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  1. TDB Posts (41x)

    I loaded this plugin last night, It shows on the wizard and I put the block in place and configure the settings......but nothing ever shows. Any ideas?
  2. New: Group promotion improvements

    I like this, but to take it a step further....I would like to see an option to return members to lower groups if they don't maintain a certain level of activity. example.. In order to remain in "Group X" you must have 25 posts over the last 12 month, otherwise you go back to "Group Y" This would keep up forum activity, rather than just having a member do a one time burst of creating topics and replies.
  3. New: Additional REST API Endpoints

    Oh that would be so helpful, my site deals with hundreds of categories that are mirrored between Content, Downloads and Gallery and it would cut down on the creation process.
  4. New: Downloads Index Page

    I would still like to see a global kill switch for IP Downloads where if I get close to my bandwidth for the month.....the Download section goes offline
  5. New: Additional REST API Endpoints

    Just curious because I am not sure I fully understand the above feature. Does this mean that I can have someone code me a page that could simultaneously create multiple sections? For example, I usually have to create a Download Category called "X" and then create a Gallery Category called "X" and then an IP Pages DB Category called "X".
  6. Right now the current way of adding products to IP Commerce is very slow. It would be great if you guys supported sucking in items via a CSV file. I could easily create a spreadsheet with thousands of items Picture Name = Product1.jpg Product Category = 6 Product Description = This is a book Product Quality = Excellent Product Price = $4.95 Product Shipping = $3.00 Countries Shipped to = USA, UK Then you just upload all the product images to your server, and run an import of the CSV file and it would create thousands of listings. It would sort of work like the eBay turbo lister, but without all those pesky listing fees
  7. IPS Community Suite 4.1.19 Available

    Bah! The Multi-Member Selection for Database Fields is still truncating everything after the first name because it is not writing those values into the DB correctly
  8. The way the Gallery Slider widget displays images is just ugly. I had to tweak it to stop it from doing squares question is....why do I even need to do that? It is obvious when you go into the Gallery that the New Images section can properly display images scaled down to appropriate why not on the widget? Widget New Images
  9. IP Content and specifically the custom probably the most powerful aspect of the entire suite. For admins like me to be able to stand up custom databases that suit our website needs, is beyond awesome. However I think with a few more database field types, it could be a game changer for most sites. When I stand up a custom database, I do so to leverage the power of my community, I want to encourage my members to add their knowledge into our databases. As each member adds content into the custom databases, my site becomes more useful to other members. So I am proposing these three additional field types.... A More Robust Star Rating Field - The current rating system is more than adequate for rating a blog entry, forum topic, gallery image or file. These types of entries can work with a simple 1-5 or 1-10 rating scheme. However when you are dealing with records in the kinda want something more. Lets say I run a video game database, I may want a ratings field for "Graphics" and another one for "Sound" or "Game Play". Maybe I run a Cancun, Mexico vacation website and I want to have a database of resorts in the area, now I want ratings fields for "Location" and "Amenities". Or maybe I run a website that has a database of restaurants in the Washington DC area and I want to have star ratings for "Price", "Customer Service" , "Presentation". The end goal is to give a more complete picture on the database record, not just a simple 1-5 star rating. And maybe you don't want stars, perhaps you want to display bronze, silver or gold medals depending on the ratings. A Collection Field - One of the best ways to encourage members to add information into a database is to make it benefit them! A simple "Add to Collection" field type gives members bragging rights and lets them show off. Maybe you run a movie database and want to allow your users to add those items into personal collections. When a user goes and adds "Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring" to their movie collection, and it is missing the Bluray cover art.....when they go back to their profile page and see that "image missing" placeholder on their collection tab....they are more likely to go and fill that out. Bonus points if you make it a "Have, Want, Selling" type button and this would allow members to quickly find other people to trade with on the community. A Simple Vote Up/Down Field - Sometimes you just want to give users the ability to upvote or downvote a record in a database category. Just a straightforward +1/-1 field that could be named whatever you want. Also there should be database field types that allow you to integrate gallery images, blog entries and download manager files into records as well.
  10. +1 - would love to tell IP Content Database revisions to offload to a separate SQL Database
  11. Before I moved to IP Content, I ran my IPB board and had a MediaWiki setup for my content management system. While I love not having do this kind of weird stuff to make an item bold..... '''this will be bold''' I do miss the ability to quick link to items that already have pages by doing this.... [[Super Nintendo]] I understand this could be tricky as with MediaWiki everything exists within 1 database, and on IP Pages, you could be linking to a Page or Database item across many different databases. But maybe we give our communities the ability to prefix a word, which would generate a dynamic list? Somewhat like how putting down an @ sign will bring up the members list as you type. At the moment I feel like there are too many steps required to link internal content between pages/databases. Just a thought
  12. This a THOUSAND TIMES OVER. Example, I run a video game forum. I should be able to create the following Gallery categories.... Box Art Manuals Cartridge/CD Scans Screenshots Then I should be able to go create an IP Content Database called Video Games, create sub categories for Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis....and then add database fields for...... Box Art Manuals Cartridge/CD Scans Screenshots Which then I should have an option to choose "Gallery Media" as a field type and reference those images from within my Databases. It is redundant to ask my members to upload images to the Gallery, and then upload them again into IP Databases as attachments. P.S. - This also applies to the IP Downloads and their screenshots. On some parts of my site I now have 3 copies of the same image P.S.S - Lets also get an IP Downloads field type for the databases, so we can natively call files from our databases. Would be nice to also have a Blog Database field for calling blog entries. If my members are writing their own blog reviews of games, they should be able to have those show up on the database records as well.
  13. Basic Points (Support)

