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  1. This has been pointed out several times and it's a pity that obviously it wasn't changed in 4.1.9.
  2. Just tested it on IPS and after installation and creation of a department the regular footer-link "Contact Us" isn't visible any more. Disabling the application brings the footer-link back to visibility. So far I remember in an earlier IPS version the footer-link works together with this application. So is this a bug or working like intend now?
  3. Just to clarify: So far I can see the only IP.Pages content which is indexed in the IPS4 search function is the part of the content-field using a database. So the content from custom-fields and from pages which are build with Manuell-HTML are not indexed. Is this right?
  4. Hm, sounds for more after all they use it. Maybe in a wrong way but to say " IN IPS4 canonicalization is not used" sounds wrong for me and I still can't see the question in there for me it's a statement. But as you mean I will be off and try to understand it sometime.
  5. Wrong, look at the article view source and you will find the canonical-url.
  6. The second one is just changing the "h3" before the first "div" in the widget template. The only thing still looking not so nice is when all 9 Sharelinks are enabled. Than the last one breaks to a new line without any space to the one above. But for me it's negligible because I don't use all 9.
  7. Update: Looks like the first one isn't a bug. It just took a while till the right URLs are "used".
  8. The good news first: The Blockmanager works with IPS 4.1.0 Beta 8 But I have to report two bugs: First the Share-URL for a IP.Pages page in the Popup window (I tried Twitter) is wrong, looks like this: http://www.my-site.com/ips4b/index.php?app=cms&module=pages&controller=builder&do=getBlock&blockID=app_extrawidgetsanddashboards_SharePage_y09q7kkgx&pageID=4&orientation=horizontal&csrfKey=4207fb81c22ad6469b69652243c50c7d Second the widget doesn't look proper in the sidebar. Looks like something as "ipsWidget_inner" for the widget header. The width of the widget header is wrong and there is no space between widget header and icons. See the image:
  9. I send you a PM with login details.
  10. First of all many thanks especially for the "Share Page" Widget. I just tried to install the new version and after that I get an error message when I open the Block Manger. The Message: "Couldn't get list of available blocks" When I disable the application the Block Manager works again and I get the list of standard blocks. Any ideas?
  11. Totally agree. I really hope this feature will be added to the Menu Manager.
  12. You can set the permissions for "Groups that can see this button", same as for other Editor buttons.
  13. In the Blockmanager just choose Pages -> WYSIWYG Editor and drag the block to a place you want. After that just click on Edit and you will see an Editor window to type/put in what you want.
  14. @Kjell Iver Johansen Maybe you have IP.Pages installed? The editor block only appears if you don`t have IP.Pages installed because IP.P has already an editor blog. That was the "problem" for me.
  15. I just gave it a shot and the result at GTmetrix is: +1/+1 Thanks so far, I will have an eye on it.
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