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  1. Thanks for that. It's a plausible thing given it's a 20year old dataset from various pre IPB setups. Going forwards, once the rebuild is complete, other than future rebuilds do the orphans cause any actual problems?
  2. Also encountering this issue. Just upgraded from 4.6.5 to 4.7.5. Provisioned a new elastic cluster 7.10.2, old one was v6.# so incompatible. 1st rebuilt left no activity search results, second is generating pages of these errors. Any solutions or things to try that can be shared?
  3. None logged I think it just took a really long time, 5+ mins then the time for me to post here, so another 6 mins diff... It's just completed ok. I'm going to chalk it up to one of those schrodinger internet cat things.
  4. of course after waiting and waiting, as soon as i posted this... it only loaded the page...
  5. Hi all, This isn't the first time I've tried to do an update and been thwarted. The upgrade process is basically stuck at sign in, so after step one confirm upgrade. Just the spinner, no console errors. Have signed in and out here a few times, plus in and out of the marketplace. We've tried previous releases but it's always failed, we're told it's due to cloudflare. Well we're not behind cloudflare now and it's just as bad. 🙂 I'm tempted to do a manual upload but don't know if the upgrade needs to call home and as such we'd be blocked mid upgrade. FYI a test server idenitical setup has zero issues upgrading. Much confusion here 🙂 Anyone have any insight into what might be causing it to loop/hang... ?
  6. 😄I was under the impression this was the mechanism to communicate with the team for support and get peer to peer advice. Previously it would of been private via the support system 😉 I'm not using a stick, I'm surprised is all. Thank you for your quoting, it will help many more I'm sure. I was being slightly sarcastic about the Eula back in 20##. Reflecting more in the change a company goes through as it evolves. I brought licenses to other software instead, the ipb ones will die with me.
  7. I don't believe the solution; as marked by Marc, is 'the solution'. I wonder what the eula was when I purchased it all those years ago... As Dean says, two parties, one dormant license to be reinvigorated, more revenue, another ipb community to potentially flourish. Customers be like buffalo, loads one year, then gone tomorrow.
  8. I want to gift one of my dormant licenses to a team member. I cannot see any way of doing it, various posts around the internet range from it's not possible, to it is possible. Anyone any ideas on how to get this license handed over to my lovely volunteer to make his evening?
  9. It's version 6, was fine... It was on 6Gb of 8Gb storage per node. guessing it didn't have enough storage to do the rebuild, just scaling it up to a larger storage... Still a good chance to find out a deployment isn't quite as tweaked as one hoped for 🙂
  10. I'd say it's an elastic issue based on some system logs, although given that was ok before the upgrade... possibly an issue post. IPS\Content\Search\Elastic\Exception (0) cluster_block_exception: blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)]; It's a hosted cluster for what it's worth. That's not quite hit my storage alarm, but has nonetheless, hit a problem.
  11. Would appear the assumption that all was well was mistimed. The rebuild got underway around 3hours ago and activity appeared to flow. However checking back in, the posts and unread content are all for nought since 3hours ago. In lieu of any other information, further assistance is required as this is the lifeblood of figuring out what's going on in the community. Thanks.
  12. I removed it, refreshed, and then added it back in. Caching is afterall one of the two hardest things right... Initial review seems to show a few users now. The old turn it off and on again trick worked. Onwards to the next niggle 🙂
  13. Appreciate it might be cached, but there is a topic, quite a few that most users are on and it's been over 24hours. It's been sat at zero all day for our site maintenance topic which, we push everyone to the day after an upgrade, more eyes etc. Not stopping anyone from using the site, so will figure it out eventually.
  14. The Registered users viewing the page block. We have it on topic page footers. This hasn't been tracking users on topics since the upgrade to 4.6.6. Was working fine before. Have gone through the something not working loop, no joy. Reading the release notes for 4.6.6, guessing there is another job/task to be done to move this block on again? Anyone any ideas?
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