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  1. - Well, You might want to be a little more descriptive of your title (Forums - Oldskooltapes) (super quick example) Oldskooltapes Forum - Music from the Past - You will also want to add a description to each of your topics which is easily done inside the Invision app. - You should fix the broken links going to the image(s) - Follow what @liquidfractal said - In the news and update you might want to add an "About" post to give visitors an idea of what your forum is about. It's not just Google itself but the people who visit your forum that will help determine your ranking.
  2. Thanks @BankFodder, I'm not too familiar with this feature. Did you put the meta data in the header, or did you use the SEO feature in admin?
  3. Any resolution to this? I don't use @Adrian A. 's plugin but have a similar issue of no image.
  4. Sorry didn't catch your post. - from 4.1.
  5. Same issue that started at 4.2.1, I turned off "Quick Register" just in case and have not seen the problem again. Simply not sure if that helps though.
  6. Here are two related links. The common matters at hand is to edit the conf_global.php and .htaccess to include the new url and also to disable .htaccess during the move. There is also mention to clear the cache. There should be more links with info related to moving your forum to a different directory. I think the best bet would be to do the forum move first, ensuring everything works, then do your wp Homepage build up. Transferring Community to a New Server https://www.invisionpower.com/support/guides/_/maintenance-and-server-configurations/transferring-community-to-a-new-server-r20 Switching from /community to /forums directory https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/428878-switching-from-community-to-forums-directory/
  7. It might have to do with altering an InnoDB table since the prefix limitation is 767. Just guessing but support may have to assist to work around that one. You might want to download the upgrade file again and give it another try.
  8. Not necessarily, not everyone is configured exactly the same.
  9. I think you should have created a new topic on your sitemap issue. This topic is about robots.txt started by Ilya Hoilik.
  10. For wordpress I use wordfence, a firewall. It includes sql injection protection and more. I use the free version.
  11. Yes, that's what I do. I disabled the ones causing me issues.
  12. Good thing I don't live in Europe. You can disable ads for all members, it's in the advertising settings I believe.
  13. Something like this may help -> https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/webmasters/4ussUp3ZS3M/zJpkjolWe2MJ Where it might be a white space issue. So use notepad or the Apple equivalent and try it again to see if that helps remove the error signs.
  14. So your forum is www.thisdomain.com/forum/?
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