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    As @bluto says, using a transactional processor and getting a failure was a chore to unset preferences and alike. Then the user might just opt back into emails anyway. Note it does not solve the unsubscribing from things, but does suppress sending notifications. Wish I'd found it 2years ago 😄
  1. When this feature was initially released I was excited to use it. As soon as I saw the registration flow for a free subscription I turned it off, it's terrible. As a developer myself, I know you have to release things and get feedback. IT won't always be right and the perfect release is never released. I'd really like to hope to see this feature be useable soon. The most obvious pattern from our perspective as community owners, seems to have completely slipped past the user stories phase. Fingers crossed 🙂
  2. @The Old Man I raised this and offered a fix, it wasn't taken up. It might be something you can do with s3 perms out of the box now.
  3. Just to add to this as I'm sure we're not alone... I've reached the end of the economic line for a single VPS. I count myself lucky the provider is excellent and very few SPOF incidents. I don't wish to move to a single commodity dedicated server, I'm going horizontal. Using any of the leading VPS providers there is a 'private' network which isn't actually 'private'. A couple do offer it. A VPN would be the only solution that works at any host, based on your feedback @Lindywhich is more complex to setup and manage than certificates. I don't think it's unreasonable for us to have a way of securely connecting to our database servers out of the box, others manage it. Issuing certs and distributing them isn't really a challenge. With the rise of tools like RDS and other 'remote' cloud services, we're increasingly connected beyond the idilic single server setup. As @Johno2518 says, transport security is the key. Because even in a private world, it's not if, but when! I'm probably going to solve this with either editing the core files, or following plan A with running Maria in a cluster and still having a 'localhost' connection. Its far better now than it used to be ? i.e. it works without needing a full-time dba to keep it running ?
  4. I'm not sure why this is such a lengthy delay though. In development though. One does simply not remove a huge feature without a plan, well ok... Was it really a pain leaving the option in place for those of us with a few million posts or more? Search was never been that good anyway so I'm not upset When we moved to IPB in 200# from vb, most of the early complaints were about search and that continued till recently*. Search maybe isn't that important in social media, maybe that's the influence, error. I've removed the emphasis in guidelines on searching before asking again *I've been pushing people to a google search page and I'm still on 3.4; the last of the ipb sites I own. I've been putting off migrating, dropping *search service* news was a moment. Now the sands of time are nearly out. I'm replacing my public search links to my hosted google search page, actually quite handy. You can set up watches and for key phrases, put suggestions in. e.g. tyres for winter, I can prompt you to view the tyres for winter topic, before the results. Zero cost inc the hosting via github pages for a static html page, plus income from the ads . Going to do a duckduck one too. One has to have options, in case google decide to drop their search engine. HTH.
  5. What's holding me back is the upgrade hasn't run properly yet. I'm not trying it on a live install, 4million + posts. I'm actually toying with archiving the old site and starting with a fresh install. Of course a fresh install in my test env works well and feels good to use. Pros are zero downtime, cons, community would be shredded. I just can't get any confidence... The db is old, has scars from plugins and upgrades since 2002ish... a fresh start also frees me from some expectations, and the drudgery of defending ipb4. I began ripping out content months ago in preparation of a migration to something, IPB4 included. I'm longing for a simple to use 'forum' system that just works and lets me integrate easily, I know, the yellow brick road But what's holding me back? I just closed my eyes and the first thing that popped into my head is "Xenforo importer does not support nexus for subs..."
  6. Adding my two pence too. Large(ish) site over at briskdoda.net. Currently on a backup VM while our main server is fixed. As a result I took the opportunity to update and implement sphinx properly. As you can imagine the community is less than happy at the moment. I'll be raising a ticket too.
  7. Just a quick note for anyone running sphinx on a server other than the forums server. The configuration file that is built by IPB is correct for 99% of the time, except in a multiserver install where remote hosts will connect to the sphinx install on a different server to that of the web, you need to change one line, the address line in searchd: searchd { #address = address = vlan ip or listening ip port = 3312 log = /var/sphinx/log/searchd.log query_log = /var/sphinx/log/query.log read_timeout = 5 max_children = 30 pid_file = /var/sphinx/log/searchd.pid max_matches = 1000 seamless_rotate = 0 preopen_indexes = 0 unlink_old = 1 } By using address = sphinx only listens to localhost, thus your web nodes will return no results despite being indexed. Hope this helps.
  8. Building migration plan from VB

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