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  1. I´m affected by the same issue. Can you generate a new purchase or my account as well?
  2. For several hours I tried to set up the Google Login Handler ... without success. Although Google has changed the way of getting the Client ID and Client Secret I´m pretty sure that I got the correct ones. But trying to enter these values on my community only results in following message: Google rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again. Is there something more to care about?
  3. Thanks for the new update. I really like the Tag Cloud widget. But there is a little issue with very long tags that are distichous.
  4. Thanks for the new update. I really like the Tag Cloud widget. But there is a little issue with very long tags that are distichous.
  5. Currently i'm trying to do the first steps with the pages app and I want to be honest ... at the moment I´m quite overwhelmed I really like the style of the IPS4 "Release Notes" page and want to use this as well. But I have no Idea how to build a page like this. Is there anybody who can help me or is able to give a hint?
  6. Hello Nathan, thx for your reply. I searched thorugh the database and found 307 posts containing the snippet [TD]. I think this is exactly the number you are asking for. Unfortunately the table width isn´t uniformly. And because of copy and paste into the old WYSIWYWG editor the format seems not to be as strictly as needed?! Here are some examples: [TABLE=class: grid]</p><p> [TR]</p><p> [TD]Also[/TD]</p><p> [TD]man muss schon[/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR]</p><p> [TD]sagen der</p><p> [/TD]</p><p> [TD]neue Editor</p><p> [/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR]</p><p> [TD]ist echt[/TD]</p><p> [TD]klasse <img src="/emoticons/default_aliens/10.gif" alt=";)"></p><p> [/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [/TABLE] [TABLE]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]FARBAUSWAHL[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]Alienware M17x Stealth Black[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: even]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]PROZESSOR[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]Intel® Coreâ„¢ i7 Processor 2720QM (2.20Ghz, 6MB, 4C)[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]BETRIEBSSYSTEM[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]Original Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, Deustch[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: even]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]GRAFIKKARTE[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]2GB GDDR5 AMD® Radeonâ„¢ HD 6990M[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]ARBEITSSPEICHER[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]4.096 MB Dual-Channel DDR3 SDRAM mit 1.333 MHz [2 x 2.048][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: even]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]FESTPLATTE[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]320-GB-Serial ATA-Festplatte (7.200 1/min)[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]LCD[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]17,3-Zoll-FHD-WLED-LCD-Breitbild (1.920 x 1.080)[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: even]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]OPTISCHE LAUFWERKE[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]DVD+/-RW-Laufwerk (DVD und CD lesen und schreiben)[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]WIRELESS-NETZWERKVERBINDUNG[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2]Intel Wireless LAN 6300 3x3 (802.11a/b/g/n) Card - EUR[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: even]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3][/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR]</p><p> [TD]Zusammen:[/TD]</p><p> [TD][/TD]</p><p> [TD]2.009 €[/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: even]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]Rabatt:[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3] -200 €[/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [TR=class: odd]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd1]Summe:[/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd2][/TD]</p><p> [TD=class: scrtd3]<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>1.809 €</strong></span>[/TD]</p><p> [/TR]</p><p> [/TABLE]</p><p>The result of the rebuilded posts must not be perfect. But I think everything will be better than these odd looking BBCodes.
  7. Is there any developer out there who can help me concerning this? I managed the conversion from vbulletin one week ago and this is one of my last big things I´m dealing with.
  8. I was able to convert all of my tags to prefixes ... thanks for the hint! But is it really necessary that "Allowed Prefixes" are sorted alphabetically/numeric? Because my prefixes are products, I prefer a manual sorting (within the drop-down menu)
  9. Thanks for your fast reply Ryan. I can follow your thoughts ... it´s really a hairy situation, indeed. Following situation: At the weekend I converted my vbuleltin board to ips4. Because of the limitations (of the official converter tool) I wasn´t able to convert all of my vbulletin prefixes. This is why I used an own written script beforehand to convert all prefixes to tags. https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/409717-converters-migrating-vbulletin-thread-prefixes/?do=findComment&comment=2538474 Afterwards the converter was able to handle these information. Do you think it´s possible to convert my existing tags to prefixes? If that is the case I can do without min/max tags settings per forum.
  10. @Ryan H. First I want to thank you for this wonderful piece of software! But I have 2 little issues. 1) I have several forums with a closed tag system and wanted to force users setting up at least one tag. But there is only the possibility to make this requirement entirely for all forums. Is it possible to add a "require" toggle within the single forum settings like it is always available for prefixes? 2) Not sure if its related to ips or to this addon, nevertheless I ask you first ... I wanted to use the "copy value" feature of defined tags. Everything seems to be ok but after checking the target no data is copied.
  11. ​Yes, I do. But again. It is for vB4 and I´m not confident with vB3 anymore So it´s possible that you have to change the script concerning the right tables of your database. <h1>Database Migration Script</h1> <?php $prefix = array( array('ID' => 1, 'TEXT' => 'Example Prefix'), // duplicate this line for each single prefix. You´ll find the ID and Prefix in your ACP array('ID' => 0, 'TEXT' => '')); $mysqlhost = 'localhost'; // enter MySQL-Host $mysqluser = 'XXX'; // enter MySQL-User $mysqlpwd = 'YYY'; // enter MySQL-PW $connection = mysql_connect($mysqlhost, $mysqluser, $mysqlpwd); $connection = mysql_connect($mysqlhost, $mysqluser, $mysqlpwd); if (!$connection) { $output .= 'Verbindungsversuch fehlgeschlagen: ' . mysql_error(); } $mysqldb = 'ZZZ'; // your vB Database mysql_select_db($mysqldb, $connection); $table = 'thread'; $sql = 'SELECT * FROM `' . $table . '`'; $threads = mysql_query($sql); $output .= '<p>Anzahl der selektierten Zeilen: ' . mysql_num_rows($threads) . '</p>'; $output .= '<p>Selektierte Tabelle: ' . $table; while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($threads)){ $sql = ''; if ($row[2] == '') { $output .= '<p>Row: ' . $row[0] . '=> EMPTY!!</p>'; $sql .= 'UPDATE `' . $table . '` SET `taglist` = \'\' WHERE `threadid` = ' . $row[0]; } else { for($x = 0; $x < count($prefix); $x++) { if ($prefix[$x]['ID'] == $row[2]) { $output .= '<p>Row: ' . $row[0] . '=> ' . $prefix[$x]['TEXT'] . '</p>'; $sql .= 'UPDATE `' . $table . '` SET `taglist` = \'' . $prefix[$x]['TEXT'] . '\' WHERE `threadid` = ' . $row[0]; } } } mysql_query($sql); } echo '<body>'.$output.'</body>'; ?> Please notice the comments to use this script correctly. And one more thing ... You will lose all of you´re current tags!
  12. ​I have the same problem with my project. I´m in the process of converting my vb4 board to ips using the official ips 3.4.7 converter, too. To resolve the prefix issue I wrote a relatively simple php-script, that has to be used right before the ips converter. This script converts all prefixes to tags automatically. Notice: vBulletin stores prefixes as ID´s and tags as clear text. I hope there will be a new version of the mentioned addon for ips4 in near future.
  13. Can you please move this thread to the ips4 category forum "technical support". And it would be very nice if someone could post any suggestions
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