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  1. I totally get that different communities have different needs In all honesty I don't understand what PWA is, what the technicalities of it are. I just know that if the app store had a shiny icon in it for my forum, that my readers would most definitely download and use it on one my forums (the football forum I run). The other forum I have that is based on my city's history would also get used as an app but maybe not as much I guess when I say that I think an app would benefit my community what I'm really saying is that I'd love my forum to be on the app stores, have an app downl
  2. Just thought I'd nip in and have a read of this thread to see what people thought about apps and Invision. I have to say I'm really shocked at people dismissing the 'app' side of invision so quickly. It seems strange to me. For example - would more people use my forum if it was an app on the app stores? Without a doubt YES - massively. It would make such a massive difference to how many people used my forums. More people would find my forums, more people would visit. More people would revisit definitely because having an app on their device is the way people go about things these d
  3. Quick question - is this advert plug in responsive? I have ads that are breaking out of the theme that are too wide for the screen - is that down to a setting I need to alter on the plugin?
  4. Thank you that's fantastic! Great plug in - so glad I bought it and would recommend it to anyone else thinking about it!
  5. ok thank you Final question - What code would I need to put in to make advertisements appear between the last post on a page and the navigation
  6. Thank you that worked perfectly! Do you know how I can create an adhesion unit to show on both mobile and desktop?
  7. Hi, How do I have adverts after/in the 8th post in a topic?
  8. Do I need to supply tablet / mobile code if my ads are responsive adsense ads?
  9. HI, I'm thinking of buying this plug in but am a total novice when it comes to programming/coding. Here is what I need to achieve - is this possible with this plug in? 1 - To have adverts after/in the 8th post in a topic 2 - Adding an adhesion unit to both mobile and desktop 3 - Moving the standard Invisionboard bottom advert up to appear between the last post on a page and the navigation
  10. There'a a mailbouncer app in the marketplace that does this
  11. This new feature is such a simple, clever idea I"m so happy this is happening Nice one guys
  12. Heya, Since setting this up it's posting the newly published video in new topic discussions on my forums which is amazing, but it's doing it using random usernames Have I done something wrong? (I put in my username to post from me in the video settings)
  13. This sounds great. Is there a dummies guide on how to use it that is easier to understand how to do itt?
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