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  1. Traffic Traffic and more Traffic Then someone online pretty much all the time to interact (like, thumbs up etc) the posts and reply to them and get a dialogue going
  2. Sorted - just need to wait for the existing ones to flush through I'll turn it back on once sorted by IPB
  3. Is there a way to quickly sort this for someone with limited coding knowledge Is there a way to turn these huge letter avatars off?
  4. Has anyone resolved this? I have many validating members and I need to deal with them more swiftly
  5. Got it yeah thank you Will contact you via your support site Many thanks!
  6. I just purchased this again after having it before I upgraded to 4.X version I don't think it's working and I'm getting all kinds of error messages, not least that the webhook fails I just sent a global email to all members and it's just included everyone in the email send meaning a load of bounces and fails
  7. I'm trying the latest version - still not working as I need it to Anyone else experiencing issues with this?
  8. Same here It's critical to me I can't upgrade to version 4.X until this is resolved If it's not resolved I'll have to switch software to another forum package which I really don't want to do
  9. Is anyone looking at an RSS Export option like the 3.X version of the software?
  10. If anyone can make a paid solution I'd buy it TODAY
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