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  1. I had similar problem. Host changed platform and cron did not work if I used Redis. Switching to MySQL or File System worked well. After trying different things, and turning on igBinary on my main domain (forum is located in subdomain and subdomain is using it's own php settings) I got Redis and cron working again. "Only" 180 pages of error logs 😄 Just for others having similar problems.
  2. Oh those translations... ? I've had to make many funny translations to make sentences seem OK. Back to 3.x.x I even reported some in Bug Tracker but only couple got "fixed". My language problem is that Suite uses same phrases in many places. But in one sentence it sounds good but in other it sounds very weird. Let's take an example: When someone adds images to the gallery I got an email. It says that someone added a new image. In English, you can use "new images" as "new image" but in Estonian theres "uue pildi" and "uued pildid". image=pilt, images=pildid. Phrase image and images are c
  3. Right now we have ability in ACP to restrict using statuses and PM-s but would like to block signatures per member as well. This can be helpful if member has abused signatures.
  4. Hello, Would like to see an option where admin can choose forums where highlighted replies are present. Also to choose colour for different groups (example for moderator and administrator). Thanks!
  5. Hei, I have a suggestion for Moderator Logs. I have allowed 'Edit Logs' but when a user changes topic title also, it won't show up anywhere what was the old title.
  6. I came here with the same exact question.
  7. Yes please! Funny it isn't an option already (without customize). Would like to make user profiles public but lots of them have their phone numbers added and don't want Google (and others) to index them.
  8. I tried URL filtering in ACP and blocked some image hosting sites. My suggestion is that if somebody posts a blocked URL, they should get notified about it. For example if member posts an image URL and that domain is blocked by suite, the post will be empty. Suite does not state it was blocked so member will edit post or even do another post with the same content. After that they blame admins that something is broken.
  9. All of these red or gray banners are for your own good. Don't know why's there so much dissatisfaction around it. Only admins see those. Other hand, when something happens to your Suite people are asking "why i didn't get notified about new security release" or something. But it's only my humble opinion
  10. Well, as an Estonian I can say we use Facebook, Twitter and Google for this. Don't know anything about VK. Agree.
  11. When I first saw Activity Stream here, I was thinking like "Oh God whyyyy?". I believed my members will never be OK with it. At first I was against it myself. My members are from 16 - 70 y.o but most active users are mid 30's so I was ready for a battle. But... What turned out - they haven't had any questions or problems with it. Not any! I was like... "It has to be a conspiracy or something". Now I'm used to it myself.
  12. As much as I know IPB have stored original gallery files in previous versions also. They are useful if you want to rebuild gallery images. I see your concern about disk space. You may change the Maximum Image Size in Group Settings to reduce original image size for future uploads. It won't apply to your old files tho. Speaking about myself, I once found original gallery files useful when I wanted to remove watermark on images. But I'm not worried about disk space either
  13. No, post author did not change but topic author changed from mine to someone elses. My common sense thought that first post will not change and others will sorted by topic date after first post. This kind of topic hijacking is a bit funny My first reaction was cmd+z
  14. Hey! I have some questions about topic splitting. I'm a bit confused and should it work this way after all. I made a topic on my forums and needed to transfer some posts into that topic. I used "split" in old topic but the result was that my post in new topic went to last position and topic starter changed to person who made the earlyest post from splitted posts. Should it work that way? Or is it a bug?
  15. Would like to know that as well?! One of the hosts I know stated on their FB page that they will not offer PHP7 anytime soon because they have their own control panel and upgrading it would be too much work ? It's some cheap (and unreliable for me) host anyway. My own host has made a rule that they will make PHP versions upgrade on first monday of every month if any of them have come out.
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