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  1. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Ah ok i was looking for an app to open a popup when clicking on a text for example
  2. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    I refer if i can make a popup with text in the ACP wich will be showed when clicking in Private Policy?.
  3. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Hi, I don't understand if it's what i'm looking for, i have two scenarios for use the plugin: 1 - Can I use it to open a popup with the legal texts when clicking? 2 - Can i insert this html calculator which is an html custom block as a popup instead of custom block Thanks!
  4. Clubs Enhancements

    Ah ok sorry Adriano...
  5. Clubs Enhancements

    Hi Adriano, it's the template added in this version?
  6. Ground Control

    Thanks a lot!
  7. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    The plugin is working fine 2 days, the problem is related to the caches...
  8. Ground Control

    Any idea for my questions please?
  9. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    Ok I'm going to try but i think is something related with cleaning caches. For example when using clear cache plugin it makes Advanced footer loose config. When use "Manage club background" from Ground control 1 plugin it's makes the same effect and Advanced footer loose config...
  10. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    I maked a test. I configured it again and go out for an hours and when returned home it was unconfigured another time. It may be not compatible with kitchen sink with needs to be on top of plugins list?.
  11. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    Ok thanks Please can you take a look about why is loosing settings? It happens again and now i didn't clear caches...
  12. Ground Control

    In clubs I can't delete the background image When click in save button "Guardar" (in the screenshot) it seems to be deleted But when you return again to the background manager it says the image still there with 0 B
  13. Ground Control

    How to do that? It's possible to do something like this?
  14. Ground Control

    Hi, I can't see the background here, what i'm doing wrong?
  15. Advanced Footer [ Support topic ]

    Thanks And for example how to ad the three points like you do in the articles block to prevent text go outside the box?