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  1. This doesn’t address my actual issue though I currently have that set to one day Im not wanting to delete any invalidated applications or registrations I need to delete all/any registrations that me or my team haven’t approved This used to be a simple feature where you could simply tick a little box next to an applicant and delete them - that’s not there anymore Now I have hundreds of (user validated) registrations I need to remove
  2. Really simple this one but I can't find a solution I want to go into my backend of my site and just delete all validating members where people have applied to join the site How do I do this?
  3. Ahhh that's frustratingly close to what I need All I'm needing is for the site to run and for anyone registering to get an email from 'me@mydomain.com' etc confirming it, and bulk mails to come from an email at my domain etc
  4. Thank you - will book a call and see what else I need to check off my list of worries ! The Bulk Mail I meant actually having emails go out (e.g not the feature but the actual email delivery that I currently pay sendgrid an over the top amount of £ for - really not happy with it at £100 per month etc)
  5. Ultimately I need: 1) Smooth migration 2) To be able to edit ads.txt and custom css 3) To have emails sending to members when they join etc and bulk mail 4) Just to use the site software - and not have to worry about PHP, MySQL or any tech stuff 🤣 I just need it to work, and when it doesn't need it fixed like asap and not the next day etc Also site speed - I need it all to be RAPID in the UK for my users The simpler the solution the better for me
  6. Thank you - so I'd be able to make changes to things like my ads.txt files etc?
  7. Thank you Also another thing is mail and FTP access which are essential for me Is there no support in place for UK users during non-US business hours in case of downtime/issues?
  8. The last few times I've tried I've had to move away as I'm UK based, found the site had issues, had really slow response times (back then) which meant it was a very frustrating experience to say the least, and because the site is monetised I couldn't risk staying on the hosting any longer so went to self hosted. What I'm looking for is a smooth migration to a new host, uptime is fine I can see that - but if my site has an issue currently an engineer is on it within 15/30 minutes and it gets sorted, plus I get backups etc offsite - all on SSD infrastructure that's really fast. I don't want to risk moving if it's going to be a nightmare migrating, or I lose files/images in the move, or if the response/repair time if there's downtime is a nightmare like previous times where I've had to leave my site down overnight till the support staff come on shift in the US etc? Also - ping time, response time for users in the UK and also SEO implications of moving away from UK hosts?
  9. So I'm currently self hosting a couple of forums Both are old sites that have been running since around 2004 or so They're large in size of database but also storage due to uploads over the years of images etc by members I've tried Invision hosted communities a few times over the years but always had issues with it in terms of speed, downtime or issues but due to price increases by my current hosts I'm tempted to try once more Could I get some advice as to whether I should trust Invision to host my stuff or not?
  10. I'm interested in finding out the costs of moving to IPS cloud hosting and the benefits of doing so I'd also be interested in the speed of the site if I moved onto it, plus the downtime/uptime stats? Where could I get this info?
  11. I definitely do NOT want a bad IP space reputation affecting my site at all Sounds like I need Amazon SES am guessing it's going to need someone to set it up for me though
  12. What the..... 🤣 I never knew this! I've been using it as SMTP server yeah! Crikey - looks like I need to switch! What is everyone else using to send their emails these days then?
  13. I use Mandrillapp to send emails Emails were sending fine I updated to latest version last week on both my forums on my server Both sites/forums now give me an authentication error when trying to send emails or bulk emails from the forums, including things like registration confirmation emails ec Error I'm getting (even when trying to send test emails) is IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception: 535 Incorrect authentication data (535) I've checked and re-checked the email settings with Mandrillapp and they're bang on Any ideas anyone?
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