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  1. Hi All, I wrote a big topic today for my site and I uploaded a heap of images to it. Two issues stopped me from publishing though and I had to leave the topic in our moderators chat section; 1. The images are not converted to thumbnails. Whether we insert the images into the post or not. So its just a big long post of images. 2. The images that we do 'insert into post' still appear at the bottom of the post, so we get duplicates. It's been a while since I've posted anything pic heavy like this but I'm sure this isn't how it used to work ? I did a heap of searches on here and couldn't find anything matching my issue so I'm hoping its just a config issue. Would appreciate any input. Thanks guys Christian
  2. Yep, on my site the success rate of identifying and blocking a spammer is dismally low.
  3. Any rough estimate here? I'm looking at writing an integration with Akismet.
  4. I know this is a little old but the discussion needs to continue. I have a fairly busy board and have found that the spam prevention hasn't been stopping much at all given the spam attacks we've recently been getting. CleanTalk is fairy useless now also and I'm relying more heavily on my WAF on CloudFlare. So, with this in mind I'm worried about disabling spam prevention but I have changed all > 1 to moderate the registration so I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. Note that 2 & 3 seem to never be triggered. For yesterday (17/2) 48 total registration attempts. 1 x code 3 32 x code 4 15 x code 1
  5. While I don't want to get into an argument the reason these scores are important to me is because Google have stated that various lighthouse metrics will be used in SEO ranking. Including the content shift score which will be used from 2021. There are 9 confirmed metrics that will affect seo from memory. I think my site is fast enough and works will for all speeds but a huge number of my page views come from Google searches and I can't risk losing them. Thanks for the info @Adlagoi was more wondering why the tags were not present in the source.
  6. Great info in here, thanks @Adlago! Question though; I cannot get my CSS to add preload tags to the source. I can add this and it works; <link rel="preload" href="/forums/applications/core/interface/font/fontawesome-webfont.woff2?v=4.7.0" as="font" type="font/woff2" crossorigin="anonymous"> I can add this and it works; <link rel="preload" href="/forums/uploads/css_built_16/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css?v=4dabe886c51604917814" as="style" type="font/woff2" crossorigin="anonymous"> But whenever I try to utilise the loops that currently load CSS, nothing happens; {{foreach array_unique( \IPS\Output::i()->cssFiles, SORT_STRING ) as $file}} <link rel='stylesheet' test="test" href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\Theme::i()->cssCacheBustKey() )"}' media="all"> {{endforeach}} (Note test param) - this works! But; {{foreach array_unique( \IPS\Output::i()->cssFiles, SORT_STRING ) as $file}} <link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\Theme::i()->cssCacheBustKey() )"}' as="style"> <link rel='stylesheet' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\Theme::i()->cssCacheBustKey() )"}' media="all"> {{endforeach}} This does not work - I do not get the preload tag in source. I have tried adding separate loops that add only the preloads; {{foreach array_unique( \IPS\Output::i()->cssFiles, SORT_STRING ) as $file}} <link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\Theme::i()->cssCacheBustKey() )"}' as="style"> {{endforeach}} And I've tried creating new templates, adding directly to global template, just wont work . I'd love any advice. Thanks!
  7. Was this after updating to IPB 4.5? Just released an update that is pending approval. Sorry Michael I only just saw this. No my forums are still 4.4.
  8. Hi @Michael.J I use this app religiously, thanks so much. Mine seems to have stopped sending PM's though. .I only noticed today that its been several months since one was sent and I get anywhere between 5 and 10 new users per day. Whats the first thing I should do to troubleshoot? Thanks again!
  9. I replaced my current default theme with a new one and disabled designer mode and its working really well. Thanks very much!
  10. Thanks, I'll give that a go at some stage. It sounds like a lot of work so I'll need to pick a low traffic period when i have a few hours available.
  11. Hi Guys, About 10 days ago my server crashed, I'm not sure of the reason but she's been up and running fine since. But, I've been having issues with my forums ever since. I have contacted support but they refused to help me over ssh and require sftp access which sounds straight forward but that would result in some major file changes on my server to make sftp write permissions work. So, I'm now on my own. This is a really strange issue... I use 2 themes, my 'default' theme and a 'dark' theme. Both just lightly modified from the default theme. 99% of my registered users (130k or so) use default and i have a few hundred only on the dark theme. My site will not load at all without the designer mode on. When designer mode is off I get these; PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Class 'IPS\Theme\Cache\class_forums_front_topics' not found and ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function IPS\Theme\Cache\hook87::imageInfo(), 1 passed in and ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function IPS\Theme\hook87::imageInfo(), 1 passed in BUT my dark theme will load. When I enable designers mode my default theme will load and the dark theme will not, it gives; BadMethodCallException: NO_TEMPLATE_FILE The whole time I am testing, the theme cache is pretty empty. [root@ded2100 forums]# ls -la system/Theme/Cache/ total 16 drwxrwxrwx+ 2 nginx nginx 4096 May 17 17:52 . drwxrwxr-x+ 7 nginx nginx 4096 May 12 2018 .. -rw-r--r-- 1 nginx nginx 0 Mar 4 2019 index.html -rw-rwxr--+ 1 nginx nginx 4484 Jul 15 2019 Template.php I have tried several methods to rebuild cache, including through support and selecting 'something is not working right' and also through the clear cache plugin. I've also systematically disabled each application and plugin and reloaded the page. I'd love any assistance at all here. Thanks in advance! Christian
  12. Hi Guys, As I am planning on killing my Tapatalk integration soon I want to make my mobile app as good as possible and that means having a decent image for my site when somebody uses chrome (or anything) to add it to a home screen. Is there somewhere we can add an image for this purpose? Or, is it a meta tag I should add? Thanks all, Christian
  13. Prank


    Hi @HeadStand I'm close to having my newsletters ready for the public which is exciting but I had some q's for you. Is there a way to have a dynamic title? Maybe the first few content items combined or something? My unsubscribe links are broken and link to "/forums/newsletters/unsubscribe/&key=*%7Cunsubscribe_key%7C*" which gives a page not found error. Thanks! Christian Do you mean images from inside a post? This is pretty tricky. I fell back to having the users' avatar image as that is much easier.
  14. Prank


    Thanks for that. I'll have a play. Maybe we could open this thread or other threads to user submitted templates? Would really help people get the most out of this. I'd be happy to provide mine.
  15. Prank


    Hi, I'm just wondering if there are any examples of responsive email templates? This is a fantastic module btw, thank you. Thanks, Christian
  16. Whoops, looks like this table is truncated automatically. Thanks all.
  17. Hi guys, Just wondering if I can delete the contents of my search index table if I'm using elastic search? The table is huge and causes problems when backing up. Thanks Christian
    Absolutely perfect! My images on Facebook are now actually good and relevant. Should be part of the core app.
  18. This is really helpful. I'm trying to set this to be the first embedded/attached image in the first post. Any ideas what template for that? Thanks!
    Does what it says on the box. Thanks!
  19. Prank

    (DP42) CSE Google

    Mine throws an API error But, I do use CSE on my 404 pages and that works. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/blah-blah
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