the big first category but don't want it big for the second category (the one inside the first one) 😍
  2. Canno't install on 4.4.2, gives error. A configuration or server error has occurred 3C145/3 Something went wrong. Please try again.
  3. Try this: <span style="color:#E8549E; font-weight:bold; background-image:url(https://i.imgur.com/C4gA8Hx.gif);">Admin</span>
  4. @Pete T Thanks for the info. Where and how to get the updates?
  5. @Faqole Will this be updated for IPS 4.4.2?
  6. @Adriano Faria Will this be updated for IPS 4.4.2?
  7. @magnum357 Will this be updated for IPS 4.4.2?
  8. @Faqole Will this be updated for IPS 4.4.2?
  9. Add this to your custom.css file: @media screen and (min-width: 979px) { .cShareLink_whatsapp { display: none; } }
  10. @fix3r These marketplace plugins might be interesting. Perhaps, the plugin author @Boris_ might be able to extend its functionality.
  11. Haven't updated to 4.4 yet. Just trying to make sure that the plugin is 4.4 compatible prior I do the IPS upgrade.
  12. @newbie LAC When it will be 4.4 compatible?
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