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  1. Not really. In the United States, its Alexa ranking is 314. DeviantArt is listed and that's 414.
  2. Would you please consider adding Gab to the Social Profiles section of General Configuration? Thank you.
  3. Hello, Please consider adding referrerpolicy="origin" or referrerpolicy="no-referrer" to the Google Fonts CSS <link> tag. Right now, if one uses a Google Font (the default on IPB 4.2 when I upgraded, certainly), it gives away the full URL the user is browsing to Google. Google claims they are only keeping track of font popularity, so there is no harm in doing this that I can see. If not having a referrer is an issue, referrerpolicy="origin" would solve the 'giving the entire browsing history of all IPB users away to Google' problem while still providing the requesting site. Tha
  4. How should they be configured, then? The file itself is accessible just fine, directly. It is in applications/core/interface/.../auth.php I have friendly URLs enabled, but nothing in applications/ has a friendly URL so it should not matter. I am running Nginx.
  5. In the Downloads application, is it possible to hook to provide screenshots automatically, based on the uploaded file? The files I am receiving are in a format that a screenshot could potentially be generated from. Thanks!
  6. I am seeing: Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 when my script (essentially copy/pasted from the LinkedIn auth.php) does: if (isset(\IPS\Request::i()->error) and \IPS\Request::i()->error) { \IPS\Dispatcher\Front::i(); if (\IPS\Request::i()->error == 'access_denied') { \IPS\Output::i()->error(htmlentities(\IPS\Request::i()->error_description, ENT_QUOTES | \IPS\HTMLENTITIES, 'UTF-8', false), 'E400', 403); } else { \IPS\Output::i()->error
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