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  1. Hi again! Please there is any way to use the ips multipage feature? I want to make tutorials with more than one page but it seems not to work with the ckeditor? Much thanks!
  2. Hi @Paul Play To Enjoy here you have body[data-pagecontroller="ourpicks"] .ipsPageHeader { display: none; }
  3. Hi! I'm having to times the same no view icon How can I delete the first one?. Here is the code I use: .ipsWidget[data-blockid*="_nbRecentTopicsPosts_"] li.ipsDataItem.ipsDataItem_unread .ipsDataItem_title:before{ content: '\f070'; font-family: 'FontAwesome'; color: red; font-size: 12px; margin-right: 4px; position: relative; } Much thanks!
  4. Ok sorry Fosters. There is posible to ad the ability to decide the numbers of columns to show in the our picks page to have more picks in horizontal?
  5. Working, thanks! And do you have any template I can buy or do you now any template to buy compatible with tutorials?
  6. Thanks Adriano was that! Sorry 2 more questions please: 1 - How to translate this words I don't find them in the location section 2 - There is posible to change the template of tutorials?
  7. Hi, Sorry I don't find how to convert a post into tutorial, can you help me?
  8. Another thing please; Does anybody knows why promoted posts coming from forums does not show reactions unlike items comping from blogs which shows this reactions icon?
  9. Hi @Fosters I don't want to disable the filters I like it a lot . I'm hidding a bar wich appears within the plugin and my theme @Meddysong Thanks a lot that's it!
  10. Hi, Is there any way to put an background image here? Much thanks!
  11. Hi again Fosters, two questions please 1) I just hide the "Our picks bar" an repositioned the grid using this code body[data-pageapp="core"][data-pagelocation="front"][data-pagemodule="promote"][data-pagecontroller="ourpicks"] .ipsType_sectionTitle{ background-color: transparent!important; color: transparent!important; border-color: transparent!important; margin-top: -87px; } I think it must be easier deleting the bar from the ourpickslandingpage template but when I delete the line I can't move the grid, can you help me do it better? 2) There are two filters called the same name in spanish and I don't find where to translate or change... I also translated "All" to "Todo el contenido" from the template because I don't find where to translate, it's correct to do here or is a specific place in the translate section? Thanks a lot!
  12. Thanks BomAle it's working! One more thing please, for me it's not working the preview. It can be because I'm in Mac?
  13. Much thanks BomAle, I just updated but I don't how to configure...
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