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  1. Add fake members in the online list 1.0.0

    Ok and there is any way to log on some users at the same time not one by one? Please can you help me to find the the admin logs? Much thanks!
  2. Add fake members in the online list 1.0.0

    Sorry Faqole I don't find, where is it? Is it the profile of the user? I have to open each one check on the Remove from online list, save, reopen and check again?
  3. Add fake members in the online list 1.0.0

    Sorry I just read it but not understand very well. It say: whenever an user is set online as fake user, or removed from the online list, it will be logged in the Admin log page I can't find the Admin log page. Here I can log in them again?
  4. Clubs Enhancements

    I saw that when I reorder some tabs with Clubs Enhancements feature, the member map and sponsors page tabs also are reordered but in random way...
  5. Clubs Enhancements

    Yes I'm going to ask them both...
  6. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Not yet, but it's on our todo list Ok thanks and please I need to reorder the sponsor tab...
  7. Clubs Enhancements

    not working for me
  8. Clubs Enhancements

    Ok Adriano thanks again!
  9. Partner / Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    I see thanks!
  10. Clubs Enhancements

    Ah ok and there's no way even with the admin CP?
  11. Clubs Enhancements

    Ok thanks Adriano.
  12. Add fake members in the online list 1.0.0

    And I need to open one by one, check "Remove from online list" and check again? There is no way faster?
  13. Clubs Enhancements

    Hi, is there any way to reorder tabs like member map?
  14. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Hi, is there any way to reorder the sponsors?
  15. Partner / Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Hi, One question, where is located the partners page. In my system is working here but it's not a page from pages so I can't locate where is the page...