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  1. Anti-Spam IPS4

    This is a great service. Thank you!
  2. Stop Forum Spam

    Great plugin. Thanks!
  3. Clear Cache

    Awesome, works beautifully on 4.2.2. Thanks Tom!
  4. Invision Community 4.2

    Much appreciated.
  5. Invision Community 4.2

    Well that answers that. Thank you.
  6. Invision Community 4.2

    Three questions; 1. When is summer? I'm assuming its coming up. I'm in the middle of Winter. 2. Will there be any improvements to PM's? I find the current UI terrible for dealing with lots of messages. 3. Will there be any change to search? Namely any Sphinx or Elastic etc support? Thanks guys, Christian
  7. Portal

    I have my forums in a sub directory - ie, www/forums/ To get my users to the portal, I do the following in www/index.php (not in www/forums/index.php); header('Location: /forums/portal', true, 302); exit; It's ugly, but it works.
  8. (IPBA) Similar Topics for IPB4

    When it works it's fantastic. Problem is, it only appears on some topics and not others. Due to its inconsistency, I had to rate it down.
  9. (DP42) CSE Google

    My search results fail to show. A JS error is printed to the log; Cannot read property 'CustomSearchControl' of undefined I created a non-paid search engine to test with, the same issue occurs with that. I have cleared the cache also.
  10. (DP42) CSE Google

    Ok, so as I pay for Site Search, I'll just downgrade to CSE and get ads with my results. Is that right?
  11. (DP42) CSE Google

    Google has announced it is discontinuing Site Search. Any idea if there will be a replacement product?
  12. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Thanks. It took a little while to update after I cleared cache a few times.
  13. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Is there any known issues with the widget filtering by forum not working? It doesn't matter what I choose in the forums select it makes no difference.
  14. Either works for me. Thanks Lindy.
  15. You guys could always re-implement Sphinx. Wouldn't that do all of this out of the box?