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  1. Very nice. I wish the activity list had received an overhaul as well. I like the idea of activity list but I never quite got used to it. Have you ever considered grouping/showing new posts from the same topic together? It would make more sense to have those posts displayed together than scattered all over the activity list. To keep the list shorter, a new topic could be displayed with 1st post and view more button for replies while new replies in existing topic could be displayed with oldest unread reply first and view more button to show the rest.
  2. It would be nice to differentiate between hard bounces (mail address no longer accepting email) and soft bounces (mail account over quota).
  3. Swipe menu is a great idea. IPS really needs improvements for mobile usability.
  4. I was hoping the changes in 4.3 would address this issue. It's a really nice feature to be able to add some text to describe the image.
  5. I simply do not understand how this can be true. It looks like many others can't understand it either since this question keeps popping up. Surely that should tell you something isn't being communicated as it should be. If my server is idling (CPU, RAM and disk read/write usage are low) then how can the tasks be running as much as they can? I and many others have stated our servers' hardware could handle more. What resource on the server is the bottleneck? If you had told me that my server's CPU was at 100%, I would understand but I am yet to find out what exactly is slowing down the
  6. My theme on this board doesn't look anything like your screenshot.
  7. So by August 3rd (4 weeks since this announcement) we should have a stable release. Let the countdown begin. 25 days to go...
  8. I finally realised why I dislike the expanded activity stream so much. It's because it's cluttered with too much trivial information. All it needs is something to break the information into more managable chunks. This is what I came up with with a few CSS tweaks and I really like it. As a reader I'm interested in the content but it doesn't stand out and my eyes wonder around. With this simple fix, I can see the posted content (text) immediately. What do you guys think?
  9. I noticed that bugs get removed from 4.2 bug tracker eventhough they haven't been resolved (bug is still present on this website). I assume this is to keep the bug list shorter but doesn't this cause confussion and more duplicate bug reports since you can't see someone else has already reported the same thing?
  10. I really like that feature @Maxxius and the fact that it's an endless looping lightbox not like IPS Gallery where you have to go left/back (not intuitive), if you open the last image in the set.
  11. Is there a plugin that could bring this feature back? Let's say a user is searching for something on my community and the search results take him to page 50 of 100 of a topic. There are unread posts in that topic on page 89. How does the user even realize there are unread posts?
  12. When you view the gallery and the latest albums/images, you see tha newset images. When you click on them you visit the last image in that album. To view other images in that album you have to go left/back. Same thing in lightbox. I think this is bad UX. The images should loop endlessly. If I enter through the last added image, I should be able to continue to the first image (loop). I hope I have made this clear. I haven't seen any online gallery that works like IPS Gallery where you are taken to a dead end and have to go back go see more images.
  13. Currently we have a dot before item title to tell us if there is unread content in that item. In order to go to first unread post you have to click that dot. It's not very intuitive and kind of hard to do on a mobile device since the dot is small. I suggest the dot is replaced by an item that would say NEW and would look like a tag (in lack of a better word). It would be easier to click and it would be more intuitive. See attached image to get a better idea.
  14. Does this mean attached images in posts will open in a lightbox when viewed on mobile devices or do these changes only apply to Gallery?
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