    +1 for any and all of these... Points for Gallery Images added (should be by category, personally I want to do 0 points for personal albums) Points for IP Page DB Records Created/Updated Points used for IPDownloads - I would love to have users cash in their points for increasing the number of files they can download via IP Downloads. Right now the default system is too rigid of X posts per 1 Download. I would rather it be the reverse.......X Downloads Per X Topics or X Posts. If you do go down this route, please add an exclusion setting, so I can allow Patrons/Staff to bypass cashing in points for download credits.
  14. I just noticed that the share links are no longer present once we upgrade to 4.x I am heavily dependent on the Image Link URL for integrating my IPGallery images into my IPContent databases. Take for example the following link.... This URL structure is 99% static, the only aspect you need to change to call a new image is the image ID This was great, because it was very easy to instruct my members to look for this ID and then just enter that 3-5 digit number into a field in my IP Content Databases to get an image to "attach" to a database record. Now the entire reason I had to go down this path was because of the poor integration between IPGallery and IPContent. Back in 3.x the IPContent had the field type of "Shared Media", now you would think that would solve my problem. However when the "Shared Media" field was chosen, it only gave you the ability to choose media that you were the author of. My IPGallery has over 11,000 images that can be used within IPContent. Now even the Shared Media field type has been removed from 4.x. So I am stuck with the following options.... 1) Dump the database section of my IPGallery to a CSV, open it in Excel and mass generate the new URL structures. Then do a mass SQL query to replace the values in my IPContent Databases.... 100 with this monstrosity.... 2) Create a new field type of Upload, and have my member upload "copies" of what already exists in my IPGallery (not happening) 3) Hope someone develops a mod to tie the Gallery and Pages section You would think that there would be default content fields that could call the IPGallery.
  15. iCredits

    Is there a possibility that we could get an exclusion rule for the iCredits in the download section. Here is my current situation 1) Allow members to donate via IP Nexus to promote them to a group that can download more 2) Use iCredits to allow members to exchange activity on the site for more downloads What I would like to do is allow my basic members to use iCredits and exchange new topics, replies, blog posts for more downloads, but exclude my premium member groups who have donated money via IPNexus from being required to use iCredits for downloads. This way users can choose to either donate funds to download, or be active on the forums and download.