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  1. Surprised this thread reanimated. Yeah I gave up on this back in 2017, I am doing the same thing I am doing for IP Content Databases. I create .CSV files, and then use AutoHotKey to form fill this information into IPB. Here is some sample code you guys can modify however you see fit. The code example is for IPContent, but you can change it around to click and fill in form data from CSV files for IP Commerce. EDIT: This one is Tab Delimited, because some of my fields had commas in them. Loop, read, C:\Temp\MyData.txt { StringSplit, LineArray, A_LoopReadLine, %A_Tab% name := LineArray1 month := LineArray2 year := LineArray3 Run http://www.mysite.com/magazines?do=add&category=286 Sleep 7000 Click 390, 633 SEND %name% SEND {TAB} SEND %month% SEND {TAB} SEND %year% SEND {ENTER} Sleep 7000 SEND !{F4} Sleep 7000 } You can add variables under the year line to accommodate more fields. just add more LineArrays like LineArray4....etc. The SEND !{F4} sends a close program to Firefox, Chrome, Edge, you can easily modify to just do a backspace or a new click to continue the script. Really powerful for getting info into IPB! Saved me countless hours creating thousands of records.
  2. I have my IP Downloads set to create forum topics. Everything is great, however if a custom member field is left blank, the field will show as "Guest" when the topic is created. Here is the code, I am wondering if I can enclose it with some sort of logic to check if the field exists before echoing it out to a forum post. That way it will only output on the topic if it is actually populated. <span style='font-weight: bold;'> Uploaded By: </span> {expression="\IPS\Member::load( $file->customFields()['field_16'] )->link()" raw="true"}&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <span style='font-weight: bold;'>
    Seems to work at the level directly above, but not at a level higher up. So for instance...... Parent Category (empty) |___Sub Category (empty) |____Populated Category (full) So the items from Populated will show up to the Empty Sub Cat, but it would be nice if they went up to the top most level, that way you could see everything new that had been submitted below. EDIT: The above is now fixed....and I say......
  3. So I deal with rectangle images (book and magazine covers) which IP seems to hate. Well I fixed my IP Gallery Carousel to display magazine covers properly without cropping the tops and bottoms of my images. However that has introduced this new issue, where now the text is screwy on everything after the first image. Any ideas?
  4. I second this, if the default ip fields could be expanded it would be great. Maybe a field to bring forward images out of the IP Gallery, a field to bring download links out of the IP Downloads. I would love a contributor field that would sort of function like "Who's Online" but rather it would show "Who's Contributed" to a IP Database record.
  5. Sorry I should have clarified, I have comments turned off on my IP Databases. I am looking for the last person who has made a edit to a record to show up in the database view. All my databases have the wiki feature turned on, and I want to see all my members who are editing records.
  6. Yeah, I want my members avatars and names to show up in the Databases, rather than my name and avatar just because I created the records. I think its more encouraging for my members to see their names and avatars all across the databases.
  7. I dont think that setting shows the member who last edited a record, I believe that setting only changes what constitutes an updatable action. So do you want new comments to trigger a record popping to the top of the recently changed, or do you want to require an edit to be made to the record to move it to the top. I am talking about giving members credit in the databases.
  8. I love the IP Content Databases, but I am not crazy about how it shows data fields that are less than desirable. So what do I mean, well I created almost 95% of the thousands of records in my IP Content Databases. However I don't want the credit for this. I created stub entries in my database, and when my members add information into those stub entries.......MY AVATAR and NAME show up! Here is an example.... As you can see I created this database record, and it shows my Avatar and Username, however if you drill into the Database record and look at the record...... You can see one of my members was the last person to update that record. If we are already showing the correct "Updated Timestamp", lets also show who actually was the last member in that record. I want my members getting the credit, not me! It gets worse for the Widgets in my IP Content Databases.....lets look at how those are handled..... You can see that just creating a simple feed, its again showing the record authors name and avatar, and it shows the record creation date, which just looks odd. I dont want people thinking the last time that record was updated was 2016.....again if we drill into the record we can see..... Here you can see that record was updated 45 minutes ago and by a different member. If I have to hire someone to fix this, I will do so.....but I really think we should have an option in these areas to give us a bit more control over what data is presented to the public. I want my members to get credit, and I want the updated timestamps to show....not the creation ones. Just my 2 cents 😛
  9. I live on the edge and rarely use my test install but the other day I wanted to see what would break in 4.4 when I finally upgrade. So I pull down a copy of my database and all my files, and upload that copy to my .INFO version of my site and fix the paths, rebuild the caches to bring back the FontAwesome icons. But I just want to make sure that when I changed that license over there to have -TESTINSTALL at the end, that emails are not going out to members and that subscription renewals are not firing off. So is there a list somewhere that lists out what -TESTINSTALL disables?
  10. Actually just found a mod that seems to cover this for me 🙂 https://www.devfuse.com/products/88-downloads-ftp-mirror/ Posting in case anyone else was up against the same issue.
  11. What is the IPB recommended method for cleaning up our sites? I know when I look in my database, that I see IPB Arcade, IPB Casino, IPB Battle systems from back when I was running IPB 2.x. Is there a comparison tool that could point out non default tables and fields for us to evaluate? Same with IPB files, is there any tool that could run a comparison and tell me what differences there are between a default install and my file structure?
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