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  1. Thanks for that. I'll have a play. Maybe we could open this thread or other threads to user submitted templates? Would really help people get the most out of this. I'd be happy to provide mine.
  2. Hi, I'm just wondering if there are any examples of responsive email templates? This is a fantastic module btw, thank you. Thanks, Christian
    Absolutely perfect! My images on Facebook are now actually good and relevant. Should be part of the core app.
    Does what it says on the box. Thanks!
  3. Mine throws an API error But, I do use CSE on my 404 pages and that works. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/blah-blah
  4. This. I've disabled the plugin for the time being.
    This is a great service. Thank you!
  5. Awesome, works beautifully on 4.2.2. Thanks Tom!
  6. Well that answers that. Thank you.
  7. Three questions; 1. When is summer? I'm assuming its coming up. I'm in the middle of Winter. 2. Will there be any improvements to PM's? I find the current UI terrible for dealing with lots of messages. 3. Will there be any change to search? Namely any Sphinx or Elastic etc support? Thanks guys, Christian
  8. I have my forums in a sub directory - ie, www/forums/ To get my users to the portal, I do the following in www/index.php (not in www/forums/index.php); header('Location: /forums/portal', true, 302); exit; It's ugly, but it works.
  9. My search results fail to show. A JS error is printed to the log; Cannot read property 'CustomSearchControl' of undefined I created a non-paid search engine to test with, the same issue occurs with that. I have cleared the cache also.
  10. Ok, so as I pay for Site Search, I'll just downgrade to CSE and get ads with my results. Is that right?
  11. Google has announced it is discontinuing Site Search. Any idea if there will be a replacement product?
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